Suspects Flee From police, Officers Terminate After It Goes Into Oncoming Traffic Lane

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Around 3:24 am this morning Winnebago County officers were chasing a Cadillac. The suspect is wanted on multiple warrants. .  They are chasing the vehicle southbound on Arnold. Officers are chasing it now westbound on Newburg. Still developing

Update: The suspect went into the oncoming traffic and officers terminated the chase. Last seen near Broadway



RS Fans Reporting Shooting & Home Invasion in Rockford


On 11-30-16, at 2:51 PM, the Rockford Police Department responded to a residence in the 2800 block of Echo Street in regards to a subject that had been shot during the course of a home invasion.  Upon arrival officers found a subject suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body.  He was transported to a local hospital for treatment.  The initial investigation revealed two supects forced their way into the residence and a struggled took place with the victim.  During the course of the struggle one of the suspects shot the victim and then both suspects subsequently fled the area on foot.  The suspects are both desribed as black males armed with handguns.

At the time of this post no additonal details were available.

Several fans have contacted us and said there was a home invasion and shooting in the Orton Keyes off of Kishwaukee.

Rockford police are encrypted, and they have yet to release any information.

Keep up the good work sending in the information

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Vehicle crashes into a tree, Driver is slumped over



Around 1 AM this morning several emergency personnel were dispatched to the area of 10709 Grange Hall rd.

Scanner traffic is saying a vehicle has crashed into a tree and the driver is slumped over.

Injuries were being reported but not yet known on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation



Vehicle Fled From police And Crashes, Suspect Has Very Serious Injuries


Scanner Audio Of the Call

DR Kevin Gander Fatal Accident Caught On VideoVideo
Credit: RS FAN

Watch it on Rockford Scanner Youtube channel

Update: The victim is 51-year-old Kevin Gander from Winnebago.

From our friends at Gander was also a well-known physician in the Rockford area.   He worked for OSF Medical Group at the office on Spring Creek.  OSF released a statement saying: “Our OSF colleague and physician, Dr. Kevin Gander was well-liked by his patients.  He will be missed by his OSF family and we offer Kevin’s family our deepest sympathy and prayers.”



Update: At 12:12 am they said “The coroner is advised”
Sounds like there might be more than one victim involved in the accident. One confirmed victim, unconfirmed for more.

Around 10:36 pm tonight an officer was attempting to catch up to a vehicle near Auburn st. The vehicle is a Black Chrysler 200. The officer stopped chasing the vehicle. A short time later it crashed through a fence. Sounds like the injuries are life threatening, the officer said he was calling the dispatcher with the extent of the injuries. Possible fatal, but not confirmed. They are requesting the crime scene unit.  It crashed near Weldon. Still developing.

Updates: Weldon rd and Winnebago rd, they are diverting traffic. They are trying to contact an Illinois State police Sargent, unknown why at this time.


Credit: WREX

Credit: WREX

Mysterious Loud Noise in The Rockford & Surrounding Areas

UPDATE: There is NO confirmation yet on the actual source. 

It is believed to be sonic booms. Probably from the military.

This same noise and vibration was felt literally all the way across the nation. Reports are coming in on the internet that people in San Jose all the way across to the east coast in the Carolinas, experienced the same thing. Still no official cause on the source.

“At this point, we’re pretty confident it’s not an earthquake,” said Carl Barnes, a meteorologist with the weather service. “Unfortunately, we really can’t say with any confidence what it was. … If it is military testing, which is certainly a possibility, they don’t let us know.”

Below are some possible theories on what may have caused it. But there has been no official confirmation on the source yet 


Update: Unknown if it is related, but there was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake around the same time frame, that happened 26 miles SE of Smith Center, Kansas

2016-11-16 17:58:48 UTC39.641°N   98.536°W5.0 km depth

From the USGS the earthquake registered 2.0 at 400 miles away.
Rockford area is approx. 500 miles away.This might have been what everyone felt/heard.
People are reporting they heard and felt it 3 times locally. So we can not confirm this is the source yet, but it is a possibility since people have felt this earthquake over 400 miles away. 

This morning several Rockford Scanner fans have asked us “What was that BOOM noise and had our house shaking”   Many have asked us this from Belvidere, Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves park, Roscoe, Beloit, etc…  It happened approx. 11 am. Several people are reporting they heard the boom up to 3 times. At the time of writing this, no earthquakes have been registered in our area.

It might have been a fast moving aircraft? But people said they felt it in the ground.

To early for it to freeze, but cant be ruled out.

Also the possibility of a meteorite coming through the atmosphere can’t be ruled out either.

There is a KC-135 doing touch and goes at the airport. But that is a slow moving refuel aircraft, that wouldn’t cause the “Boom”

If you have any information, please contact us at

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Another Violent Day In Rockford, Recap Of Wednesday’s Violent Day in Rockford


Below is a recap from Wednesday violent day in the Rockford area:







Rockford Scanner Fan Reporting A School Bus Accident

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RS Fan

Around 7:30 am
“Multi vehicle accident at the intersection of Dickenson Rd and Eddie Rd. 3 vehicles that I could see, a black Cadillac Sedan, white SUV, and a school bus. Cannot confirm if there were children on board the bus or not but there was another bus parked at the opposite corner that may have been called to transfer students…but again, that is just an assumption. I think it was a RPS district 205 bus.
Bus was facing west on the northeast corner, Cadillac facing east on the southeast corner, and the SUV was in a yard facing south on the southwest corner.

The second bus was facing east on the southwest corner, behind an ambulance. Several rescuers on scene, good idea to avoid the area. That area may be experiencing heavier than usual traffic due to Telegraph road closed between Winnebago Rd and Kilburn Rd”