Rockford Scanner™: Tanker Comments on Operation Exclusive

As you know we post editorials.  You send us your content, we may post it. Below is another editorial by TANKER.   Thanks Tanker for your content!


Tanker Comments on Operation Exclusive

Rockford LE and govt have charged one madam and a bunch of 70-year-old johns with prostitution-related crimes. None of the prostitutes were charged.

It has been obvious, for many years, that the lingerie shops and massage parlors are houses of prostitution. Everybody knew it. Yet the city never took the simple step of zoning those shops out of existence; maybe our local “news” media can find out why the city never zoned them out, but I’m not holding my breath.

I live in 61104. Despite the success of Operation Exclusive, at this very moment I can drive a few blocks from my house and, within minutes, point out streetwalkers and pimps operating in the open. You don’t need to be Dick Tracy to find them. We don’t need to expend thousands of man-hours to investigate, find, and arrest them.

Our prosecutor says she’s getting “smarter” about this kind of crime, by which she seems to be saying that, in order to gain the trust and testimony of prostitutes, she will not charge them with the crimes they are committing. This seems wrong-headed to me, but I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t work in LE.

Having brought these charges, LE and Rockford govt can now, hopefully, refocus their resources on stopping the awful wave of anarchic lethal violence that plagues our city. I’m going to go way out on a limb here, and speculate that the citizens of Rockford are more afraid of our numerous mobile shooters, stick-up men, carjackers, and other violent fiends, than we are of prostitutes.

Time and again, for years, we’ve been assured that this deadly violence is primarily caused by “fifty to one hundred” known individuals, and Real Soon Now we will see them charged. Maybe now that the city has charged one madam and a gaggle of near-death old farts with sex crimes, they can get back to protecting us against the monsters that are SHOOTING AT US EVERY DAMN DAY!

In reference to


Rockford Scanner™: 100 Strong & Their Fundraiser Event

Learn more about 100 Strong at
Also like them on Facebook at

100 STRONG was formed in January of 2016 by a handful of bold men that made the call to ALL concerned men in Rockford that realize that we have no right to complain about the problems that’s going on in Rockford if all we’re gonna do is open our mouth but not be willing to lift a finger to help towards a solution. This call to action was a response to the several deaths, shootings and chaotic state of mind of the Rockford Youth.
Learn more at

They held a fundraiser event on Saturday August 17th 2019 in the afternoon at their safe house at 4111 Auburn, Across from the Auburn Manor.

They are a non profit organization that helps the community.  The fundraiser on Saturday was to help with funding the young bull athletics team. All donations go towards transporting the children to and from games and practice, equipment, referees, etc. Also for our community center that keeps our youth out of the streets and helps them and their families when in need .

They had delicious chicken sandwich’s and a pop for a few bucks.
We highly recommend you trying their chicken sandwich’s!

We sat down and talked with one of the board members of the 100 Strong, Danny B Worley.  He describes what 100 Strong is, how they help the community,  their goals and how they started, etc… Take a few minutes and watch the interview below.

Credit: 100 Strong

You can help by donating at

100 Strong’s primary mission is to educate, mentor and support programming that advances the positive interests of youth throughout Rockford.

100 STRONG is a grassroots organization consisting of men and women with a common goal of helping our community by teaching, mentoring, empowering, and uplifting our youth.

The members of 100 Strong are devoted to improving the quality of life for African-Americans-particular young males-through programs focusing on positive social interaction, economic empowerment, mentoring and education. We seek to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create an environment where our children are motivated to achieve and to empower our young people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve. We do this by coordinating our efforts and by focusing attention on systemic issues that impede African Americans from achieving a higher quality of life.

Some of our main objectives in this Safe House are:
1) Crime reduction by providing skills and an open work environment.
2) Illiteracy reduction by introducing non-traditional avenues of learning and education.
3) Neighborhood development by inspiring community members with a renowned sense of self-worth, self-pride
and self-esteem.
4) Increasing positive social interaction by providing a place where youth can freely resolve peer conflicts in
a safe and loving environment.

If each one can reach one to teach one we can change our community!

