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Welcome to Rickie’s Corner.

On this page I will keep you updated with changes and stuff going on behind the scenes with Rockford Scanner. 

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UPDATE 11/8/2019

Welcome to Rickie’s corner. This is where I like to post the updates about this website and other things. I update this periodically so I encourage everybody to visit this page often.

As you probably noticed we had change the server and change the layout of the website. Overall it went pretty smoothly, but as expected there’s a few hiccups. Some of them are out of our control. The DNS propagation is the main thing at the moment. Some of you will not be able to visit the website properly and get the old content, until the DNS propagation finalizes. It is weird how it works but to put a long story short, you can be visiting the new website from your house and your neighbor across the street at the same time will be visiting our site and you will have the new site in your neighbor will have the old site. Basically you have to wait for the Internet to catch up to the server. Most are able to view the website properly right now, but there are some that are still having the issue of visiting the old site. So I do ask that you please bear with us in the meantime. It is out of our control and it should be fixed shortly.

We have added the maps to the website again. Those will be at the very bottom of each article when possible. So be sure to scroll down on each article to view the map of the location of the incident that the article is referring to. We took it off a while back ago due to it being a resource hog on the server. But we upgraded the server and everything is working great. So the maps are back on the website again!

We change the layout of the website. I went with a more responsive look. Which means it loads faster for everybody. You used to be able to see the content as you scroll down our website. But that was making the load times slower for the website. So now I made it to when you scroll down that you will see the title and a brief description, and you will have to click on read more. The website loads way faster now and looks better. I will be adding some stuff on the sidebars in the near future. If you want to put an ad on the sidebar contact me as soon as possible. I’m going to try to work on the header a bit, but in a way I kinda like it how it is.

The most exciting part about the new change is the FOIA pages. I have recently updated the FOIA pages. So please take a few minutes and check that out! I have added the approvals and denials. I am still currently updating everything so not everything is on there as of yet. But there is a lot more content on there now than there was not too long ago. Like I said I added the approvals and denials along with the documents. You will need a PDF viewer to view the documents. Be sure to bookmark the FOIA page and check that often because I plan on updating it quite a bit.

I want to take a second and personally say thank you to each and every one of you for being fans and following us. Also for sending us tips and content on information that you know and see. You guys are phenomenal and I cannot say thank you enough, much appreciated! Keep up the amazing work!