Rockford Scanner®: Police Recover A Stolen Vehicle, Suspects Fled On Foot

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Sources were reporting a large police presence on the East side.

It happened in the area of Charles and 16th st.

Police confirmed they recovered a stolen vehicle.

The suspects fled from the vehicle on foot, and several officers were in the area searching for the suspects. No suspect description, due to the encryption.  Still developing


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Rockford Scanner®: Several Windows Busted Out Of A Couple Rockford Restaurants

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UPDATE: Sources tell us this is the alleged suspect. Police caught him nearby.

Sources are reporting a suspect used a baseball bat and broke out several windows of some restaurants on Auburn st around 7 pm

Sources said the windows at Beef a roo and Taco bell on Auburn  had their windows busted out.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.


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Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting 2 Scenes: Vehicle Plows Through A Crowd, Large Disorderly Group

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RS sources are reporting the following:

  1. “Police present on Lori dr in Rockford, A large crowd was in street yelling, police still have road blocked and are walking up and down the block.”
  2. “Hi a few minutes before 9 pm tonight I witnessed at least 2 people that were ran over by a car. There was at least 30 people up my block In a huge crowd fighting and a car just plowed right into people I saw one person get hit from the back of the car and they kept going a ran them over with both driver side tires then ran them over again when the were leaving the scene. It was the worst thing I have ever seen and I am still upset I called 911 asap then I went in my house so I dont know what happened to any of the people that were hit. This happened in Beloit on Dewy ave”


Rockford Scanner™: Swastikas on the windows of the Coronado Theater

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RPD:   Someone put a couple of Swastikas  on the windows of the Coronado Theater.

Police say they responded to a criminal defacement report at the Coronado around noon Tuesday. Someone put graffiti (the Swastikas) on a couple of the windows of the Coronado Theater.  They have since been removed, and have not caused permanent damage

“Graffiti and criminal defacement that is deemed inflammatory in nature, like Nazi swastikas, will be thoroughly investigated especially given some of the recent national incidents,” said Chief Dan O’Shea. “We will hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”


Rockford Scanner™: Source Reporting Disorderly Kids Throwing Eggs

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Source reporting the following:
” There kids throwing eggs to the houses, I was with family and we heard some hard noises at my backyard windows and there was 4 or 5 eggs on my windows it was around 7:30 pm. It happened near Alpine and Harrison”

No other information was provided


Rockford Scanner™: Man Purposely Runs Wife Over With His Vehicle

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Aggravated Domestic Battery

On 10/7/2018 at approximately 1650 hours Ogle County deputies, along with Leaf River EMS were dispatched to 5779 West Townline Road in reference to a Domestic Problem.

After an investigation it was learned that John Oltmanns, age 58 of Leaf River, had struck his wife, Julie Oltmanns with his vehicle.

John Oltmanns was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Battery and transported to the jail and held in lieu of bond.

Julie was transported for minor injuries.



Rockford Scanner™: Dirt Bike & Quad Riders Flip Off Police, Then Flee From Police in Rockford

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RS Fan:
“Approximately 10 minutes ago 6 dirt bikes and two quads all with one person on it came up really fast to the intersection of Broadway and 20th heading west between cars they stopped between me and a blue Impala.

The one of the guys on a quad flipped off the driver of the Impala. The driver of the Impala told that guy to come here everyone peeled off, driver of Impala got back in the car and went to run the red light to go after them. As he did he hit his red and blue lights and they came came on.

All of them fled towards 11th Street on Broadway until they reach the railroad tracks and then they separated going down the railroad tracks and going south on 15th”

Another RS Fan:
“6 dirtbikes 2 quads broadway and 20th st ripping between cars surrounded blue impala flipped off driver driver said come here they took off driver ended up being a cop hit the lights and chased them”



Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Shoot & Kill Dog During A Warrant Check

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DOG BITES OFFICER: On Tuesday, October 2, 2018 shortly before 10:30 a.m., Rockford Police officers went to a residence in the 500 block of Michigan Avenue for a warrant check. Upon arrival, the suspect, identified as 37-year-old Robert Eviston, attempted to flee and a struggle ensued between him and the officers.

After Eviston was taken into custody, his dog attacked one of the officers. The dog bit the officer multiple times on both arms and upper body. The dog was subsequently shot to prevent further attack, and it died.

The injured officer was taken to a local hospital with significant, but non-life-threatening wounds. Eviston was also transported to the hospital for injuries he claimed happened during the arrest. While at the hospital, Eviston battered a nurse, tried to run out of the hospital and fought with officers.

The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and authorized the below listed charges.

Robert Eviston, 37, Rockford: Possession of Stolen Property (Warrant), Resisting Police (2 countS), Escape, and Aggravated Battery

Eviston was lodged in the Winnebago County Jail. The charges against Eviston are merely accusations. He is considered innocent unless proven guilty in court

Rockford Scanner™: Vandal Suspect Arrested, Dances On Table In His Underwear In The Rockford Police Interview Room

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WTVO said: After his arrest, police say Damm danced on the table in the police interview room, stacked chairs and furnishings, and stripped down to his underwear, before being restrained.
WATCH INTERVIEW: “I think it’s great,” vandalism suspect Timothy Damm told reporter Brittany Toolis about the spray painted graffiti on the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters on Sunday morning.