Contact them at
or stop on in at 4111 Auburn st, across from Auburn Manor



Rockford Scanner™: Editorial From Kerry, On Crime Prevention


As you know we post editorials from time to time.  Send us your stuff, and we will post it on our website. 

Below is from Kerry Tatlow

STOP Making It Easy For Rockford Criminals!

I’ve asked a sergeant and a detective in Rockford LE about our far-too-common car thefts.

They said there are three ways that cars are stolen in Rockford:

  • Owners leave keys in car.
  • Car keys are stolen in burglary.
  • Domestic disputes.

In other words, the criminals CANNOT steal your car without the keys!

They do NOT attempt to defeat the steering wheel interlocks installed in ALL cars today.

Therefore, any responsible citizen WHO CARES about stopping some of our horrible crime problems MUST take the SIMPLE precautions:

  • DO NOT leave your keys in your car!
  • DO NOT leave your car running unattended!
  • Within your residence, hide your car keys well (don’t hang them on a hook on the wall or put them in a drawer; better to keep them on your person at all times.)
  • If you are in a relationship with a criminal or abuser or addict or loser, get OUT of it now.

We’ve had innocent people in Rockford killed by criminals driving stolen cars, and many other crimes are facilitated by the use of stolen cars. Car owners’ negligence threatens all of us.

People who read Rockford Scanner KNOW how bad our crime is. Please take the EASY precautions necessary to STOP some of it, or it will certainly continue.

And God bless our law enforcement, who do the best they can, in this awful era of widespread daily criminal predation.



Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Not Answering Their Phones…

Just before 12:30 am this morning, there was an incident.  

I tried to call the Rockford Police Department to report the crime. 


When I called it rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. 
No one from the RPD answered the phone.  

After I attempted to call the police to report the crime, and RPD did not answer. I saw 2 RPD officers on Broadway, so I tried to get their attention by flashing my lights at them several times.  The one squad car had 317 D2 on the back of it.   

As I flashed my lights at this officer to get their attention, so I could make the report on the crime. The officer drove away from me.  

So here I am trying to report a crime. I tried to call them and they didn’t answer. And I tried to flag down 2 officers on Broadway, they drove away from me. 

The officers turned onto 8th st, just North of Broadway.  They went to go work a scene there.  Unknown what kind of scene.  

Many of you guys have told us about this happening to you guys.  It seems to be a common thing these days.  Because many of you have contacted us and told us about your own experiences. 

Tonight, I have had my own experience now and see exactly what you guys are talking about.  

Apparently RPD must be super busy, because of them not answering their phones.  Why else would they not be able to answer the phones?  

So it is unknown what kind of scenes were happening, for them to not answer their phones.  If you know of any scenes, let us know! 




ROCKFORD PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE: Local Bowling Alley Haunted? Here A Ghostly Experience From An Employee!

Share your paranormal experiences with us! 

The following was sent to us when we asked to hear your paranormal experiences.  Sit down and grab a drink. Here is the first of many paranormal experience stories that we are going to be posting in the future!

Source sent us the following in reference to their paranormal experience at a local bowling alley.

“I’m a mechanic at The Cherry Bowl (bowling alley) and I swear the back is haunted.

A lot of people have seen shadows and it’s very common to think someone is back there with you when there isnt. A few people think its because the one side wall is a giant painted ouija board on pegboard that we use to organize our marquee letters.

My most “wtf” moment was when I had a problem with a pair of lanes close to the ouija board wall. I pulled a chair close to the lanes to sit by them and monitor the problem.

It was a Saturday night and we had cosmic going on. I looked down at my phone to check the time. It was 11:11, I looked back up to the machines and I heard a creepy voice whisper my name in my ear.

I was leaning up against a stack of plywood/old doors and mechanics usually work alone. I was by the door to go up front so there was nobody that could’ve snuck back there without me knowing.

I said screw the lanes and went up front for the rest of the night (we close at midnight). There’s also an entry way off the mechanics area that goes back towards the staff bathroom and fridge.

If the lights aren’t on in that area and you walk by at night it sometimes gives you a heavy dread feeling……we usually keep that door closed now.

