Rockford Scanner™: Semi On Fire Near Roscoe


Sources are reporting a semi on fire near Roscoe. 

It happened on I-90 near mile marker 5 in the westbound lanes.

Semi is reported to be on fire, the driver was able to escape out of the cab.

Avoid the area, traffic is reported to be backing up some in the area.

Sources at the scene said: ” Tractor is completely gone, Trailer is starting to burn”
Video by RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fire At A Local Business


Just after 9:30 pm tonight several units from the Rockford Fire Department were responding to a possible fire at a local business. 

It happened at the Little Ceasers on 11th st. 

The employees are reporting a lot of smoke, but no flames. 

This is inside the strip mall, so it is unknown if the fire/smoke is coming from another business, or from actually inside the Little Ceasers. 

Employees are evacuating. Still developing 



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle on Fire in Rockford

Sources are reporting a vehicle on fire. 

It happened on W State st, west of Springfield.

It happened around 7 pm.

No injuries were being reported.

Units on scene are asking for more units to assist.

Photos and video by RS sources, Zaih, Paige, Jackie, Brian

Brandie Fraker

Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Fire, Possibly Occupied in Rockford


Sources are reporting a fire on the East side. 

It happened around 12:55 am near the 1100 block of 18th st. 

Initial reports are saying there was a garage with a vehicle inside it, that might be occupied.  But not yet confirmed.

Several units from the RFD are en route. 

When the units arrived on scene, they confirmed a vehicle on fire, unknown if it is occupied. 

They also saw a burglary in progress in the area. 

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire in Rockford, Heavy Flames


Sources are reporting a structure fire in Rockford. 

Heavy flames were coming from a structure in the 300 block of Buckbee around 4:45 pm today.

The occupants were evacuating.  No injuries have been reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Fully Engulfed Vehicle Fire


Sources are reporting a fully engulfed vehicle fire. 

It happened on the bypass in the eastbound lanes of traffic, near Alpine.

A vehicle is fully engulfed.  Requesting more units to the scene, to assist.

No reports of injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Abandoned Factory On Fire, With Someone Trapped On The Roof

UPDATE: Contractors working on the building. 


Sources are reporting an abandoned structure fire with someone possibly trapped on the roof. 

It happened just before 7:30 pm tonight near Kishwaukee and 23rd ave. 

Reports of the building on fire with unconfirmed reports are saying a person is trapped on the roof. 

A person said they saw flames coming from the building and a person on the rooftop. 

Used to be a factory, and is 5 stories tall. 

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: A good Samaritan saves a man from a burning vehicle in Rockford

A good Samaritan saves a man from a burning vehicle in Rockford.

It happened on 1st st in Rockford around 2:30 am this morning.

RS Source Shawn A. said he heard a vehicle that was revving its engine. The vehicle then caught on fire. He saw the brake lights on, so he knew the vehicle was occupied. The male victim inside the car was screaming for help. Shawn broke out the window of the vehicle and was able to successfully rescue the man inside the burning car.  The man was transported a nearby hospital, for evaluation.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Kaseniya Kaseniya said:  “South first st. The guy in the car fell asleep with his foot on the the gas peddle. The doors were locked and there was the smoke inside and out, also car was about to explode so guys had to bust the window fest to get him out and so one of the guys got his arm injured. The “victim” walked away mad about his vehicle without injuries. Few more min and all the cars around would be damaged from the explosion”

Note:   While I was working the scene, the Rockford Police came rushing to the scene with lights and sirens, after the fire was already extinguished.  So it is unknown if something else happened at the scene, that I am unaware of.


Rockford Scanner™: Fire In Machesney Park

Around 12:30 am this morning several emergency personnel were on scene of a fire in Machesney park. 

It happened on Shappert Drive, just west of N Second st.

It was originally reported as a structure fire call.  When I arrived on scene it appeared to be a vehicle that was on fire.  It may have extended to the structure, but not confirmed. Emergency personnel were able to quickly get the fire under control.  No reports of injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The vehicle had some writing on it, it appeared to say that it was from a landscaping business, but not confirmed.

I saw on one of the vehicles a name that said Landscaping Unlimited. A source sent me the following. It is not confirmed this was the business. It was either at or very close to this business

Update: Carlos Flores Lcu properties I work there”


Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident In Machesney Park, Vehicle On Fire


Sources are reporting a rollover accident in Machesney park. 

It happened around 11 pm near N Second and Shoreland.

A vehicle has crashed and rolled over, and was on fire.

The fire was quickly extinguished.

Multiple injuries were being reported. Several ambulances are on scene.

The cause of the accident is under investigation