Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating A Shooting Incident in Rockford

Sources are reporting another shooting incident in Rockford.

It happened before 2 am near Cityview.

It is unknown on injuries or property damages.

Sources said police are knocking of the nearby doors and asking residents if they saw anything. That usually means there is a shooting victim.

No suspect information.

Check back later for possible updates


Rockford Scanner™: Police Warn Citizens Of More Fake Money Circulating The Area, Be Careful




Good morning Beloit! We hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful day.

We are in need of your help, and we have some info to pass along. The subject seen in the below photo has passed counterfeit bills at a couple of different stores around the city. The bills are marked “For Motion Picture Use Only.” The bills do look somewhat similar to real currency, but do not feel the same, and obviously the words on the bill are clear indicators of the bills being fake.

If you are a cashier, always take one extra second to look for those indications that the bill may not be legitimate. This subject has been rejected by some very astute clerks, but he has been able to use a couple of them. Please be careful.

Thanks for your help. If you know who the suspect is please refer to BE1820607. Thanks.

Sergeant Flanagan