Rockford Scanner™: Importance of Dash Cameras

Hey everyone. I want to remind you all of the importance of dash cameras.

With all these unlicensed drivers, as well as all the hit and run accidents that have been happening lately. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you have a QUALITY dash camera recording at all times when you’re driving.

A dash camera turns a “He said she said” incident where who knows what comes out, to a no doubt about it, this is exactly what happened situation.

A dash camera records and tells only the truth. So if the other driver that caused the accident tries to lie and say things happened differently and it’s YOUR fault.

Your dash camera puts them in their place real fast, hopefully with an additional falsifying a police report charge tacked on.

What’s important to look for? Where should I get one? How much should I spend? I know…. There’s lot’s of questions. I’m going to cover these as best as I can.

What’s important to look for? Well, you want a good quality camera for starters. NO This does not include the cheap $10-$20 dash cameras at Walmart for example. If this is all you can afford, ANY camera is better than no camera, get that and save up for a better one.

Ideally though you’re looking for 1080P MINIMUM. A good quality 1080p dash camera will get a license plate readable to a decent distance, roughly 60-75 feet, I really think anything beyond 75 feet is pushing the limits of even a good 1080p camera.

Now if you get a good 4k camera, this distance increases a bit. Note I have not tested my gopro hero to an exact length but I believe you can extend that to 75-100 feet maybe more that you can read a license plate on video.

Another feature you’re really going to find useful is GPS, GPS records your coordinates, speed, and heading on the screen.

This can be useful to prove if you were, or were not speeding. This often times can be a factor in contributing accident fault, or innocence.

Wifi is a useful feature for using a larger cell phone or tablet screen to aim and adjust the camera, but I’ve found it to be really slow for file transfers. I ALWAYS suggest either plug the camera into your computer, or put the memory card into a memory card reader, this will be MANY times faster.

Where should I buy a dash camera? Well, any time we suggest a link, people whine and complain about it.

So you decide, Ebay, and Amazon, are good suggestions. When you get there search “Dash Camera” and when you find a model you think you like, don’t click buy just yet!!!

There’s still a little bit more homework to do still. But this is pretty easy. Take the company name and model of the camera over to YouTube.

You’re going to find examples of footage, and reviews on that specific camera. If it sucks, they’ll tell you it sucks.

YouTube is brutal in this aspect, but an extremely valuable tool for the same reason. If you’re still happy with what you see, click buy.

Get a good size memory card, I rarely suggest anyone use anything smaller than 16 gigs. 32 gigs is a good size for most peoples needs. Class 10 for 1080p. And Class U3 for 4k cameras.

Good luck and safe driving.


Rockford Scanner™: Citizens Use Social Media To Express Their Feelings About The Sheriff & Leaders Lying To Them About The Rock River Flooding Situation

Michael Buckman

Many citizens in the Machesney Park area are still experiencing flooding issues and are expressing their concerns and opinions on social media.

There is a social media page called Rock River Flooding, that several citizens have joined to keep informed and expressed their feelings on the Rock River Flooding Situation.

You can view that at 

Many citizens on there are extremely fed up with the sheriff and the leaders for lying to the citizens that have been effected by the flooding, and still are. And have expressed their frustration with the sheriff and the leaderships.

You can check it out at

Tara Marino

You can check out the river level gauge nearby at


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Rockford Scanner™: Shout Out To Mary Parsons & The Oscar Mike Foundation, Featured on American Choppers Tonight On The Discovery Channel

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I wanted to send a shout out to Mary Parsons and the Oscar Mike Foundation!


Oscar Mike Foundation is located right down the road in Marengo, Illinois!
Oscar Mike – They help rehabilitate disabled veterans and individuals via adaptive sporting events through the efforts in their non-profit organization The Oscar Mike Foundation [registered 501(c)(3) public non-profit].

Watch the Oscar Mike Foundation  episode, of American Chopper this Tuesday, Feb 19th at 10 pm (Tonight) on Discovery!

There is no doubt about the support OCC has given to our military over the years. An area that is sometimes overlooked is to our heroes who come back home injured.

Tomorrows all new episode of American Chopper is very special as we come together with Oscar Mike – They help rehabilitate disabled veterans and individuals via adaptive sporting events through the efforts if thier non-profit organization The Oscar Mike Foundation [registered 501(c)(3) public non-profit].