I make jokes about it being the souls of former employees whose hopes and dreams died there lol”

Note: For obvious reasons the stories told are from people that had an alleged paranormal experience and sent it to us and the story can not be confirmed.

Also it is .99 days this weekend at the bowling alley!  Stop on in there and have fun and if you have a paranormal experience there, let us know! 

We look forward to hearing your paranormal experiences!



Rockford Scanner™: Many Jurisdictions Working A Scene in Machesney Park, Police Told Me “Huge Misunderstanding”

Update: You can clearly see the officer saying “nothing is happening” and it was a “huge misunderstanding” on my body camera footage.  Wrex just said this was some burglary suspects that were caught.

So now this poses a question:  WHO is lying?  The officer who said “nothing is happening” and is was a “huge misunderstanding”  that you can clearly see and hear on my body camera footage, or the local news?

Around 5 am this morning sources told us about a scene that involved numerous officers in Machesney Park. 

It happened near Ventura  blvd. Just North of Ralston.

I got out of my vehicle to work the scene and just set up my camera when a WCSO officer and a Illinois State Trooper approached me and said to not go any further. I was a ways back and did not plan on going any further.

He then said that “absolutely nothing going on here”   and I responded back and pointed and said “that’s nothing” (referring to all the police on scene) and laughed. The officer then responded back and said “it was a huge misunderstanding” and walked away. (body cam footage below)

I saw 3 jurisdictions on scene from my vantage point. Winnebago County Sheriff, Illinois State Police, Loves Park and what appeared to be a white van, possibly a crime scene unit but I wasn’t able to tell because an officer had the view blocked with his squad..

So it is unclear exactly what happened.
But police said it was a “huge misunderstanding”

Keep up the good work sending in your tips to us. SEE IT, SNAP IT, SEND IT

Call log shows it to be a suspicious auto call, with several area police departments responding to assist with a suspicious auto


Rockford Scanner™: Why do people comment, without reading the article?


Why do people comment, without reading the article?

So I have noticed this A LOT lately.   People comment on a title, other than then the factual content in an article.  You can tell they haven’t clicked on to read the article. Because the comments are no where near what actually happened, that clearly states what happened in the article.

A good example and as to why I am thinking about this right now.

Burger King on 11th st was robbed earlier tonight.  Admin Will went to go work the scene for me. Thank you Will, Much appreciated!  The police parked their vehicles next door at Auto Zone. See the photo below.

As you can see the police parked their vehicles there.   But the actual robbery happened at Burger King, next door.  You can CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed, at 

People are commenting and thinking it is Auto Zone, based on the photo posted that shows all the police parked at Auto Zone.  Based on their comments, you can clearly see they did not take 2 seconds to click the link and read and CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed.

All these people do is make themselves look bad by commenting with bad info.   SMH………………

I ask that everyone please take a second and please click on the link and actually READ the content, before making comments.



Rockford Scanner™: Citizen Tells His Side Of The Story, Being Unarmed and A Rockford Police Officer Opened Fired On Him.

Details on the incident

As you know at Rockford Scanner we try covering all sides of the story when possible.  The following is the victims side of the story. Note: We reached out to the RPD for info. and comments on this story, they have yet to respond.

The victim lawyer said it was OK for him to tell his side of the story now.

Alexandro N Elmore side of the story:

“She lied and said we rammed her vehicle to justify her shooting at us. The only damage to our vehicle was a bullet hole in the windshield.”

In January 2019 Rockford police Officer Carla Redd opened fired on a vehicle that had 3 occupants in it, near 8th st and 5th ave.

The tow truck driver who recovered the vehicle said “How can there have been a collision, when there is clearly no damage to the vehicles”

Officer Carla Redd said she was the victim of a “vehicular assault” and said the vehicle rammed her vehicle, so she opened fired on Alexandro N Elmore and his 2 friends.

The tow truck driver and the victims have all said there was no damage to the vehicle. So how is it possible they rammed her, if there was no damage? The photos in the video, also show no damage to the vehicle.

The victim said the following: “We started our day at the Eagles club on 11th St. we ate some wings and had some drinks and we left. We were not ready to go home yet so we stopped at the Golden bar on seventh Street. We realized our friend was passed out in the back seat and it was snowing out that night so we decided to not go in and to just drive home.

