Rockford Scanner™: Couple Of Bad Accidents With Injuries Being Reported

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NOTE: Winnebago County Sheriff Office (Or any local police departments) RARELY releases any press releases, so do not expect an update on this story. Sorry, but this is what happens when they encrypted.

Sources are reporting a couple of bad accidents in the area today.

The first one happened by CherryVale Mall. It appears a mail truck was possibly involved in the accident. But not yet confirmed. Injuries were reported. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Another accident happened on I 90 near mile marker 21 1/2 which is near Irene Road. A car and a semi have collided near this area. Injuries were reported. Heavy damage to the car is being reported. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Another accident is being reported near Latham and N Main


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Rockford Scanner™: Suspects In A Stolen Vehicle Hit Police, And Get Away

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Sources are reporting police have recovered a vehicle that was recently involved in criminal activity.

They recovered it near Quail drive and Schalck Drive

The vehicle was reported stolen, the suspect hit a police vehicle, and reportedly committed some crimes in the vehicle before abandoning it.

Police located it near this area, unoccupied.
No suspect information, due to the encryption
Update from a source: Young black male suspect.

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Rockford Scanner®: RS fan Has Their Vehicle Stolen From A Local Gas Station

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UPDATE: The suspect used the vehicle in a bank robbery. Car has been found. FBI Has it now until investigation is done.

RS fan Ana Olvera said:

“So Tonight We Went To Get Snacks So We Could Watch A Movie With My Daughter. While In The Store This Guy And His Other Friend Decide To Break In And Take The Car. Help Us Get My Daughters Uncles Car Back.
At The Mobile On N.Main And Reynolds St.
Help Get The Real Criminals Like This Out The Streets.”

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Rockford Scanner™: Train Hits A Vehicle in Rockford, Still Developing

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Just after 9 pm tonight, emergency personnel were responding to an accident involving a train in Rockford.

A train has hit a vehicle at the railroad tracks near 11th st and Railroad ave.

The vehicle is still on the tracks.  The driver of the vehicle got out and fled on foot.  Last seen on Woodruff running away. Unknown on injuries.

Sounds like the train will be stopped awhile, while they investigate

This is the Canadian National train that is involved.

The train will be stopped for a long time, it is blocking traffic all the way back from 11th st all the way back to the Blackhawk Housing

The vehicle was hit near 11th st and Railroad and was dragged down the tracks. It ended up on the southside of the tracks near 13th st, 2 blocks away from the initial impact site.

Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Exploded In Rockford, Still Developing

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Just after 2 pm, the Rockford Fire Department were responding to a fire/explosion call.

Initial reports are saying a vehicle has exploded near 213 Peoples in Rockford. (A salvage yard near Gunite)

The business is reporting the explosion shook their business. (Update: Several people reporting the explosion shook their business and houses, as far as Harrison and 11th)

Unknown if the vehicle is occupied.

The vehicle is reported to be full engulfed.

The fire has extended to other nearby objects

They are telling the firefighters to stay at least 80 feet  from the fire.

The cause of the explosion and fire is under investigation.

Still developing

Credit: Mark P.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle On Fire in Machesney Park, Several Units En Route



Around 4:20 pm today the NPFD were responding to a vehicle on fire.

It happened in the area of Zenith Parkway and Autumn Wood in Machesney Park.

Reports of a vehicle on fire near this location.

Unknown on injuries or the cause of the fire.

At the time of writing this, the NPFD were en route to the scene. And the HRFD were responding as mutual aid.



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Fully Engulfed Next To The Gas Pumps

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Around 6:40 pm tonight the Rockford Fire Department were en route to battle a fire at a local gas station. 

It happened near 3730 N Alpine at the Fasmart, by Walmart. 

A vehicle is fully engulfed next to the gaspumps. 

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Several Vehicle Fires in Rockford Today




Today there has been several vehicle fires in the Rockford area.

The latest vehicle that is on fire, is near Genoa st in Rockford. That happened shortly after 5 pm today. 

The video below was taken by Salvador near Washington st this afternoon. 

Unknown if all these vehicle fires are related. No other information is available



Rockford Scanner™: Several sources are once again reporting several vehicles being broken into at local parks


Several sources are once again reporting several vehicles being broken into at local parks

(Hopefully someone will setup a bait car and catch these criminals)


If you recall awhile back ago, we covered the story about this same topic that plagued local parks for several months.

The suspects were never caught. And now they are back to breaking into vehicles again.

We received several reports of numerous vehicles being broken into at the local parks recently again

Parks effected: Rock Cut, Sinnissippi, Shorewood, Sportscore, Keiselberg, Atwood, etc…

At one time Rock Cut State Park had a sign posted about locking your doors because of the burglaries.

But once we posted  the story, they removed the sign.

How to prevent your vehicle from being broken into: 

  • LOCK your doors!
  • Do NOT put anything of value in sight.
  • Before going to the park, leave any valuables at home.
  • If you have to bring a purse or any valuables, put it in the trunk BEFORE you go to the park.
  • Invest into a hidden camera and stick it in your vehicle. More info at Superior Spy – CLICK HERE



Rockford Scanner™: Police Officer Involved In An Accident

Police Officer Involved In An Accident


We wish one of our officers well as he is recovering from minor injuries after the squad car he was driving was t-boned at the intersection of Hackett and North streets around 6:30 p.m.  (Sunday).

Our officer was traveling northbound on Hackett Street when the accident occurred. Witnesses reported the driver of the other vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed on North Street before the accident occurred.

The driver is in custody and is being evaluated for a possible operating while intoxicated charge; the Rock County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the accident.