They organize and participate in high-energy extreme events for disabled and able bodied individuals alike. They don’t view disabilities as road blocks, but more as challenges to own and overcome.

You think YOU’RE badass? Watch tomorrow night, February 19th at 10pm and let these #military vets show you some real motivation.

#oscarmike #veterans #army #navy #airforce #marines #occ #specialforces #spartan #teamoscarmike #onthemove #americanmade #usa #america #thankyou #honor #heroes #orangecountychoppers

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Rockford Scanner™: Editorial By Tanker, American Press: Enemy of the People

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As you know we do editorials from our fans. Below is another one from Tanker

The progressives and the press are trying to railroad this kid.  They say he was “hateful, disrespectful, taunting” toward this drumming Indian that got in his face.  If there is one single scrap of video showing ANY bad behavior by that kid, I haven’t seen it!!  The a-hole press is in total progressive lying spin mode on this one.  They hate the guts of ordinary Americans.  They despise us.  This is infuriating!

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Rockford Scanner™: Baofeng UV-5R Review by KD9MAP

Rockford Scanner. Rockford’s Leading Online News Site!

KD9MAP sent us the following, thanks!

Baofeng UV-5R Review by KD9MAP

This is a $20 5-watt transceiver for 2m and 70cm, based on SDR technology I think.

It comes with Li-Ion battery, charger cradle, 7″ rubber whip antenna, and a earpiece/microphone headset.

The advertising for it is so hilariously written, and the price is so low, it’s reasonable to be skeptical whether the radio actually works.

I got mine quickly from a USA supplier for $6 shipping. I’ve used it for a week.


It works!

It’s cheap! You can carry it everywhere and not worry as much about losing or breaking it as you would an expensive handheld.

The UV-5R SDR receiver seems to be as sensitive as my “real radio” Alinco DJ-X2000 handheld scanner, which cost 15 times as much.


The charger cradle emits enormous QRM during charging cycle. You won’t want to use that charger anywhere near your shack.

There’s no DC jack anywhere on the radio to plug in a power adapter. If you want to run on external power, you have to get their $7 battery eliminator cable.

The little instruction booklet doesn’t tell you everything you need to know to program it. Adequate info can be easily found on the internet.

For easier programming, I bought the $20 BaofengTech FTDI programming cable and used it with free Chirp software. You have to press the cable into the radio with both thumbs and crushing strength to get a connection, but it does work.

(Note: Software creators like Chirp complain that Baofeng changes the firmware on these radios quite often, which makes them difficult and risky to develop for.)

Low-cap 1600 mAH battery doesn’t last long if there’s much traffic.

Bottom Line:

The UV-5R for the price of dinner is a darn good deal for a VHF/UHF handheld transceiver. I don’t know how long it will last, but so far I think the low price outweighs its minor problems.

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Rockford Scanner™: Another Wolf Sighting in Winnebago County

Rockford Scanner. Rockford’s Leading Online News Site!


Another Wolf Sighting in Winnebago County

Sources are reporting another wolf has been sighted in Winnebago County a short time ago.

It happened near Trainer rd and Fincham in Rockford.   Sources reporting they saw a wolf run in front of them and into the nearby wooded area.

IDNR and a local group have been monitoring the wolf pack movements in the Winnebago and Boone Counties recently.

Several reports of wolves have been sighted.

There are 3 confirmed wolf packs in our area.  In the Beloit area, By Distillery rd, and another pack near Cherry Valley according to the IDNR and sources that monitor the wolves and their packs.

The wolves have not hurt any humans in our area.

If you see a wolf, you are supposed to report it to the DNR at
Click Here

SPRINGFIELD- The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) remind the public that the Service�s recent action removing federal Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves in portions of the Midwest has changed the status of wolves in Illinois north of Interstate 80. While wolves dispersing from northern states into Illinois are rare, any gray wolves in Illinois found north of I-80 are listed as threatened under state law, while those south of the interstate remain federally endangered. The change becomes effective January 27, 2012.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed ESA protection for the gray wolf in portions of the western Great Lakes because wolves in the core recovery states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin have exceeded recovery goals and no longer need the protection of the Act to survive. In areas where wolves were delisted, which includes parts of adjoining states like northern Illinois where wolves may possibly disperse, states and tribes are now responsible for wolf management. The Service will oversee wolf population monitoring efforts for at least five years to ensure wolves continue to thrive.

