Rockford Scanner™: Victim Stabbed in Rockford, Still Developing


Sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel were working a scene on the West side.

It happened just before 8:30 pm in the 3200 block of Auburn st, near the IT Liquor store. We have been told there was a stabbing victim.

Police have yet to confirm this or release any information. Still developing.



Rockford Scanner™: Building Falling Apart, Into The Roadway


Sources are reporting a building is falling apart into the roadway in Rockford. 

It happened around 4 pm today on 5th ave.
(Sources said the 1600 block, some are saying just East of 11th st)

Parts of a building was falling into the roadway. 

Emergency personnel and the building inspector are reported to be on scene. 

Unknown on how the building has fallen apart. 

No reports of injuries at the time of posting this. 



Rockford Scanner™: Great Deals On DVD’s At The Family Video in Rockford


RS source sent us the following:
Hey guys, I know this isn’t typically your type of news, but I felt that the general public should know.

The Family Video in Rockford on Charles St is closing down & there DVD’s are on sale, lots of great deals!.

The Family Video in LP will remain open.



Rockford Scanner™: City Bus Hits A Pedestrian


Sources are reporting a city bus has hit a pedestrian in Rockford.

It happened around 1:30 pm today in the 1000 block of Chamberlain.

Unknown on the pedestrians condition.

No other details at this time.

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Rockford


Sources are reporting an accident with injuries in Rockford. 

It happened in the area of Bell School and E State st on the East side.

Injuries were being reported. At least one victim is reporting injuries.

Emergency personnel are on scene, avoid the area.

Brian Leggero


Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident in Loves park, Multiple Ambulances On Scene

Sources are reporting a bad motorcycle accident in Loves Park.

It happened around 9 pm in the 5700 block of N Second st.

Reports of a motorcycle that was involved in an accident. Injuries were being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. Multiple ambulances were on scene. Still developing. Avoid the area.

Update:  Reports are saying a person in the Red vehicle pulled out in front of the motorcycle. The motorcycle then T-Boned the vehicle doing approx. 30 mph. A man and a child were taken to the hospital. The man has non life threatening injuries. And the 10 year old was being released from the hospital.


Rockford Scanner™: Two Accidents, One Crashes Into A House in Rockford.

Photos by RS sources

Sources are reporting two accidents.

A vehicle has crashed into a house near Broadway and 25th. An occupant of the vehicle fled the scene on foot. Police tracked the suspect to the area of East High School.


Another accident happened on Forest Hills near the exit to Loves Park.

The cause of the accidents are under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Serious Motorcycle Accident in Rockford

A 46 year-old female was seriously injured following an accident today at Broadway Street and Log Cabin. The Rockford Police Department Traffic Unit is reconstructing the crash. This is an ongoing investigation and no further information is available at this time.

At approximately 12:47 p.m. today, Rockford Police Officers responded to an accident at Broadway and Log Cabin.

A motorcycle and a car collided causing life-threatening injuries to the passenger of the motorcycle.

The 3800 to 4000 blocks of Broadway are now closed while the Rockford Police Department Accident Reconstruction team conducts an investigation.

This is an active investigation and no further information is available at this time.


Rockford Scanner™: Dead Body In Boone County

Update: Officials have identified the body that was found in Belvidere yesterday as 29-year-old Jory Jeff Ross Keller

Unknown if it is related to his death. But according to the Rockford Area Crime Stoppers, Keller was wanted for Burglary according to their website.

The chief has updated us and said the victim is a White male believed to be in his 20’s.  If you have a missing loved one that fits that description to call the police. The shots fired were unconfirmed.  Initial reports were saying there was gunfire and that is why the utility workers went to investigate, and found the body. But the chief did not confirm the gunfire. The cause of the death is under investigation, but they are treating it as a homicide at this time. They used a drone to assist in the investigation. The body was approx. 1/4 a mile off into a field/wood near Shaw rd, near Beaver Creek. Located East of Shaw rd, by the 2nd electrical pylon, approx. a 1/4 mile down the path along the trail. Close to the Beaver Creek. The area is thick with high grass and weeds approx. 6 feet high and the ground is like a swampy area, and kind of hard to navigate according to neighbors.

Sources are reporting a breaking news scene in Boone County.  It happened approx. 9:30 am this morning near Shaw and Williamsburg in Boone County

Reports are saying there was gunshots and now there is a person that is dead.

Utility employees found the body. 

Sounds like it was in the field/woods area between Shaw and Distillery rd near the Beaver Creek.

This is still developing.
No other information at this time.  

Check back later for possible updates.