unsolved crime


Rockford Scanner is trying to shed light on some cold cases in the area.  If you know of a cold case please contact us at Rickie@RockfordScanner.com    Please send me as much information, documents, FOIA, photos, etc… as possible.  The more you send, the more information I can post and hopefully someone will come forward and help solve your case.

To view the cold cases:  On the top of our website (Look up) hover your mouse above the “Cold Cases”  and it will have a drop down of the cold cases we have worked on (Or currently are working on) 

Cold Cases:

  • Keandra Austin
  • Marty Flint
  • Bilial Hammette
  • Mark Miller
  • Rosemary Peterson
  • Officer Greg Sears
  • Jaylin Shaw
  • Tammy Tracey
  • Treesa Lynette Wiley

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