Despite the upcoming January 27, 2012 Federal Status change of wolves within the Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment [includes all counties north of I-80 in Illinois], wolves remain a protected species throughout the entire State of Illinois. Gray wolves continue to be listed as state-threatened throughout Illinois [by law, specimens listed as state-threatened receive the full protection of the State of Illinois� Endangered Species Protection Act], which means it is unlawful for hunters or others to take or possess wolves anywhere in the State. In addition, wolves shall remain protected as endangered under the Federal Endangered Species Act in Illinois south of I-80 [outside of the Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment] for the foreseeable future. See for further details on the status of gray wolves in Illinois and other areas in the Midwest.

In the past 10 years, Illinois hunters and others have encountered wolves in the state on various occasions, including a wolf struck by a car in McHenry County near Chain O�Lakes State Park in 2005. The potential for range expansion will continue as long as habitat and food sources are available.

While it is unlikely that Illinois citizens will encounter a wolf in the wild, they are encouraged to contact the Illinois DNR at 217-782-6302 if they suspect they have seen one.

Wolves resemble coyotes but are taller, heavier, and have other characteristics that set them apart (go to for more information on wolf biology and identification).

Gray wolves in the western Great Lakes were once nearly gone, with wolves surviving only in Minnesota. Under ESA protection and recovery programs, gray wolves have expanded into Michigan and Wisconsin, and the region�s population has rebounded. There are an estimated 2,921 wolves in Minnesota, 782 in Wisconsin, and 687 in Michigan. Wolves occasionally disperse into adjoining states but no packs have been established in the Midwest outside the core recovery states.

During the time wolves in the western Great Lakes were delisted (from March 12, 2007, to September 29, 2008, and from May 4, 2009, to July 1, 2009) the wolf population remained stable under state management; illegal killing of wolves dropped in Wisconsin and remained the same in Michigan (no data are available for Minnesota).

For more information on gray wolves in the Midwest, go to For information on Illinois� state and threatened wildlife, go to


Rockford Scanner®: You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

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As you know if you send us stuff, we do post it on our website. We are un-biased and are open to many things. Feel free to send us your stuff to post on our website, like Tanker does! 

The following below was sent to us by Tanker, to share with the public

You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

Again Rockford Scanner is reporting vehicles stolen in Rockford. I hope the vehicles are recovered in good condition, and that the Criminals face justice.

All Rockford Scanner fans should know these facts:

Criminals won’t steal your vehicle if you lock it with the engine off, windows up, and take your keys. Rockford Criminals are not patient or needy enough to break into a locked car, defeat the steering interlock, and/or hot wire the ignition. They don’t have to, because they can easily find unlocked running cars to jack, especially at convenience stores, and warming up in driveways early in the morning.

It’s up to US to stop these Criminals! ALWAYS lock your car! ALWAYS!

Rockford Criminals use stolen cars to commit other crimes. Innocent people have been KILLED by Rockford Criminals in stolen cars! DON’T BE part of the problem! Lock your car ALWAYS! NEVER leave it running unattended.

Am I blaming or shaming victims? No! I’m just trying to STOP these Criminals crimes, and all the costs and violence they cause. Rockford has many HUNDREDS of opportunistic Criminals who think NOTHING of grabbing an EASY car, and there are many Criminals who come here from out of town too for the easy pickings. Is that the way the world SHOULD be? No, but that is the world THE WAY IT IS, and we law-abiding citizens can EASILY STOP the Criminals by simply locking our vehicles!

One victim said “Help get the real criminals off the streets.” I agree with her that I want these Criminals OUT of Rockford. However, realistically, that will never happen! We don’t have the political will or courage or leadership to drive out these Criminals for good. We all should face up to the fact that the Rockford Criminals  menace is permanent, and that we have to ACT FOR OURSELVES to defend against it. And in the case of protecting our vehicles, it is SO EASY to do!

All Rockford Scanner fans should know those facts!

Send us your tips to
Rockford Scanner®
Author: Rickie Traeger at