Rockford Scanner®: RS fan Has Their Vehicle Stolen From A Local Gas Station

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UPDATE: The suspect used the vehicle in a bank robbery. Car has been found. FBI Has it now until investigation is done.

RS fan Ana Olvera said:

“So Tonight We Went To Get Snacks So We Could Watch A Movie With My Daughter. While In The Store This Guy And His Other Friend Decide To Break In And Take The Car. Help Us Get My Daughters Uncles Car Back.
At The Mobile On N.Main And Reynolds St.
Help Get The Real Criminals Like This Out The Streets.”

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Author: Rickie Traeger at

Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Victim In Rockford, Still Developing

Rockford Scanner

Dorene Arment

Posted by Travis Avesing on Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputy involved in shooting. The alleged suspect has been taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Police stopped a vehicle, the person was wanted on narcotics warrant.  The suspect pulled a weapon and shot at police, and police returned fire. Last we heard the suspect was still alive and in surgery. No officers were injured. Police have activated the Integrity Task Force to investigate.

Details are minimal due to the encryption.

All information is preliminary and not yet confirmed

There is a shooting victim in Rockford.

The shooting victim is located near N Main and Halsted.

This is located at the gas station, police have the gas station taped off.

The injuries sound to be possible life threatening, but not yet confirmed.

RPD has yet to release information.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.

Still developing

Witnesses Reports:

RS fan Joe K.  is saying this is an officer involved shooting.  He said ” Cops shot several times at least 10 gun shots.  It looked like the guy from the car shot at the cops, then they fired back several times”

We can not yet confirm this. We can only confirm a shooting victim.

Robert B.  “Just went by. The police were by a body on the ground. Everything is blocked off and taped off.”

Kim H. “It was scary as hell….I was getting in my car in one of the parking spots off to the side in front when all the shots were fired….they had a man and woman both in handcuffs, the guy was hollering he had been shot”

Posted by Dorene Arment on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Debbie Scharwath

Rockford Scanner™: Robbery At A Local Gas Station, Police Investigating.

Rockford Scanner

Sources reporting another robbery in Rockford.

A robbery happened at the Mobil at 2624 Stowmarket in Rockford around 10:35 pm.

Unknown if the robbery was to the business, or to a citizen at the gas station

No suspect information due to the encryption.

We will post updates as they become available

Update:  Man stole beer, when confronted he pulled a knife. That made go from a simple theft call, to a robbery.


Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel On Scene Of A Rupture Gas Line On Fire in Rockford, Video In the Article



Rockford Fire Department and NICOR Gas are on scene of a ruptured gas line on fire on Rockford’s SW side.

It happened near 312 Blackhawk Avenue.

A ruptured natural gas line on fire.  

Unconfirmed reports are saying lightning was the possible cause of this rupture. 

The fire is contained to the gas line and a metal fence and the ground.  No injuries have been reported.

Avoid the area.  

Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Possible Shooting Scene Near Cherry Valley



Several sources are reporting a scene at the gas station near Cherryvale Mall earlier today. 

Reports are saying there was a shooting incident at the gas station, but not confirmed. 

Sources report hearing approx. 4 gunshots


Police are encrypted and have yet to release information. 


We can confirm there are several officers and crime scene tape, at the gas station. 

We will post updates as they become available