We turned right onto fifth Avenue, we drove down about one block inside a group of people standing in front of the Elida Lodge. we drove around the group of people came up to the next block. I was hot so I took off my jacket and my friend who is in the passenger side said watch out for someone who was either crossing the road or was on the side of the road.

I looked up and saw a black person with little twisties in her hair standing on the side of the road and firing a gun at us.

There was no reason at all for her to be firing the gun at us because we did nothing wrong. All we were doing was driving down the road.

She lied and said we rammed her vehicle to justify her shooting at us. The only damage to our vehicle was a bullet hole in the windshield.”

When the tow truck driver recovered the vehicle there was no damage at all from this incident except for a bullet hole.  The tow truck driver and also the victims said this. And the photos also show this.

Alexandro N Elmore: “No damage to the car anywhere, so how could we intentionally ram her vehicle? Please help us out. We did nothing wrong that night, we were just driving home and happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time”

Police have filed charges on him and his friend, and Alexandro N Elmore has turned himself in. He says his buddies and him are innocent. And Officer Carla Redd lied to cover her butt, for using deadly force while shooting at an unarmed citizen. And there was no accident, and he did not ram her like she claims. He sent us the photos as proof.

Note: He said the photos were taken right after the RPD released the vehicle back to him. You can clearly see the evidence markers on the vehicle. And no damage. (Note: We sat on this for awhile now.) Those photos were not “just taken” He sent them to us a long time ago. We been sitting on this awhile now, and just posted it today. He has turned himself in to jail on the 13th. Because he says he is innocent and didn’t want to be on the run for something he claimed he didn’t do. And wanted to clear his name, that is why he turned himself in. He was fearful of his life, because he said they were driving down the road and was shot at by  RPD officer Carla Redd, and fears for his life still since she has already tried to take his life by shooting at him once, and that is why he came to us. He wants his side of the story to be told, because he said he is innocent and fears for his life and wants his side of the story to be told. 



Rockford Scanner™: Everyone Has A Secret, Written By Local Author Tiffany Royster

Local author Tiffany Royster has published this amazing book!  

Good news everyone!! My self-published book is now available to purchase on Amazon!!          Purchase and leave a review!!

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Best friends, Elenore and Sophie, have always been really close and inseparable throughout their lives. Growing up together, the two girls have become dependent on each other in different ways. Elenore, the quiet and reserved type, often finds herself becoming the victim of heinous high school bullies.

Sophie, loud-mouthed and very blunt, does not take crap from anyone. The girls often find themselves wrapped up in evil schemes orchestrated by their enemies. Elenore and Sophie soon realize just how far they are willing to go in order to get revenge on anyone who has wronged them.

How far is too far when you want to make someone pay for the things they have done?

About Tiffany Royster
Tiffany Royster was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. Writing has always been her passion ever since she was a little girl. “Everyone Has A Secret” is her first self-published book in 2019, which is part of a series. Tiffany resides in Loves Park with her family. You can find her author Facebook page by searching Tiffany Royster – Self Published Author.


Rockford Scanner™: Editorial By Tanker: Credit Card


As you know, we do editorials from our fans at times.  Tanker is one who sends in a lot of editorials for us to post. Thanks Tanker!   Below is another editorial Tanker sent us. 


That’s good advice: swipe the card yourself, don’t hand it over.
Avoid drive-up purchases where you have to hand it over.

However, I think Franco took an unnecessary risk confronting the
alleged criminals herself. They have her personal info, after all.

She also should not have offered
“admit it and I will not press charges.”
She should have pressed
charges immediately, unconditionally.
She had the cops AND the credit-card
company on her side.
There was no upside to making the offer.

Finally, she erred by putting the accusations and
names and videos of the alleged
criminals out on social media.
She has left herself open to the risk of
a defamation lawsuit, which, even if meritless,
could ruin her finances and her life.

While I applaud her righteousness and zeal,
and I DO hope she prevails,
she did not handle this safely. She should
have let the cops and the credit-card company’s fraud dept
handle the whole thing.