Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Searching For A Missing Person At A Local Park

Update: Police have yet to release information or a photo. But we have been told he is a man in his 60’s with white hair.

Sources are reporting a lot of police working a scene in Rock Cut State Park. 

For the last few hours now, several emergency personnel including a police K-9 are assisting in searching for a missing man out at the park. 

Police have not released any info. on the missing man, or a photo.

The man is believed to be suffering from a medical condition.

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Home invasion in Machesney Park


Sources are reporting a home invasion in Machesney Park. 

It happened just after midnight last night in the 8500 block of Colchester Drive.

Sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel were on scene. Unconfirmed reports of injuries. Suspects fled in a pickup truck that possibly hit a deer while fleeing and has front end damage. No other information at this time.

Winnebago County police rarely ever release any information since encrypting. So do not expect any updates on this. Sorry.



Rockford Scanner™: Automobile accident with injuries near Roscoe

Sources are reporting an automobile accident with injuries near Roscoe.

It happened around 3:35 PM in the area of Belvidere and Swanson rd. Possibly 3 vehicles are involved.

Injuries were being reported. It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at this time.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Please avoid this area for a while.



Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers From Several Jurisdictions Working A Large Fight Scene At The Fair At The Speedway

Jess StrongArm said:My boyfriend and daughter heard gunshots! They were right by a fight where a girl was being jumped! Then heard gunshots! Our daughter is 10 and fell to the ground in fear. I was with our son at the swings who’s 5 and I seen a stampede of people and workers running screaming “Active Shooter!” I picked up my son and ran!!!!! “

Several sources said there is a scene at the Rockford Speedway. 

There was a large fight that involved several individuals.  At least one person had a gun. No reports of shots fired. There were injuries being reported.

Several officers from several jurisdictions are on scene.

No other information at this time.

NOTE: Reports of a fair that is going on at the speedway


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fans Warn Citizens Of A Suspicious Person in Machesney Park


Several people are reporting a suspicious person in Machesney park. 

Many have called the police, but the police have yet to do anything about the situation.

So the concerned citizens have contacted us in hopes of warning the nearby citizens. 

A man of Arab decent in a grayish colored SUV/Jeep with tinted windows and a rack on the back of the vehicle, is acting very suspiciously in the area of Showplace 14 in Machesney park, usually between the times of 10 am to 1 pm. 

So the concerned citizens have reached out to us and asked if we can do an article on this, in hopes of warning the citizens in the area and keeping their eyes and ears open about this suspicious man. 


Rockford Scanner™: A Few Scenes overnight Last Night

Sources are reporting a few scenes last night. Unknown what happened, due to the encryption.

  • Hit and run on 11th Street and Harrison last night. Witness said: “The truck ran a red light smacked a car and spun out the 5 occupants of the truck that was at fault all got out and fled the scene in different directions noone ever got out of the other car.”
  • Alpine and Pine Al in Machesney Park. We been told this was a robbery call but as you know police are encrypted and have yet to release any info.
  • Island ave.  We were told this was a shooting incident. Again police are encrypted and have yet to release any info.


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Rockford Scanner™: Bicyclist Struck By A Vehicle Near A Local School

Sources are reporting a bicyclist that was struck by a motor vehicle near a local school.

It happened around 9:20 am this morning on N Alpine in front of the Harlem High School.

Injuries were being reported.  Unknown on the severity of the injuries at the time of writing this.

Avoid the area. Still developing.


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Rockford Scanner™: Victim In A Machesney park Ditch Not Moving, Possibly Dead

Sources are reporting a possible dead body in Machesney park.

Reports are saying a victim is laying in the ditch on N Second st, North of 173.

The victim is laying in the ditch and is not moving. The sources are reporting it appears the victim is dead. No other information at this time.

Update: Source said it was a woman who fell down.   Police have not confirmed the call or any information.

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