More Windows Shattered In The Rolling Green Neighborhood



Naomi Cook: “Wanted to share that multiple cars, approximately 4-5 back windows were busted out on Eastridge Drive in Rockford IL. The police don’t seem to want to do much about it.”

Renee Ellson contacted us and said: “Someone threw a rock through my husbands windshield last night, apparently there has been several of these call since last night. We are in the Rolling Green Neighborhood”

Note: There have been several fans in the Rolling Green Neighborhood, reporting the same thing.  Also in the areas of the Whitman st bridge and also on W Riverside.

Shots Fired In The Rolling Green Neighborhood

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Just after 1 am this morning several fans contacted us and said shots rang out in the Rolling Green neighborhood.  According to the Rockford police department it may have happened in the 2200 block of Ohio Parkway. Unknown on injuries or suspect information, since the RPD is encrypted.




Recap Of Yesterdays Violent Day In The Rockford Area

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Yesterday was a pretty violent day in the Rockford area.
Below is a recap of some of the violence:





Stolen Vehicle Flees From police in Rolling Green Neighborhood


Around 12:57 am this morning an officer was following a stolen vehicle. It happened in the Rolling Green neighborhood near Ohio and Weslyan. Officers are following the stolen vehicle.

The vehicle took off from the officer.

The Sargent told the officers to not chase the vehicle.

They terminated the chase



Multiple Fans Reporting Shots Fired On Rockford East Side


Several Rockford Scanner fans are saying they heard multiple gunshots today  (Through out the day, not all at once) , sorry in the delay in writing this. We have been trying to confirm these.

Rockford police are encrypted, and aren’t releasing any information

They are reporting them in the areas of:

  • On Colorado in the Rolling Green neighborhood (3 fans)
  • On Wyoming in the Rolling Green neighborhood (4 fans)
  • Stubai Trail  (This is the only one confirmed) (1 fan)
  • Alpine and Spring Creek area    (1 fan)
  • Broadway and 11th st area   (1 fan)
  • Riverside and Alpine area   (3 fans)
  • State and Alpine area (2 fan)
  • By Sinnissippi Park area  (1 fan)
  • Charles and Rockford area    (2 fans)


Unknown if any of them are related or all separate incidents.

No reports of injuries. And no suspect information

Note: These are based off of citizen reports, since RPD is encrypted.

According to RPD, below are the only “weapons violations calls”
Even though many fans reported shots fired (above) on the East side, the only confirmed one via RPD is the Stubai ave, that is near Alpine and Riverside.

The other shots fired calls above, the RPD will not confirm.

They are encrypted, so no information via scanner traffic.









Shots Fired in Rockford Near Broadway



This afternoon several Rockford Scanner fans contacted us in regards to several shots that were fired in the area of Broadway and 20th. No reports of injuries.

Rockford police are encrypted, so no suspect information.


Fan posted this





Shots Fired in The Rolling Green Neighborhood

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RS Fans reporting more shots fired in the

Rolling Green neighborhood:

  • “About 8 gunshots heard in proximity to East Gate Parkway approximately 11:15pm”
  • Also ” Heard many shots being fired close by near Log Cabin and Louisiana. Hope everyone is safe”
  • Also ” Holy crap someone just fired off multiple rounds in front of my house in the 1600 block of Eastmoreland ave!!!”


Death Investigation in The Rolling Green Neighborhood


Rockford Scanner fan: ”  There are several officers in the Rolling Green neighborhood. They just took out a body of a young woman from a house near Ohio and Minnesota. They are investigating her death. ” 

Rockford police won’t release any information and their scanner traffic is encrypted. So we assume this is an active death investigation, but not confirmed. 



Another Burglary Reported In The Rolling Green Neighborhood




Rockford Scanner Fan   Brittany Liebelt:    ” My car got broken into last night. On Oregon Ave in Rockford. This is the Rolling green Neighborhood. We had a prowler earlier this week. Please warn everyone”