Rockford Scanner™: JOB FAIR: Who Wants To Be A RPD, RFD, Corrections, Or Work for the City of Rockford?

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From the RPD: Join us at our  jobfair today!

RPD, Rockford Fire, the City of Rockford, and the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department of Corrections are all hiring!

We’d love to tell you about the opportunities in person until 7 pm at Rockford Fire Station #3 (888 Marchesano)!


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Rockford Scanner™: Avoid Riverside, Lots Of Ambulances Doing Patient Transfers To The New Hospital

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RS source said:
Hey there. I know you guys have an awesome following in the area and it would be great if you could say something about the transfer at Mercyhealth tomorrow. (Saturday all day long)

Riverside is going to be the route all the ambulances will be taking to transfer all the NICU/PICU/ICU/Peds/labor and delivery patients.

Just so people know that they should avoid riverside and to use extra caution in the area. Very precious cargo

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Rockford Scanner™: Loves Park Stops Leaf Vacuuming For 2018, Due To Snow

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Statement regarding leaf vacuuming: Rock River Disposal has notified the City that the leaf vacuuming program has ended for the 2018 season, due to the earlier than normal snowfall.

Sometime in the Spring of 2019, Rock River Disposal will conduct a two week long Spring clean-up, which will include the continuation of leaf vacuuming. When this date is determined, the City will make every effort to notify Rock River Disposal’s customers.

Please keep in mind, the City of Loves Park is not the provider of the garbage service or leaf vacuuming program.

Please direct any customer questions, comments and concerns to Rock River Disposal at 815-965-2489. #cityoflovespark




Rockford Scanner®: Stroll On State Street Event Information & Parking

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If you plan on attending the Stroll on State Street event, here are a few things you should know!  We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful time down at the event.

  • 3 p.m. – Stroll on State’s Merry & Bright Holiday Parade
  • 4 – 9 p.m. – Randy Finch Ice Brigades live ice sculpting
  • 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. – Fire & Ice displays
  • 6 p.m. – City of Rockford Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • 6:15 p.m. – Sky Lights Fireworks Show


The parking lots and garages labeled in red are recommended parking lots for guests attending Stroll on State. Parking in downtown parking decks will be $5 per car. Surface lots are free of charge. On street parking is free and posted regulations apply.

The shuttle bus locations include:

  • Illinois Bank & Trust
    4048 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108
  • Heartland Community Church
    1280 S. Alpine Rd., Rockford, IL 61108
  • YMCA 
    200 Y Blvd., Rockford, IL 61107




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Note: Rockford Scanner wants to congratulate everyone, Keep up the good work!

AWARDS AND PROMOTIONS: Congratulations to Officer Kathyrn Kubik who received the Letter of Commendation (unable to attend the ceremony), and Officer Bryce Davis who received the Medal of Lifesaving for dislodging an object from the throat of a choking infant in August.

Today, RPD also celebrated the promotions of Officers Robby Hatfield and Michael Fitzgerald to investigators, Detectives Apostolos Sarantopoulos and Mark Jimenez to sergeants, and Sergeants Robert Reffett and Ty Eagleson to lieutenants

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Rockford Scanner®: Congratulations Lieutenant Eric Bruno

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Lieutenant Eric Bruno retired after spending 25 years with Rockford Police. His accomplishments with the department are numerous, but we hope the best is yet to come for Lt. Bruno.

Best of luck in your retirement!

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Rockford Scanner™: Who Wants To Smash Some Pumpkins?

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New Milford Fire Protection District will be hosting it’s Annual Pumpkin Smash on November 3rd. From 11-2

We will have Pumpkins or you can bring you own to drop from 30 feet in the air on to a car. We will also be displaying our new Ladder Truck. We will have chilli, cornbread, hot chocolate and soda available. We will also have information regarding the proposed tax referendum coming up on the November ballot. Thank you for your continued support.



Rockford Scanner™: People Needed To Hand Out Candy At The Ken-rock Community Center Halloween Spooktacular Event!

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RS fan Savannah Palmer

Ken Rock Community Center needs candy donations!

Hey Friends if any of you can support our mission I’d be forever  grateful. Our mission this Halloween is to keep our children safe and warm all while having a blast at Ken-rock Community Center Halloween Spooktacular🧡
This Wednesday is Ken-Rock HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR!
I’m looking for about 10 AWESOME people to hand out candy at all the game stations with me 🙂
This is my 4th year hosting the SPOOKTACULAR at KRCC. and it’s a blast!
Happy Halloween


Rockford Scanner™: Local Man Giving Free Rides To The Polls

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Call or text Pat at 815-540-1593

“My name is Pat. I have been an Uber Driver for over 3 years. I am willing to give anyone a ride to and from any polling place in the Rockford area on November 6th.

I will be available from noon till 5pm.

Please text to request a ride and I will confirm ride as long as it doesn’t conflict with an already scheduled ride. 815 540 1593”



Rockford Scanner™: Look up as Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend!

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Look up as Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend!

(CNN)The night sky will showcase shooting stars this weekend, visible in all parts of the sky, around the world.

The Orionid meteor shower may not be the most spectacular of the year, but it delights in other ways. The Orionids appear each year between October 2 and November 7.
The peak occurs when the Earth passes through a debris stream left by the Comet Halley as we intersect it’s orbit each year at this time.

They radiate from the well-known Orion constellation, but you don’t have to look in the direction of the constellation to see them. In fact, you probably shouldn’t because those meteors will have short trails and be harder to see.
The best time to see this meteor shower, which could produce 10 to 20 meteors per hour during the peak window this weekend, is when the moon isn’t dominating the night sky. That’s because these meteors are more faint than the Perseid meteor shower.

While the meteor shower will peak in the overnight hours of early morning on October 21 and 22, the best view will be during a brief window between the setting of the moon and the beginning of morning twilight. Allow yourself an hour or two to observe. You can check to see when the shower peaks in your area.
Orionids are also hard to see because they’re so fast. They zip into our atmosphere at 41 miles per second, vaporizing in our upper atmosphere about 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. Some have been clocked at 148,000 miles per hour. But there’s no danger of these bright meteors colliding with Earth. Some of the meteoroids are only the size of a grain of sand.
But they leave beautiful gas trails that can stretch out for seconds after the meteor itself is gone. Or they can break up into bright fragments.
Find an open area away from the city that will afford you a wide view of the sky, and don’t forget to bring a blanket or chair and dress for the weather. Allow yourself time for your eyes to adjust to the dark. And you won’t need binoculars or telescopes to enjoy the show.