Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Needs Help Locating A Missing Family Member

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UPDATE:   The person in the photo that was posted, has turned himself in.

Sad news, Jaimie has been found dead.

The Winnebago County Coroner has confirmed this.


By Kelsey S: Brother was last seen getting into a WHITE car with black front fenders with an unidentified male on Friday! After getting in the car his phone was turned off and has not been turned back on!! Share this so we can find out who this man is and have a lead to go off of. PLEASE HELP!

By Kelsey S:

We love you and want you back home Jamie!!! Someone somewhere has to of seen or heard something. Friday he left his home to go across the street to a gas station and hasn’t been seen since. Today is his 31st birthday and still not a word to any of his friends or family..
This is not normal behavior for him. He’s bestfriends with his mother and shes worried sick about him. PLEASE IF YOU’VE HEARD OR KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL, COME FORWARD WITH THE INFORMATION. Were lost as to what our next move can be with nothing to go off of. We just want him back home and safe.

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Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Found A Small Child In Rockford, RPD Investigating

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UPDATE: The child is back with parents.

Rockford Police confirmed they are investigating a small child that was found in the area of Alpine and Harrison ave just before 1 PM today.

From the person who found the child:
Damaris Trujillo

We found this baby we made the call to RPD & were advice not to give the child to an adult until police showed up which they did in a matter on 5 mins
I’m driving with my husband we see this tiny baby trying to get over a snow pile bare hands on snow & immediately pull in the apartment parking lots next to where she was at I ask her her name she wouldn’t tell me i ask where he mom is at she said “she didnt come back” I pick her up put her in my truck

1 no I dont believe she was autistic she didnt show any signs of it as she spoke to me about her favorite color her makeup & always looked at me in my eyes
2 I got kids I know kids can get away from you but this baby had sticky nasty matted hair this baby lacked basic grooming & I mean BAISIC! was at 1 & I’m assuming she had her old diaper from a day before because it was sagging & she smelled of old urine
3 she had caris on thin ones backwards & inside out her shoes were on the wrong foot so I doubt anyone “helped”
4 when the cops knock on the door she pointed out to be hers it flew open w the knock it was cracked open
I know it’s hard to take care of children if you mentally are going through something but come on even if you do work a lot come on this baby shouldn’t suffer she was shivering her little hands were bloodshot read she was freezing her pee went through her diaper onto her pants this really broke my heart I hope if her parents are going through something they get the help they need so they can be the best for her
Good luck baby girl w the beautiful eyes❤”


Rockford Scanner™: Police Add Two K-9’s To The Local Police Force

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WCSO: Meet our two additions to the K9 Unit; Sadie and Nancy Drew. We want to thank the anonymous donor for the donation to purchase the K9’s. We also want to thank Crime Stoppers for facilitating the donation.

See the below track summary from the K-9 unit. Sadie and Nancy Drew will be used to help locate missing/lost individuals.

October 3, 2018 0930 hours​
Deputy Fey and K-9 Diego
​responded to Harrison and Kishwaukee where a 81 year old female who is an at-risk adult had ran from her husband’s vehicle while he was taking her to a doctor’s appointment. K-9 located the track which led several blocks north of the location. Based on the direction of travel, the subject was located and returned to family.

September 7, 2018 1555 hours ​
Deputy Metzler and K-9 Cliff​
​responded to the 500 block of Ralston Road in Machesney Park for report of an 80 year old male who is an at-risk adult and who has wondered from the home in the past. K-9 located the track which led over a mile east of the home. Based on direction of travel from K-9, subject was located and returned home.

August 24, 2018 0849 hours ​
Deputy Metzler and K-9 Cliff
​responded to the 14,000 block of South Bluff Road in South Beloit for a report of a 15 year old male who was threatening suicide and had fled on foot from the home. K-9 located the track which led into a forest preserve approximately 1.5 miles from the home. Subject was located by K-9. Subject had injured himself prior to being located, but was safely transported to the hospital for treatment.

August 22, 2018 1614 hours​
Deputy Fey and K-9 Diego
​responded to 5000 block of Hauley Road for a missing 3 year old female. Family had already searched the property and were unable to locate the child. K-9 located the track leading from the home into a nearby wooded area and backed onto the roadway. Child was located a short distance down the road.

August 8, 2018 1200 hours​
Deputy Pearson and K-9 Chico
​responded to Hononegah Forest Preserve for a report of a 31 year old female who had threatened suicide. Her vehicle had been located in the forest preserve. K-9 located the track which led ¾ mile into the forest preserve where the subject was found attempting to commit suicide. She was transported to the hospital for treatment.

