Rockford Scanner™: Possible Stabbing In Pecatonica

UPDATE: Sources have told us that Police have charged 53 year old David Baldwin,  with 2 counts of first degree murder for the death of 52 year old Scott A. Rocen. Baldwin allegedly stabbed Rocen several times,  after an alleged fight. They are reported to have been friends and got into an argument over a pack of cigarettes. Police have not confirmed this.

Sources are reporting a stabbing in Pecatonica.

Sources said at least one person was stabbed near E Seventh st.

It is unknown on the severity of the injuries.

We can confirm there are emergency personnel on scene.

Police have not confirmed anything, or released any information.


Rockford Scanner™: Police are investigating several “In Progress” calls in Winnebago County

Police are investigating several “In Progress” calls in Winnebago County. 

In the past police have labeled the following crimes under “In Progress”: Murders, Shootings, Stabbings, Robberies, Home Invasions, Death Investigations, Etc… 



Rockford Scanner™: We Want To Hear About Your Paranormal Experience!


I am wanting to do some stories on local paranormal encounters in and around the Winnebago County areas. 

If you had an experience with a possible ghost, bigfoot, ufo, or anything else strange in or around the Winnebago County area.
I would like to hear from you!

Is your house haunted?  Are you a 1st responder who saw or experienced a paranormal encounter?  Saw a ghost?  Been to Bloods Point?
We want to hear about your experience!

We will definitely keep everyone anonymous.  Privacy is our number one key. We know coming forward and telling your story my be hard for some. There is no worries, we will keep you ANONYMOUS. 

Please email us at
with your experience. 

#1 Your expereince 
#2 Location
#3 Date/Time
#4 Your name or anonymous


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Police Have A Truck Pulled Over Near The Winnebago Corners


Sources are reporting several officers are conducting a traffic stop near the Winnebago Corners.
Source said: “6 Rockford cops, 2 sheriff’s, and 1 village of Winnebago cop,  have a Blue S10 stopped at the Winnebago corners. The outter westbound lane is closed for this. “
Unknown why there are so many cops for a traffic stop. Possibly a felony traffic stop. Unknown what the person may have done at this time.
Avoid the are. area.


Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident, Possible Police Chase

Sources are reporting a rollover accident, possibly a police chase.

It happened around 2:15 am in the area of US 20 and Winnebago

A vehicle has rolled over near this location. The vehicle is rolled over onto its roof. Unknown on injuries.  We been told this scene involved a police chase, but not confirmed. Several emergency personnel are on scene.

Photos: Mike McLain


Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Officers Working A Scene Near Pecatonica

Sources are reporting a scene near Pecatonica.

Multiple police officers are working a scene on Pecatonica rd, just north of 20.

Update: Bad accident that involved a minivan vs pickup truck

No other information is available


Rockford Scanner™: Another Man Charged In The Murder of Jamie Stephens

On Monday, December 10, 2018 at approximately 1:20 p.m., the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the 9200 block of Knapp Rd. in rural Winnebago County for a deceased male. Deputies found a deceased male off the roadway in a tree line. It appeared as if the male was intentionally disposed of at this location and did not live in the area.

An autopsy was performed by the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office and the victim was identified as Jamie R. Stephens (age 31) of Rockford and the cause of death was due to several gunshot wounds.

On January 23, 2019, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Detectives arrested Nickles T. Parks 4/22/92 and charged him with 1st Degree Murder, Armed Robbery and Concealing a Homicidal Death. He is currently in the Winnebago County Jail.

On March 20, 2019, Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilynn Hite Ross authorized charges against a second suspect and Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for the following person:

~Joshua J. Whittie 1/2/00 of Rockford

-First Degree Murder
-Armed Robbery
-Concealing a Homicidal Death

**Whittie is currently in Custody at another corrections facility**

The charges against Parks and Whittie are merely accusations and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Rockford Scanner™: Officials Release Drone Footage Of The Local Flooding Impacts

On March 21, 2019 the Winnebago County emergency operations center is releasing images and video of areas impacted where the severe flooding occurred near the Rock River, the Pecatonica River, in the Sugar River.

These images will help show the extent of the flooding and the impact on our community. This is a difficult time for our community and the Winnebago County emergency operations center recognizes the stress on residents waiting for the water to recede.

There are three videos, one above and 2 below.

Below is footage from Dj Jkey



Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel On Scene Of A Rollover Accident

Around 4:45 pm today emergency personnel were on scene of a rollover accident.

It happened in the area of Alia and Landmark.

Initial reports said there were possible injuries. But when emergency personnel arrived on scene they confirmed minor injuries and the victims signed off.

The cause of the accident is under investigation


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