Rockford Scanner™: Servicom Shuts Down 2 Locations, Doesn’t Even Give Their Employees Notice. Many Employees Mad

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UPDATE from Servicom: Final Pay Notification
As a necessary practice to ensure the accuracy of final paychecks, we will need to process the final payroll on Tuesday, 10/09/2018, for those whose last day was 9/29/18. Employees with direct deposit could begin to see their direct deposits as early as Tuesday afternoon; but certainly no later than Wednesday. Live checks will be mailed directly to the address of record. Therefore, to ensure timely receipt of your live checks, please provide HR with any recent address changes only by end of day Friday, October 5th.
There will be no live checks received on site in the call centers. Checks will be mailed from the CT office directly to the employees. Please know we are working as quickly as possible to get each of you the final complete and accurate pay.
If you are currently assigned to an active program and/or confirmed for an upcoming training class, the above will not apply to you. You will receive your pay through the usual payroll cycle and timing.
For any questions, please refer them to

Sources reporting Servicom shut down 2 locations in Rockford.
Numerous people out of work
Unknown why they shut down the locations at this time.
The business did not tell their employees.  Just up and closed down.
All these employees showed up to go to work, and realized Servicom shut their doors without giving their employees notice.
Video by Samara Cheyenne

Servicom posted this on social media:

“…We have fundamentally examined every part of our business and we will continue to actively consider all options that allow ServiCom to put maximum effort where we can succeed and operate profitably. As part of this process, our goals need to be focused on a select group of core businesses. Unfortunately, reaching that goal requires the tough decision to eliminate jobs, which means losing colleagues and parting with friends and co-workers. The decision was difficult and we are sure it will impact many of them in the days to come and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

Rockford Scanner™: Police working a scene at a auto parts store near Machesney Park

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Several sources were reporting a scene at the auto parts store on N. 2nd St. at  Oriely Auto Parts,  earlier today

Several officers had their guns drawn

It is not yet known exactly what happened the police have labeled the call as “other disorderly conduct”

In the past police have labeled shooting victims as other disorderly conduct calls. But we cannot confirm that is what happened at this scene.

All we can confirm is that there was a scene at the auto parts store and police labeled it as “other disorderly conduct”




Rockford Scanner™: Disorderly Suspects Pull Gun On Victim in Rockford

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Source reporting: 

At Kishwaukee and 15th ave around noon today,  3 black males throwing objects at a vehicle and taunting the passengers in the vehicle.

When they confronted these people one of the suspects pulled a gun out, but all three subjects took off when the police were being called.

Police took over a half hour to respond

Police asked why it took them over a half hour to call, attempting to place blame on the victim.

They called police immediately, it took RPD over a half hour to respond.

They were able to get video from a business nearby, but were unable to locate the subjects.



Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video, Local Police Clear out A Large Crowd At A Gas Station




Around 2 am numerous police officers from the Rockford Police and Winnebago County Sheriff, did some crowd control at a Rockford gas station. 

It happened at the Citgo on Auburn, near the Auburn Manor. 

A large crowd gathered in the parking lot just prior to the police showing up.  

Several police officers swarmed the parking lot and moved everyone along. Some people fled when officers arrived and some officers chased the suspects fleeing. 

No reports of injuries or arrests. 


Rockford Scanner™: Violent Crime Call Recap, Another Violent Last Few Days In Rockford & Winnebago County

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Editors Note: We are now including the medical assists and information for police calls. Local police have been coding violent crimes, under these codes. Example: Rockford’s last few murders have been coded medical assists.


Rockford Scanner™: Aggravated Assault With A Firearm In Rockford

Update: Sources sent us a photo of a Red Impala stopped by police in front of the District Bar on W State in Downtown. Suspect has been detained while police searched the vehicle. 

Unknown if this is the alleged suspect. Police say it was the alleged suspect they were searching for. 

People who know the alleged suspect said he was not the alleged suspect in this incident, and the police did not locate a gun in the vehicle.

Sources are reporting an aggravated assault with a firearm in Rockford. 

It happened in the area of Lafayette in Rockford. 

Suspect fled in a Red Impala. 

 Sounded like it might have happened at a local park nearby at 2nd and Jefferson, but not confirmed. 

Assault with a firearm is a specific form of assault. It is sometimes considered a sub-category of higher assaults called aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument. Assault with a firearm is considered an aggravated charge because of the use of a firearm.

Rockford Scanner™: Winnebago man faces charges for driving drunk and illegally carrying a gun





A Winnebago man faces charges for driving drunk and illegally carrying a gun.

On Sunday, August 26, 2018 shortly after 2 a.m., Rockford Police officers responded to a call of disorderly conduct at the McDonald’s in the 3200 block of 11th Street. Upon arrival, they learned 60-year-old William Akre had been yelling at another driver while in the drive thru at the restaurant. Officers saw signs of impairment and conducted field sobriety tests. Officers also located a loaded firearm in the center console of Akre’s car. He did not have a valid concealed carry permit.

The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s office reviewed the case and authorized the listed charges against Akre: Driving Under the Influence (alcohol), Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon

Akre was lodged in the Winnebago County Jail. The charges against Akre are merely accusations. He is considered innocent until proven guilty in court.