June 23, 2018 2342 hours​
Deputy Warmoth and K-9 Ares
​responded to 2600 block of Bibury Road in New Milford for a 21 year old female suffering from a serious medical condition who had went for a walk 5 hours prior and not returned home. K-9 located the track which led over a mile to a nearby forest preserve. Subject was located in the forest preserve suffering from a medical condition. She was transported to hospital for treatment.

May 8, 2018 2319 hours​
Deputy Warmoth and K-9 Ares
​responded to the 14,000 block of Hunter’s Way for a report of an 8 year old male and 10 year old female who were missing from the home. The area had been searched by the family. K-9 located the track leading from the home and both children were located within two blocks of the residence.

December 3, 2017 1555 hours​
Deputy Metzler and K-9 Cliff
​responded to the area of Memorial Avenue and Virginia Avenue for a report of a 40 year old male subject who had threatened suicide and left the home on foot. K-9 located the track leading from the home. The track led several blocks and the subject was located unharmed.

April 30, 2017 2142 hours​
Deputy Warmoth and K-9 Ares
​responded to the 700 block of Sycamore in Machesney Park for a 75 year old male who is an at-risk adult who has wondered from the home in the past. During a thunderstorm, K-9 located the track which led from the house. Several blocks from the home, the subject was located hiding in a wooded area. He was returned to family.

With the addition of Sadie and Nancy Drew the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department will be able to offer assistance to surrounding agencies.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Nancy Drew….



Rockford Scanner™: Amber Alert For Missing Girl, Parents Killed

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Jayme Closs (13 years)
Last seen Oct 15, 2018 in Barron, WI

On Monday, October 15, 2018 at 12:53AM, a 911 call was received from Barron, WI. Upon arrival law enforcement found 2 adults deceased, and their 13 year old daughter, Jayme Closs, missing, and is considered endangered. Anyone with information about her whereabouts or anyone that has contact with her is asked to contact the tipline at 1-855-744-3879.


Rockford Scanner™: Missing Teen In Rockford, Please Share!

Rockford Scanner

View Other MISSING persons in our area at

Ineta Marie Leerhoff
5’4″ 145lbs
Long sleeve brown holister shirt
Light blue jeans
Brown suede moccasins.
Brown hair brown eyes.
Most likely not wearing her glasses.


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Currently Searching For A Missing Child, Still Developing

UPDATE:   Family is reporting the boy was located safely.

The family said: “My son has been found thank the lord and the Rockford police officers. He was put on the wrong bus shame on 205 he is only 5 and just drop him off no one was there thanks to my good neighbors”

Sources are reporting the Rockford Police are currently searching for a missing child from Haskel School

The child is described as a black male, 4 foot, 80 lbs, wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes. Last seen wearing a Nike backpack.

No photo available at the time of posting this. Still developing


Rockford Scanner™: Teen Girl Missing, Need Your Help Locating Her


Have you seen her?    

Missing:  Desare Miller is  14 years old

Please call the police if you have seen her.
Detective # is 815-319-6414

Missing from the Winnebago County area.  Last seen near the Harlem freshman campus on Tuesday around 3:45 pm


Rockford Scanner™: Two Missing Kids At The Boone County Fair




There are reports of two missing kids at the Boone County Fair. 

The two kids are reported to be black males around 9 years old. 

Last seen near a horse farm. 

Several officers are searching for the two missing kids. 

Still developing 



Rockford Scanner™: Woman Lost At Rock Cut State Park

Rockford Scanner




Details are minimal due to the encryption. 

There is a female who is a diabetic, that is lost out at Rock Cut State Park. 

No description or other information, due to the encryption. 

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Numerous Police Officers At A Scene, Possible Body Found

UPDATE: Middle aged woman has been found in the river. A family fishing nearby spotted the body and called police. The womans body has not been in the river to long and the Winnebago County Coroners office hopes to have the identity by this afternoon. Sources said it is possibly a reported missing woman. 

We will post updates as they become available. 


Confirmed dead body.  Emergency personnel are recovering a dead body from the Rock River.  No other information at this time. 

Several sources reporting a scene on 20, between 11th st and S Main. 

Numerous police officers, crime scene unit, Winnebago County Coroner’s office, etc… are all on scene. 

We been told that it was a body found near the bridge.

They do have one lane of traffic blocked off in the area, so expect traffic delays. 

As you know, details are minimal due to the encryption.   

Still developing.