Rockford Scanner™: Police Go After Vehicle Who Runs School Bus Arm Violations

Mattanah Judah Israel sent us the following video.

It happened earlier today near North Court and Grace

A school bus was letting a disabled child off of the school bus, when a vehicle went past the school bus. The police officer was nearby and went after the suspect. We been told they were ticketed, but not yet confirmed.

As you know, it is ILLEGAL to pass a school bus when the bus is getting students on or off the bus.

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Rockford Scanner™: Several emergency personnel working a scene by Machesney park Mall


Victim is 70 year old  Sharon Stoner of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Police arrested her son 46 year old Kent Stoner for 1st degree murder. Emergency personnel found this victim approx. 10 am, she had “Traumatic Injuries”. Police investigated and determined the suspect was her son and arrested him with 1st degree murder 


A woman was found dead, the police are investigating this as a homicide. 

Sources are reporting a scene behind the Machesney park Mall.

Reports of several emergency personnel on scene at the condos behind the Machesney Park Mall. Police crime scene tape is up.

It is not yet known what happened. A few said it was a possible shooting. But we can not yet confirm this.  Avoid the area for awhile so emergency personnel can investigate the scene.

If you have info. please contact us.


Rockford Scanner™: Officers With Shields And Rifles At A Scene in Machesney Park

Sources are reporting a scene in Machesney Park.

It happened around 3:45 pm today near Crystal drive and the Olsen park school area in Machesney Park.

Source sent us the following: “There are Sheriff Deputies and Loves Park Officers on Crystal Drive in Machesney Park standing in front of several houses with their long rifles and shields out, but they are parked down the block and do not have the street blocked”

UPDATE: Sources said a man was suicidal and posted photos online of a gun and threatening to kill the police.  Police are there to check on the mans well being. The scene is in the 1100 block of Crystal Drive.

Social Media Post From The Alleged Suspect


Rockford Scanner™: Citizens Use Social Media To Express Their Feelings About The Sheriff & Leaders Lying To Them About The Rock River Flooding Situation

Michael Buckman

Many citizens in the Machesney Park area are still experiencing flooding issues and are expressing their concerns and opinions on social media.

There is a social media page called Rock River Flooding, that several citizens have joined to keep informed and expressed their feelings on the Rock River Flooding Situation.

You can view that at 

Many citizens on there are extremely fed up with the sheriff and the leaders for lying to the citizens that have been effected by the flooding, and still are. And have expressed their frustration with the sheriff and the leaderships.

You can check it out at

Tara Marino

You can check out the river level gauge nearby at


Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Near Loves Park/Machesney Park

Just before 1 pm sources were reporting a police chase near Machesney Park/Loves Park.

Sources said officers were chasing a vehicle southbound on N Second st.

As the vehicle fled from police it went through the OReilly’s parking lot and almost caused an accident and then fled back southbound on N Second st.


Rockford Scanner™: Officials Release Drone Footage Of The Local Flooding Impacts

On March 21, 2019 the Winnebago County emergency operations center is releasing images and video of areas impacted where the severe flooding occurred near the Rock River, the Pecatonica River, in the Sugar River.

These images will help show the extent of the flooding and the impact on our community. This is a difficult time for our community and the Winnebago County emergency operations center recognizes the stress on residents waiting for the water to recede.

There are three videos, one above and 2 below.

Below is footage from Dj Jkey



Rockford Scanner™: Home Invasion In Machesney Park, Police Investigating

Source are reporting a scene in Machesney Park.

It happened around 3:30 am in the 700 block of Kingsley.

WCSO confirmed a home invasion call.
But did not provide any other details.

Unknown on suspect information. Unknown on injuries.

No other information is available


Rockford Scanner™: Flooding in Winnebago County

Email us your flooding photos and videos to us at 

Update: They have opened up the Fordam Dam in Rockford. It has been wide open for the last 48 hours. 

Forecast flooding Changed from Moderate to Major severity for the
following rivers in Illinois…

Pecatonica River near Shirland affecting Winnebago County
Rock River at Latham Park affecting Winnebago County

The following forecasts are based on observed precipitation as well
as forecast precipitation 24-48 hours into the future.


Safety message…If you encounter a flooded roadway…turn around and
find an alternate route.

Additional information can be found at

1054 AM CDT Thu Mar 14 2019

…Forecast flooding increased from Moderate to Major severity…
The Flood Warning continues for
The Pecatonica River near Shirland, or from Winnebago County line
downstream to confluence with the Rock River.
* until further notice.
* At 1000 AM Thursday the stage was 14.3 feet.
* Flood stage is 12.0 feet.
* Moderate flooding is occurring and Major flooding is forecast.
* Forecast…The river will continue rising to around 15.5 feet by
early Sunday morning then begin falling.
* Impact…At 15.7 feet…The Shirland Harrison road floods

Photos by the WCSO & Monique Delph


Rockford Scanner™: Scene in Machesney Park

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Sources are reporting a scene in Machesney Park.

Several police squad cars have a vehicle pulled over at N Second and Wilson in Machesney Park.

Police are searching the vehicle.

Unknown exactly what happened at this time.

Avoid the area.
Remember the Scott’s Law, if you see flashing lights MOVE OVER

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Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Police Arresting A Person in Rockford, Possible Police Chase

Email your tips and photo to us at

Sources sent us this video.  It happened around 2 am in the area of Alpine and 16th. WCSO said it was a traffic stop.  RPD said it was a backup assist.  RFD said it  was a medical call. So it is not yet clear exactly what happened.

Witnesses said: “They were going south on Alpine. The car TRIED to turn west on 16th ave and went wide and got stuck.

One cop got out with their gun drawn. The black male driver got out, followed the police directions. Then the cop got him on his stomach, got one hand cuffed then tried the next, either got it or not.
The officer started to throw some long hard punches to the drivers back while handcuffed or semi handcuffed
Then the cop was yelling at the female passenger, then back up came and got the female without going to the ground cuffed
Then there was 3-4 squads on Alpine and Newburg near Papa johns…
Then they all come down to the traffic stop 7 squads, fire truck and a ambulance.
The medical was for the male driver, he was cuffed and walked into the Ambulance….I am guessing from the knee to the back, or the 8-10 hard police blows to the back/neck”

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