Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident, Vehicle On Fire With People Trapped


Sources are reporting a very serious accident on the west side.

A vehicle has rolled over near Stanley and Green on Rockford Westside.

Reports of the vehicle is on fire and people are possibly trapped and multiple injuries are being reported.

Numerous emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

This is still developing

Update:  multiple injuries are reported. The vehicles rolled over but is not on fire. No extrication is needed because everybody was able to escape the vehicle.


Rockford Scanner™: Residential Structure Fire in Rockford


4110 7th Street for a residential structure fire. The first engine on scene is pulling a hose line.

Initial reports are smoke throughout the building.

Dryer fire confined to basement. No injuries.



Rockford Scanner™: VIDEO: Fire In Rockford


Sources are reporting a fire in Rockford. 

Earlier today a vehicle caught fire near 35th st in Rockford.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fire At A Local Starbucks

Sources are reporting a scene at a local Starbucks. 

It happened around 9 pm at the Starbucks near Riverside and Forest Hills.

Reports of the business being evacuated and a possible fire in the back of the business.  Several emergency personnel are on scene.

Photos by RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle on fire in Rockford



Several sources are reporting a vehicle on fire on Rockford Eastside.

It happened in the area of 11th St. and Sandy Hollow.

A vehicle possibly a van was on fire near this location.

Unknown on injuries at this time. The cause of the fire is under investigation

Alicia L


Jennifer Gould Onsgard


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fire in Downtown Rockford


We got a report that there was a possible fire at the Happy Wok near downtown Rockford.  

Source said there was a possible fire.

Only one report on it.

No other information at this time.


Rockford Scanner™: Explosion Inside A Loves Park Residence, Several Emergency personnel En Route

Update from the LPFD:
Around 2:55 pm Loves Park fire was dispatched to a house explosion.

No explosion occurred but there was a trailer fire. The fire was controlled in about 10 min.

Once the fire was controlled an interior search was done and 4 pets were recovered.

2 alive 2 deceased.

Per Asst. Chief Conley, a gas explosion has been ruled out.


Reports of an explosion inside a residence in loves park around 3 pm today. It happened around 2:55 pm today near 5012 Cobblestone
(In Forest Hills Village) 

Reports of an explosion inside a residence in the 500 block of Cobblestone. 

Reports of an explosion then smoke and flames were visible coming from the residence.  Unknown on the cause of the possible explosion. 

No reports of injuries at the time of writing this. 

Several emergency personnel from LPFD and NPFD are en route. 

UPDATE: No flames are visible, but smoke is showing from the front door. They are hearing animals inside the residence. unknown if it is occupied.

UPDATE #2:  Animals have been rescued, reports of 2 of them did not make it (Unconfirmed). No humans injured or killed. The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

Update #3 Linnea  said “Only 1 out of 4 dogs survived the fire.😭😭those were my babies!” 

Still developing. 




Rockford Scanner™: Explosion Near Cherry Valley, Injuries Being Reported


Details are minimal right now. 

Reports of an explosion and something on fire near the 6700 block of Harrison ave in Cherry Valley. 

Reports of at least one person injured, possible multiple victims. 

Still developing

Update from Kevin Russell
I live right next door, teenagers were having a bonfire and the gas can exploded. I’m the one that called nine-one-one. The house sits right in front of The Rock Church “


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Structure Fire in Rockford/Loves Park

Sources are reporting a possible structure fire

It happened just before 10 pm in the 5700 block of Forest Hills rd.

Reports of smoke coming from the back of the building.

Several emergency personnel are en route. Still developing.

UPDATE: Situation under control, possible food on the stove.

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Rockford Scanner™: House Fire Call Near Rockton/Roscoe, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a house fire near Roscoe/Rockton.

It happened around 2 pm in the 700 block of Bayfield.

Reports of a house on fire near this location.

Several emergency personnel are en route.

Still developing.


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