Driver Crashes into Local Drivers License Building

Accident at the drivers license building in Belvidere

Rockford Scanner Fan Joe H.
“Belvidere Secretary of the state office.

Location: 425 Southtowne Dr, Belvidere, IL.

No injuries. Driver was pulling it back from the building when I left”

The cause of the accident is under investigation


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Citizen Robbed At Gunpoint On Rockford East Side

On 1/12/17 at aroud 5:45 am Rockford Police responded to the 2100 block of Guilford Rd for the report of an armed robbery to a citizen. It was reported that the victim went out to his car that he had left running to warm up. He returned to his car to leave and was robbed at gun point by an unknown suspect wearing all dark clothing and a ski mask. The suspect demanded money. The victim complied and the suspect fled on foot. No injuires were reported.
If you leave your car running unattended it becomes and easy target for thieves to steal your car. It also advertises to a potential thief that you will be retuning to your car typically momentarily and it allows the thief to lie in wait and more likely for you to become a victim.

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