Rockford Scanner™: 100 Strong & Their Fundraiser Event

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100 STRONG was formed in January of 2016 by a handful of bold men that made the call to ALL concerned men in Rockford that realize that we have no right to complain about the problems that’s going on in Rockford if all we’re gonna do is open our mouth but not be willing to lift a finger to help towards a solution. This call to action was a response to the several deaths, shootings and chaotic state of mind of the Rockford Youth.
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They held a fundraiser event on Saturday August 17th 2019 in the afternoon at their safe house at 4111 Auburn, Across from the Auburn Manor.

They are a non profit organization that helps the community.  The fundraiser on Saturday was to help with funding the young bull athletics team. All donations go towards transporting the children to and from games and practice, equipment, referees, etc. Also for our community center that keeps our youth out of the streets and helps them and their families when in need .

They had delicious chicken sandwich’s and a pop for a few bucks.
We highly recommend you trying their chicken sandwich’s!

We sat down and talked with one of the board members of the 100 Strong, Danny B Worley.  He describes what 100 Strong is, how they help the community,  their goals and how they started, etc… Take a few minutes and watch the interview below.

Credit: 100 Strong

You can help by donating at

100 Strong’s primary mission is to educate, mentor and support programming that advances the positive interests of youth throughout Rockford.

100 STRONG is a grassroots organization consisting of men and women with a common goal of helping our community by teaching, mentoring, empowering, and uplifting our youth.

The members of 100 Strong are devoted to improving the quality of life for African-Americans-particular young males-through programs focusing on positive social interaction, economic empowerment, mentoring and education. We seek to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create an environment where our children are motivated to achieve and to empower our young people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve. We do this by coordinating our efforts and by focusing attention on systemic issues that impede African Americans from achieving a higher quality of life.

Some of our main objectives in this Safe House are:
1) Crime reduction by providing skills and an open work environment.
2) Illiteracy reduction by introducing non-traditional avenues of learning and education.
3) Neighborhood development by inspiring community members with a renowned sense of self-worth, self-pride
and self-esteem.
4) Increasing positive social interaction by providing a place where youth can freely resolve peer conflicts in
a safe and loving environment.

If each one can reach one to teach one we can change our community!

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or stop on in at 4111 Auburn st, across from Auburn Manor



Rockford Scanner™: Positive News in Loves Park


Rebecca A. sent us the following:

With all the crap that’s been happening lately, I thought I’d share something positive with you. If you don’t share it, I won’t be upset because I didn’t see all of it and I don’t know all the details. Anyway:

Today around 11:40 A.M. I was grabbing lunch. I came to the stoplight at Riverside and Forest Hills Rd. There I saw a lady in the road helping an elderly woman pushing a 2-wheeled cart. A man in a suit also came to her aid and walked on the other side of her. There was a vehicle in the entrance of the vacant Hardee’s that must have belonged to one of the good Samaritans. They must have given the woman a ride to wherever she was heading because I didn’t see any of them on my way back to work just a couple minutes later. Sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you to the nice people that stopped to help!”



Rockford Scanner™: We Want To Hear About Your Paranormal Experience!


I am wanting to do some stories on local paranormal encounters in and around the Winnebago County areas. 

If you had an experience with a possible ghost, bigfoot, ufo, or anything else strange in or around the Winnebago County area.
I would like to hear from you!

Is your house haunted?  Are you a 1st responder who saw or experienced a paranormal encounter?  Saw a ghost?  Been to Bloods Point?
We want to hear about your experience!

We will definitely keep everyone anonymous.  Privacy is our number one key. We know coming forward and telling your story my be hard for some. There is no worries, we will keep you ANONYMOUS. 

Please email us at
with your experience. 

#1 Your expereince 
#2 Location
#3 Date/Time
#4 Your name or anonymous


Rockford Scanner™: Everyone Has A Secret, Written By Local Author Tiffany Royster

Local author Tiffany Royster has published this amazing book!  

Good news everyone!! My self-published book is now available to purchase on Amazon!!          Purchase and leave a review!!

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Best friends, Elenore and Sophie, have always been really close and inseparable throughout their lives. Growing up together, the two girls have become dependent on each other in different ways. Elenore, the quiet and reserved type, often finds herself becoming the victim of heinous high school bullies.

Sophie, loud-mouthed and very blunt, does not take crap from anyone. The girls often find themselves wrapped up in evil schemes orchestrated by their enemies. Elenore and Sophie soon realize just how far they are willing to go in order to get revenge on anyone who has wronged them.

How far is too far when you want to make someone pay for the things they have done?

About Tiffany Royster
Tiffany Royster was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. Writing has always been her passion ever since she was a little girl. “Everyone Has A Secret” is her first self-published book in 2019, which is part of a series. Tiffany resides in Loves Park with her family. You can find her author Facebook page by searching Tiffany Royster – Self Published Author.


Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Camera: Rockford Police Rescue A Deer


Sources are reporting the Rockford Police have rescued a deer. It happened Tuesday night at 2311 23rd Ave. 

A source was driving by and noticed the deer in distress and was stuck.
They called the local police and they came out to the scene and were able to successfully rescue the deer.

The deer was not injured and walked away from the scene.

Video by Kat


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Rockford Scanner®: Positive Local News: Many Help A Stranded Motorist

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Karisa Startingoverterrell  sent us the following:

“I just wanted to share a little piece of Rockford today I was on my way to work I was on Halsted and North Main by the Mobil gas station and there was a girl whose car broke down in the middle of the street.  It just gave me peace to see that 5 cars pulled over to help her the ambulance fire truck and the police just so happen to be coming down the street and they all stopped to help her pull into the gas station. I just wanted to share something nice in Rockford with all the crime and murder is going on gave my heart piece to see there is still kindness in Rockford just wanted to share”



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Rockford Scanner™: Local Man Giving Free Rides To The Polls


Call or text Pat at 815-540-1593

“My name is Pat. I have been an Uber Driver for over 3 years. I am willing to give anyone a ride to and from any polling place in the Rockford area on November 6th.

I will be available from noon till 5pm.

Please text to request a ride and I will confirm ride as long as it doesn’t conflict with an already scheduled ride. 815 540 1593”



Rockford Scanner™: POSITIVE NEWS: Good Samaritans Hand Out Food to The Homeless


Positive News:

Every Tuesday night from 4-7 pm a couple of good Samaritans hand out burgers to the local homeless.

Louie Lee,  Darius Barker,  Tyshema Mcintosh  buy 300 burgers every Tuesday with their own money and hand the burgers out to the local homeless.

They hand out the burgers to people at the McDonalds on E State and Jefferson and also the Rockford Rescue Mission.

Louie said a family member was homeless and understands and all three of them buy the burgers and hand them out, because they want  to give back to the community as a whole. All three of them chip in $100 each every week to do this great deed.

Editors Note: I personally want to send a shout out to these 3, for doing an amazing good deed. Keep up the amazing work! ~ Rickie

Watch the unedited videos they have done while handing out the burgers