Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident In Loves Park

Sources are reporting a bad accident in Loves Park. 

It happened near Forest Hills and Harlem.

A vehicle has reportedly crashed into a pole near this intersection.

Injuries were being reported.  It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at the time of posting this.

You may want to avoid the area for awhile, or expect delays.

Video and photos by RS sources


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run In Rockford/Loves Park


This is just one of many reasons why people should invest into getting a dash camera for their vehicles!

Around 11:30 am this morning a black vehicle was traveling eastbound on E Riverside when it ran the red light, just West of Mulford.

A SUV was headed northbound at the intersection and gotten the green light. They were turning westbound onto E Riverside.

The two vehicles collided.

The driver of the SUV then fled the scene westbound on E Riverside. The driver of the black vehicle pulled off into the parking lot.

It appeared no injuries.

Unknown why the driver of the black vehicle ran the red light.



Rockford Scanner™: Mountain Lion Sighting In The Area


Sources are reporting a possible cougar (Mountain Lion) sighting in the area. 

We have gotten several reports saying 97 ZOK posted about a cougar that was spotted near Beaver Valley and Squaw Prairie.

They had a photo on their site, but it has since been removed.

You can read about it at 

Side note:  There have been unconfirmed of reports of a mountain lion at Rock Cut for awhile now.  The most recent was about 2 weeks ago on the East side of the park. A man was walking along a trail on the East side of the park and he came across it. The man said the mountain lion came out of the brush and onto the trail he was on.  He said that it posed no harm to him. The man and the mountain lion were both startled and the mountain lion took off in one direction while he fled in the other direction.



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle On Fire in Loves Park


Reports of a fully engulfed vehicle in Loves Park. 

It happened around 2:45 pm today in the 5100 block of Pebble ln. 

A vehicle is reported to be fully engulfed near this location. 

No injuries have been reported.  

The cause of the fire is under investigation



Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident With Injuries in Loves Park

Sources are reporting a motorcycle accident in Loves Park. 

It happened a little after 7 pm, on N Alpine just North of Maple.

It appears the motorcycle was traveling in the northbound lanes of traffic when the accident happened. There is a pool of fluid (unknown type of fluid) in the roadway, just North of Maple.

The motorcyclist was laying on the ground for awhile according to witnesses. Injuries were reported, we have been told non life threatening injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident in Loves Park

Around 10 pm tonight, several emergency personnel were on scene of a motorcycle accident in Loves Park. 

It happened on E Riverside, west of N Second st. 

Injuries were being reported.
Sounds like they were non life threatening injuries according to witnesses. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: 2 Death Investigations In The Area

Sources are reporting 2 death investigations in the area.

They both happened around 1:30 pm today.

The first one was in the 500 block of Theodore in Loves Park.  One person was reportedly found dead inside a vehicle near this location.

The other one was found in the 500 block of N Main inside an apartment.

The causes of these deaths are under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Weird Object Skies In The Sky In Machesney Park

Source Brandon Guerra sent us this video.

It happened last night near Target on West ln in Machesney Park.

He filmed an object in the sky, unknown what it was.

He said there was no noise  and when he drove towards it and it went dark and vanished.  When we asked him what he thought it may have been or if it was a drone. He responded and said he did not think it was a drone and had no idea what it was.

Watch the video until the end.

Did you see this object also?
Do you know what it was?

If so, contact us at



Rockford Scanner™: Fire Inside A Residence in loves Park


Around 10:20 am this morning several emergency personnel were responding to a fire inside a residence in Loves Park. 

It happened on Broadcast Parkway.

A stove inside the residence is on fire.  No injuries were reported. They were evacuating the residence.  Several emergency personnel on scene.



Rockford Scanner™: Several Accidents In The Area

Sources are reporting a couple of bad accidents in the area. 

The first one happened near Kingston. A vehicle rolled over. Unknown on injuries.

The next one happened at Springfield and W State. Multiple injuries were being reported at this scene. The third scene happened near Riverside and Perryville. At least 2 ambulances were on scene.

The cause of these accidents are under investigation.

Photos by RS sources