Rickie’s Corner

Welcome to Rickie’s corner. This is where I like to post the updates about this website and other things.
I update this periodically so I encourage everybody to visit this page often.

It has been a few since I last did an update.  So I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on things.  

  • We are going back to our old roots and posting police scanner related information.  (Scanners, how to program them, reviews, etc…) 
  • We are filing several Freedom Of Information Act requests. 
     Be sure to follow the progress on them at ~ CLICK HERE
  • Speaking of FOIA, we are now making our requests public. So that way everyone knows what we filed on, and the results. We encourage transparency! 
  • Going to focus more on the scanner aspect of things. Scanner reviews, what you can and can’t do with the scanner, etc…
    Going back to some of our roots, bringing back the scanner hobby! 
  • Focus on having  events advertise on our website. And RS working the events. (More positive news) 
  • We brought back the date on the articles. Many requested that we do so. 
  • Plan on writing several editorials in the future.    Focusing on that aspect of the site as well. 
  • At some point, we are going to ask for donations to offset the cost on some of the expenses. We currently have the donation page up and running, but we are going to promote it some. I was against this for a long time (promoting it)  but some of the expenses are becoming to much. 
    If you enjoy our website, please help support us and donate some. Every little bit helps! 
  • We are in the works of creating an either weekly or monthly promotion. Details on that later on. 
  • We may need to bring on some new volunteers onto our team.  If you are interested ~ CLICK HERE

I want to take a second and say thank you to everyone who has sent in their tips and content, keep up the amazing work!