Rockford Scanner™: Pizza Driver Robbed At Gunpoint


From our friends at Beloit Scanner: 
BPD is working a robbery in the 1000 block of Bluff.  An armed robbery to a pizza driver.

3 suspects 1 with a gun, 1 w/m, 1 b/m, 1 light skin b/m or h/m, all wearing black. The light skin one had the gun all 3 looked to be teens. 



Rockford Scanner™: Propane Grill Fire Near Roscoe, Garage Damaged by The Fire



Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters responded to a propane grill on fire July 13th on Harrison St. in Roscoe.

Damage was contained to the grill and outside wall of the garage.

No one was injured



Rockford Scanner™: Scene On The West Side

Sources are reporting a scene on the West side.

It happened near Green & Stewart.

RPD call log shows it as an “Other Disorderly” call.

RPD has yet to release information on the scene.

Several officers and squad cars were on scene.


Rockford Scanner™: Grass Fire Shuts Down Local Ramp


Sources are reporting a grass fire that shuts down a ramp. 

There was a grass fire near 11th st and 20.  The ramp was closed down, due to the grass fire.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Note: Grass is becoming very flammable these days, since the lack of rain and hot temps. So please do not flick out cigarette butts and be very careful using flammable  products.



Rockford Scanner™: Bicyclist Hit On E State st


Sources are reporting an accident on E State st. 

It happened around 5 pm in front of the Irish Rose on E State st.

A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle.

Injuries were reported.

Video below by WTVO.  Heads up they put the victim in the video, so viewer discretion is advised.



Rockford Scanner™: ICE Raids in Rockford

Kerry Tatlow sent us the following:

I wrote to the Rockford mayor and asked him about his recent statement “Rockford Police will never help ICE serve raids” as reported by WREX.

Rockford participates in nationwide immigration protests and vigils

( Local leaders, like Mayor Tom McNamara spoke at the event. Mayor McNamara says that Rockford Police will never help ICE serve raids while he is mayor.)

He replied “our police department WILL work with the Federal Government as we are NOT a Sanctuary City.. .We will work with the Feds when there is a warrant. But if there is no warrant and they are simply doing raids and sweeps we will not participate as this is the Federal Governments job not a local police departments job.”

This is an important and substantial clarification of the quote that was reported.



Rockford Scanner™: Victim Robbed & Ran Over By A Vehicle, Suspect Gets Away

We sat on this story and waited for RPD and the local news to release information. Neither has, so we are posting this.

Sources are reporting a robbery/hit & run. 

Sources are reporting a man was robbed and ran over by a vehicle. 

It happened earlier today near Kilburn and Auburn. 

Victim sustained injuries and was transported to a local ER. 

Suspect is a black male, approx. 30 years old, dreads.
Last seen in a Marroon vehicle. 



Rockford Scanner™: Roscoe Police Are Reporting Numerous Burglaries Overnight


Roscoe Police Are Reporting Numerous Burglaries Overnight. 

Numerous vehicle burglaries in the Chicory Ridge Subdivision over night.

Call Roscoe Police if your vehicle was entered.



Rockford Scanner™: Injuries Reported At An Accident Scene Involving A Semi

Semi vs Truck Accident 

Photos by Marsha Stacy

It happened near 11th st and Baxter rd around 7:40 am this morning.

Reports of a semi and a truck that have collided near this location.

Injuries were being reported.  Several emergency personnel from a few jurisdictions are on scene.

Avoid the area for awhile. The cause of the accident is under investigation