Rockford Scanner™: Van Crashes Into A Pole in Rockford

Sources were reporting a vehicle hit a pole on Montague in Rockford overnight. 

A van was traveling on Montague when it left the roadway for an unknown reason and struck a secondary utility pole.

The pole was snapped and hanging at a slant.

It appears the van was traveling westbound (East on Court st) hit the pole, then went back into the roadway and into oncoming traffic, and up onto the curb and sidewalk, then back into the roadway again ending up approx. near Court st.

There was moderate to heavy damage to the front of the van. Unknown on injuries. I did not see an ambulance while I was at the scene. I saw the van, 2 RPD officers investigating and a Comed truck. A subject was in the back seat of a squad car. Unknown if they were arrested or not.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by the RPD


Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting Incident in Rockford, Police Investigating


Sources are reporting another shooting incident in Rockford. 

It happened around 2:10 pm today near King and Church in Rockford. 

Suspects in a 2 door Blue vehicle were shooting at the victims in a Red vehicle in the area.  

We have been told there were property damage and unconfirmed reports of at least one person shot.  

No other information at this time


Rockford Scanner™: Carjacking in Rockford, RPD Investigating

We sat on this story as well, hoping the local police would release information on it. And again, they did not. So we are posting it.

Sources are reporting a carjacking in Rockford. 

It happened in the area of  Court and Vernon around 9 pm. 

Suspects are a couple of black males wearing dark clothing. 

Unknown if it is related, but we have been told there was a very large police chase on 20 around 1 am, that involved approx 30+ squad cars. 



Rockford Scanner™: Police Go After Vehicle Who Runs School Bus Arm Violations

Mattanah Judah Israel sent us the following video.

It happened earlier today near North Court and Grace

A school bus was letting a disabled child off of the school bus, when a vehicle went past the school bus. The police officer was nearby and went after the suspect. We been told they were ticketed, but not yet confirmed.

As you know, it is ILLEGAL to pass a school bus when the bus is getting students on or off the bus.

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Rockford Scanner™: Accident With injuries, Possibly 3 Vehicles Involved

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries.

It happened in the area of Whitman and Court around 2 pm today.

Reports of up to 3 vehicles may be involved. An older Red Chrysler mini van and also a newer White Chrysler car were 2 of the vehicles involved. Unknown on the 3rd vehicle.

One woman was injured, witnesses on scene said it appears to be serious injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

RS Source


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Rockford Scanner™: Bad Accident on the West Side, Possible Hit & Run

Sources are reporting a bad accident this morning near Whitman st.

Reports of an accident with injuries near Whitman st.

Unconfirmed reports are saying one party involved has fled the scene.


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Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle in Rockford

Sources are reporting a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.

It happened near Auburn and Court around 2:30 pm today.

Injuries were being reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.