Rockford Scanner™: Mountain Lion Sighting In The Area


Sources are reporting a possible cougar (Mountain Lion) sighting in the area. 

We have gotten several reports saying 97 ZOK posted about a cougar that was spotted near Beaver Valley and Squaw Prairie.

They had a photo on their site, but it has since been removed.

You can read about it at 

Side note:  There have been unconfirmed of reports of a mountain lion at Rock Cut for awhile now.  The most recent was about 2 weeks ago on the East side of the park. A man was walking along a trail on the East side of the park and he came across it. The man said the mountain lion came out of the brush and onto the trail he was on.  He said that it posed no harm to him. The man and the mountain lion were both startled and the mountain lion took off in one direction while he fled in the other direction.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Cougar Sighting Near Beloit


Note: There have been reports of a possible cougar out at Rock Cut State Park as well.

With the spring weather comes the reports of animal wildlife being spotted in the city. A fisherman up early this morning fishing near the foot bridge by Portland Avenue reported seeing a cougar on the shore. Our officers checked the area and didn’t locate the cougar.

While cougar sightings are rare in Wisconsin, there are things you can do to enhance your safety. If a cougar approaches and does not immediately flee, stand tall, wave your arms, throw stones or other objects and yell. Don’t run, but slowly back away from the site, keeping an eye on the cougar.

We are also receiving reports about a fawn that has been snacking in gardens in the area of Cranston Road, Austin Place, and Collingswood Drive. The fawn’s mama is nearby – so please leave the fawn alone.

If you do happen to see an animal that looks like a cougar, please let us know so we can inform the rest of the Beloit community. You can contact us at 608-757-2244. You can also report cougar and other large mammal sightings to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources online using the link below.