Rockford Scanner™: Double Overdose At A Rockford Business

Sources are reporting a double over dose. 

Reports are saying there are 2 subjects that have Over Dosed in a White vehicle at the Mulligans on N Main.

Several emergency personnel are on scene.

Note:  After we posted this, someone denied it happening. Then said it was only one overdose victim and not two.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Hot Air Balloon Crash Near Sycamore


Sources were reporting a possible hot air balloon crash. 

It happened this evening near N Main and Heron Creek near Sycamore.

Reports of a hot air balloon crashed into a house, with multiple people on board the hot air balloon.

Emergency personnel went to the scene to find the hot air balloon had taken back off again. Emergency crews chased the balloon for awhile.

The balloon came close to hitting a few structures, but nothing was actually hit. No injuries have been reported. The crews have the balloon on the ground and everyone is safe.


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Asking For Your Help Locating A Hit & Run Suspect

Montana Sticks sent us the following:

“Good afternoon last night my car was hit at the round about on North Main and Auburn the driver pulled off I got a picture of her suv…

Could you post it and see if anyone can identify who it was because the police are not helping me.

It was a dark color suv that pulled over then took off. It was a white female medium built with short dark hair.”


Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident With Injuries in Rockford

Sources are reporting a motorcycle accident with injuries in Rockford.

It happened on N Main near Pinos.

Witness said: ” I saw the lady flip off bike and crashed through the windshield of the truck. The guy on the bike seemed ok”

Injuries were being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

Still developing, avoid the area.

Update from Kween McDonald:He didn’t go through. But he did hit it enough to crack it real bad”

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Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Multiple Injuries. One Person Ejected From The Vehicle, Possibly A Child

UPDATE: Officials said 2 victims have life threatening injuries. A 3rd person has non life threatening injuries.

Sources are reporting a very bad accident in Rockford.

It happened around 10:45 am near Elmwood and Main.

Brad Carpenter

Multiple injuries are being reported.

At least one person has been ejected from the vehicle. The victim is reported to be a child. The child is reported to be around 8 years old and in critical condition.

A vehicle is on its roof, and extrication is being requested.

One vehicle is cut in half, from the accident.

This is developing, avoid this area.

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Rockford Scanner™: Reports Of 9 Different Shooting Scenes In The Area Tonight

UPDATE: The murder victim has been identified as 32 year old Robert Brooks of Rockford

One person is confirmed dead.
Victim was shot in the stairs area of Auburn Manor.


Sources are reporting multiple shooting incidents tonight.

We have gotten several reports of numerous shooting incidents in the area tonight.

  • Alpine & Highcrest
  • 300 block of Arcadia Terrace
  • 1400 block of N Main
  • Downtown area (Might be related to the N Main above)
  • School and Furman
  • 5100 block of Woodcreek
  • 16100 block of Green rd
  • Auburn and Johnston
  • Auburn and Central (Might be related to above)
  • 1700  block of S Bend
  • Charles and 16th

We have been told there are several shooting victims. But we can not confirm this. There is also property damages. Police have yet to release information on any of these shooting incidents.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Hits A Pedestrian in Rockford

Sources are reporting a vehicle has hit a pedestrian in Rockford.

It happened in the area of N Main and Park.

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle near this location just after 9:30 am this morning.

Injuries were being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

It is not yet known if the vehicle stood on scene or has fled.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating A Home Invasion, Possible Injuries

Sources are reporting a home invasion in Rockford.

It happened just before midnight in the 1800 block of N Main.

We were told injuries were also reported during the home invasion.

RPD has yet to release information on the incident.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase in Machesney park, Suspect Gets Away

Sources are reporting a police chase in Machesney park.

It happened in the area of N Second st and Harlem.

Suspect is Marcus Marshall

Black Oldsmobile with a plate of BA73499

Comes back to an address in the 3500 block of Green Dale Drive.

Last seen southbound on Main from Riverside