Rockford Scanner™: Source Reporting Suspects Robbing People At A Rockford Walmart

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Via RS Source/FB:

Nyah Shelton posted online about a recent experience she had at the Walmart in Rockford. She was robbed at the local Walmart by 2 suspects. 



Rockford Scanner®: Accident With Injuries Near E Riverside

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Just before 3 pm today, emergency personnel were responding to an accident with injuries.  It happened on the side road between Dairy Queen and Walmart, near the bus stop at the Walmart on Northridge.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


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Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Starbucks Is Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars


Sources are reporting a Rockford Starbucks was scammed out of approx. $2,000.00 dollars last night.

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Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Scene At Walmart

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Several sources were reporting a lot of police working a scene at the Walmart on Walton in Rockford.

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Rockford Scanner™: Two separate accident scenes in Boone County, Vehicle crashes into a house At one of the scenes

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Just after 7 PM several emergency personnel were responding to two different accident scenes in Boone County


The first accident scene was in the 2900 block of Route 173. There are two vehicles that are involved in an accident near this location and one of the vehicles has hit a nearby residence. Unknown on the injuries at this time.

The second accident scene was near the Walmart in Boone County. Three vehicles are involved in this accident scene. Unknown nine injuries at this time.

Both the accident scenes are under investigation




Rockford Scanner™: Hot Air Balloon Crash in Rockford

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Around 6:40 pm tonight, several emergency personnel were responding to a hot air balloon crash in Rockford.

Reports of a hot air balloon crashed behind the Burlington Coat Factory near 6260 E State st

Unknown on injuries at the time of writing this.

UPDATE: No injuries, everything is under control. It was an emergency hot air balloon landing. 

Still developing.

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Rockford Scanner™: Security Guard Beaten Up At A Rockford Business




Sources are reporting a security guard was beaten up at a Rockford business. 

It happened around 11 pm at the Walmart on W Riverside. 

Reports of the security guard was beaten up and needed medical attention, on the grocery side of the store. 

Unknown on the suspect information, due to the encryption. 



Rockford Scanner™: Several Police Officers At A Scene By A Local Walmart

Sources are reporting a very large police presence at a scene near Walmart on Northridge.   It happened around 1 pm.

Several police officers have a vehicle surrounded on the road in front of the Walmart by the Dairy Queen.

At least one man was in handcuffs, according to the sources.

At the time of writing this, it is not yet known what happened. Due to the police encryption. Once we find out more information, we will update this. Check back later for updates.

Rockford Scanner™: Police Searching For A Couple Of Thieves Who Rammed A Police Car

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Officer Driscoll was contacted by some of our Law Enforcement partners to the south. It appears that these suspects are the same who are suspects in multiple similar thefts around the area. One of the incidents included the suspects ramming into a police vehicle in Illinois. The Buick in the photo has an Illinois License Plate of ZZ93350. If you see this vehicle call 911. If you have further information, please let us know. Thanks ****

Good afternoon Beloit. It is time once again to play “Who’s that Guy?!” Today’s featured contestants stole a large sum of items from Beloit Walmart on June 20th at about 5pm. We have reason to believe that they have visited several other stores in the area, so please share this around the Stateline as they may not be locals.

If you know the identity of these men please call 757-2244 and ask for Officer Mark Driscoll case number BE1823908 (today until 5pm) or contact us on our page, or through P3 tips. Suspects posted yesterday were ID’d in less than a couple of hours, so let’s see if we can beat that time! We really appreciate the help. You guys are getting really good at this, and our success rate is really high.

Thanks again for the help!

Sergeant Flanagan



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into A Local Walmart, Extrication Is Needed




Early this morning several emergency personnel were dispatched for a serious accident scene in Rockford. 

A vehicle has crashed into the Walmart on Northridge in Rockford. 

Extrication was needed to cut at least one person out of the vehicle. 

Injuries were reported.  Unknown on the severity of the injuries at the time of writing this.