Suspicious Person: Clown With A Butcher Knife Near Roscoe


From the Roscoe PD:
Suspicious Person

This morning at approx. 1:30 a.m., a person reported seeing a white male wearing a white tee shirt, and clown mask holding a butcher knife walking northbound in the grass.  The caller gave two different locations when questioned which was Main and Elevator and Main and Hodges Run.

The Roscoe Police Department responded to the area within seconds and did not locate anyone.  Today we are following up with the caller and area businesses.

We will send an update when we can confirm or deny the report.

Rochelle PD:

In light of recent national events involving individuals dressed up in clown costumes, the Rochelle Police Department shares the following:

First and foremost, as of this post, we have not received any reports of individuals dressing up as clowns in Rochelle. While it isn’t illegal for a person to dress up as a clown or any other fictitious figure, intentional acts that alarm or hurt the public may result in criminal charges.

Additionally, interpersonal threats made using text messages or social media will be investigated and charges brought as applicable.

Lastly, as always if residents witness suspicious or alarming activity contact the Department at (815) 562-2131 or if its an emergency, call 911.

Thank you for your continued support.



Violent Threat Posted on Social Media, About Violence At Rockford Schools

See it Send it



Several Rockford Scanner fans sent us the following below.

The FB profile who posted it is called GangGangTheClown

RPS 205 Administrators are aware of a hoax connected to the Internet. District officials are working with Rockford Police to vet these threats and don’t believe they are credible. As a precaution, the district has increased staff and security levels to ensure our schools remain safe. We have also encouraged staff to report any suspicious activity to authorities.

We’re sharing this information to inform parents and community members – not to alarm them. We take all threats seriously – whether they appear to be a hoax or not.

Safety is a top priority in Rockford Public Schools. If you have specific concerns, please contact your building principal.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


UPDATE: There is another clown page threatening the Harlem High 9th grade campus. The profile who posted the Harlem threat is called Rockford Clowns at

Harlem School district send out a mass phone call to parents letting them know they are aware of the threat and are taking precautions and investigating the threats.




It was posted on social media yesterday. The threat is saying these people plan on going into a Rockford School (Appears to be Auburn) and start knocking people out. And several parents and students have saw it and are scared. Many parents have called in their children from school, or plan on going to get them from school.

The Rockford police are encrypted, so there is no way to tell if this incident will happen, or maybe has happened……….

Let’s pray that this is only a threat, and this will not actually happen. And police are able to handle this situation before it happens.

NOTE: Scary clown sighting in Rockford:

Update from the RPD:

Following a national trend of “creepy” clown sightings for the past few months, the Rockford Police Department has received numerous calls regarding suspicious clown sightings around the area. The clown sighting trend began in late August and has gained local momentum during the past several days. While most reports across the country have been unfounded, there have been some instances of criminal activity and victimization.

Rockford Police officers are investigating all local reports, all of which have been unfounded at this time, with the exception of a radio promotion of which it has been made aware.

“We appreciate the fact that during this season leading into Halloween, people are using clowns as a fun way to celebrate,” said Chief Dan O’Shea. “However, conveying threats on text or social media that infringe on other people’s rights to feel safe is a crime and will be investigated as such.”

Citizens are encouraged to use caution during unfamiliar encounters and are reminded to call the non-emergency number at 815-966-2900 to report a suspicious sighting, or call 911 to report a crime in progress

The Beloit Police Department is looking into the Twisty the Clown Facebook social media account. As it stands right now the department has not read anything that is illegal or cause for concern. The police department understands the fear that this type of free speech can create and appreciates the concerns that have been expressed. We are partnering with the School District of Beloit to help alleviate and address the fears and concerns that have been voiced. The police department will continue to monitor this Facebook page and take appropriate action should it rise to the level of criminal activity. If anyone happens to know the identity of Twisty the Clown, please lets us know through our Facebook account.
Thank you.

There have been recent reports in the national media concerning subject dressing as clowns with the intent to scare the public, commonly described as “clowning.” These incidents are not simple cases of kids in costumes enjoying a party and trick-or-treating, but more deliberate acts designed to cause a disturbance in our community.
The DeKalb Police Department has also had some recent reports of “clowning” and will investigate each report fully. While it is not illegal to wear any costume, intentional acts that alarm the public may result in criminal charges. The Police Department will also have additional officers working during the Halloween holiday to ensure that everyone enjoys it safely.
The DeKalb Police Department encourages everyone to enjoy the Halloween season responsibly and discourages any “clowning” activities. We further encourage any person to report all suspicious activity to the police department at 815-748-8400 or report all emergencies to 911

On October 4, 2016 the Roscoe Police Department took a report of a suspicious incident/threat put out on the social media platform Instagram towards Roscoe school district students. The threat was from user siggy.the.clown with a photograph of a clown stating: Im coming for you students located in the Roscoe School District…watch out. Another post claims of a sighting in Roscoe. There has been no sighting reported to the Roscoe Police Department, and there is no credible information that anyone is in danger.

The police department has been in contact with the school district, as always we will work closely with them in regards to school safety.
These posts have been circulating all across the country. As you would in any circumstance involving your children advise them not to speak with strangers and to report suspicious incidents to police.





Principal at Harlem High School releases statement on clown rumor

Principal at Harlem High School releases statement on clown rumors

Note: Several RS fans are saying it was a bomb threat, shooting threat, etc…     We can not confirm this.

Only what the principal has said in his statement.

Cops Catch Creepy Clown



The great creepy clown panic of 2016 may have hit its crescendo as police in Kentucky have managed to arrest a man allegedly in the midst of frightening an apartment complex.

The incident happened in the city of Middlesboro early Friday morning when cops say they spotted the clown lurking in a wooded area near the homes.

According to the arresting officer, the now-hunted harlequin attempted to escape the scene, but police successfully stopped him and took him into custody.

Upon being unmasked, the clown was revealed to be a 20-year-old man named Jonathan Martin who looks far less menacing without his disguise.

He now faces charges of disorderly conduct and wearing a mask in a public place as well as forever being known as the creepy clown who got caught.

And while Martin is due his day in court, kudos should be given to the courageous cop who found himself forced to chase down a phantom clown and got the job done.

Faced with the same scenario, most of us would have run in the other direction.

Coming at the end of the fourth week of panic sweeping the south, the arrest should dissuade other aspiring creepy clowns from picking up the hobby and hopefully send the haunting harlequins back into our collective unconscious until they return to menace us in the future.

Source: BBC News




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