Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Vandalize A Local Store, Possible New Trend

Sources are reporting that a local store was vandalized on Sunday afternoon.

Three females allegedly went into the gas station at S Alpine and Linden on Sunday afternoon. They destroyed many items in the store.

Then they ran away laughing about what they had just done.

Sources said the police have video of the incident and also the suspects license plate number, but sources said the police were not interested in investigating this case.  Just took the report on it.

The employee that was working was highly distraught and crying.

This is the 13th incident we have heard about in the last few months, about something similar happening in other local stores as well. It seems to be a trend locally, because of how often it happens.

We have asked the police in the past about these incidents, and they refused to comment on the incidents.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspect Beat Victim, Attempted To Force Victim Into A Vehicle


Sources are reporting a possible kidnapping attempt on the East side. It happened near Buckbee and Seminary. A suspect beat the victim and attempted to force the victim into a vehicle. No other information at this time. Police are in the area with K-9’s. Still developing

Police are encrypted and have not released any information


Rockford Scanner™: Victim Severely Injured, Possibly During A Home Invasion

Sources are reporting a stabbing in Rockford. 

It happened in the 1000 block 12th. 

One person was stabbed and severely injured according to sources. We have been told this was during a home invasion. But again, police have yet to confirm anything or release any information.  

Suspect is a black male, 6’0, 150 lbs, wearing a black jacket. He was last seen westbound in the alley. 


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into A pole Causing A Power Outage


Sources are reporting a vehicle has crashed into a pole on Newburg, near Alpine.  Injuries were reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. The accident caused a power outage in the area. Many people are without power in the area. COMED just arrived on scene, no estimated restore time at the time of writing this. 



Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting A Possible Dead Body in The River


We are getting several reports of several emergency personnel near the river near the overpass looking into the Kishwaukee river.  Sources said police officers were flying fast to get to the scene and almost caused a couple of accidents while en route. We have been told there is a body in the river.

As you know the police are encrypted and have not confirmed anything, and rarely do they provide any information to the public since encrypting, so do not expect any updates. 



Rockford Scanner™: Several Accidents In The Area

Sources are reporting a couple of bad accidents in the area. 

The first one happened near Kingston. A vehicle rolled over. Unknown on injuries.

The next one happened at Springfield and W State. Multiple injuries were being reported at this scene. The third scene happened near Riverside and Perryville. At least 2 ambulances were on scene.

The cause of these accidents are under investigation.

Photos by RS sources


Rockford Scanner™: 2 More Shootings in Rockford

Police are investigating 2 more shootings in Rockford.

#1  Near Paris.  Suspect vehicle is a dark colored vehicle with tinted windows.
#2 Near Courtland Terrace

We have been told one scene has injuries and unknown on the other scene.

Police have yet to confirm anything or release any information on either scene.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting In Rockford, Numerous Shots Fired

On August 18, 2019 at 10:00am members of the Rockford Police Department responded to a report of numerous gun shots in the 700 block of Bohm Court. Upon arrival officers located numerous spent bullet casings in the street and a house struck by the gunfire. The female occupant of the home was not injured during the incident. The suspect vehicle was a smaller black car with black cloth covering the front and rear license plates. The driver/suspect was a black male with his face covered. This investigation is still ongoing. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Rockford Police Department if they have any information regarding this incident.

Sources are reporting another shooting in Rockford.

This one happened around 10 am near Bohm ct.

Numerous gunshots were fired.
We have conflicting reports on injuries. So it is unclear if there is a victim. There is property damage. Police have yet to confirm anything or release any information on the incident.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into A House While Fleeing From Police

Several sources are reporting a police chase/accident. 

Initial reports are saying Around 7:15 pm last night a vehicle was fleeing from police when it crashed into a house near Huffman (Near Midway) in Rockford. The 2 black male suspects (not wearing any shirts)  fled from the scene on foot. Last we been told, the suspects got away. Police did have a lot of police in the area searching for the suspects. No other information.

Photos by RS sources and Ryan Zellner


Rockford Scanner™: Carjacking In Rockford, Suspects Dragged The Victim With The Vehicle


Sources are reporting a carjacking in Rockford that happened around 3 pm today. It happened near the Steak n Shake on E State st. 

The suspects dragged the victim with the vehicle.
The victim is injured.

The suspects are 2 black females.

The vehicle is reported to be Silver in color that may have been recovered a short time after it happened near Bell School and Walton. But not yet confirmed.

This is still developing.