Child hit by a vehicle in Rockford, Injuries reported

  Around 11 o’clock. Several emergency personnel were dispatched to Mulberry and Central/ scanner traffic is saying a child has been hit by a vehicle.  These are being reported.  It is not yet known and the severity of the injuries. … Continue reading →

Many Officers Searching For Stolen Vehicle Suspects in The Rolling Green Neighborhood

  Just before 8 am this morning a victim was chasing a suspect. The suspect stole the victims vehicle. An officer (County) spotted them near Jefferson st bridge.  The officer did not chase them. The victim kept chasing the suspect. … Continue reading →

Suspects Throw Rocks From Bridge, Damage Passing Vehicles

  Rockford Scanner Fan: Amber J Sallis “Whitman at bridge happened around 11 pm driving across bridge People throwing big bolder sizes rocks or bricks damaging random vehicles.. Mine was damaged front windshield and back window” … Continue reading →