Rockford Airport New Cargo & Expansions, Many Great Things To Come!



Rockford Airport (KRFD)   is booming with business and expanding rapidly these days.  They have ABX daily cargo service that flies in and out of RFD now. Also they have Air Transport International as well.

Credit: KRFD

Credit: KRFD FB


They are expanding the Rockford Airport terminal, which should be finished in 2017.


The new MRO (largest nationwide and third-largest global Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, AAR) is sheduled to open this year.  This will bring all types of aircraft both civilian and military in for maintenance and repairs.

Rockford already hosts several commercial flights from Allegiant, Elite Airways, etc… bringing the area residents to destinations all around the USA including Colorado, Florida, Las Vegas, etc… And there are rumors more destinations are being added.

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Rockford Airport hosts many politicians, celebrities, professional athletes and teams, VIP’s, plus much more.  You just never know who you may see!!!

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Rockford Airport gets a lot of diversion flights when the weather gets bad out in Chicago. Or if the Chicago traffic is bad. Many of the aircraft in the holding patterns fly into Rockford to refuel while waiting to land in Chicago.  American Airlines, United, etc… they all fly into Rockford Airport.

Credit: KRFD

Credit: KRFD FB

For all those people out there that like to watch aircraft, the Rockford Airport is very plane spotter friendly! You can get the information at

The Rockford Airport has 2 runways.

The Runway 7/25 that is East/West is approx. 10,002 feet long!  This runway is able to handle any and all types of aircraft.

Runway 1/19 that runs North/South is approx. 8,200 feet long!  this can handle most types of aircraft as well.

Rockford Airport has free parking, free baggage carts, free wifi, short lines, plus much more!

Rockford Airport is expanding and has many great things and many great things to come!

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Check out the Rockford Airport website at

Attention Bearcat BCD536HP Owners, Monday Database Updates


A few Rockford Scanner fans own the Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP

We wanted to remind them that the newest database is updated every Monday.  It is pretty simple to update it, just use the Sentinal software (free) and click on update database.  This will update the frequency list database in your scanner.

Every Monday, the database is updated.

Instructions for Updating the Firmware and Database on the Uniden BCD536HP

First you will want to download the latest version of the Sentinel software from the HomePatrol website so that you can be sure you are getting the latest firmware and database updates. That can be downloaded from here:

Once you have the software installed, you will want to update the firmware by:

1. Connecting the scanner to the computer (USB Cable Detected Select USB mode will display)
2. Press “E” to select “Mass Storage”.
3. Select the UPDATE tab on the Sentinel software toolbar and click UPDATE FIRMWARE
4. Click OK on the next window that comes up
5. Once the update is completed, disconnect the scanner from the computer to allow the firmware to apply itself to the scanner.

You will see a status bar in the screen of the scanner and then the scanner will start up once more on its own.

6. Reconnect to the computer
7. Select the UPDATE tab on the Sentinel toolbar once more and click UPDATE MASTER HPDB
8. When the update is complete, select the SCANNER tab on the toolbar
9. Click on the WRITE TO SCANNER and then OK on the next window

When the update is complete, you can disconnect your radio from the computer so you can set it up once more for your area.

There is also an easy to read manual ~


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