Rockford Scanner™: Victim Shot In The Head in Rockford, Still Developing


UPDATE:NEW CHARGE: The suspect in custody for the deadly 6th St. shooting on Tuesday now faces a new charge. Today, the Winn. Co. State’s Attorney’s Office authorized a charge First Degree Murder. That’s in addition to the 2 counts of Attempted Murder, 1 count Agg. Battery w/ Firearm

6TH STREET SHOOTING LATEST: The 30-year-old male victim shot on Tuesday at 6th St. and E. State has died from his injuries. His name is not being released at this time. Additional charges for the suspect, Jamie Pearson, are pending review by the SA’s Office

6TH STREET SHOOTING ARREST: 28-year-old Jamie Pearson was taken into custody last night following Tuesday’s shooting on 6th St. that injured 2 people. The incident was not random. He now faces attempted murder and aggravated battery charges

Sources told us the suspect vehicle is a dark colored impala with tinted windows, damage to the driver side rear quarter panel, no hubcap on the passenger side, and no front plate. Last seen southbound on 6th st

Sources are reporting a shooting victim in Rockford. 

It happened just before 3 pm today near State and 6th st.

Reports of several shots were fired and one person was shot in the head.

A victim was reported to have been seen laying in the roadway.

Possible multiple victims but not yet confirmed.

Police have the area blocked off.

RPD has not released any information.

The suspect(s) are still roaming the streets of Rockford, police have not released any information on the incident or suspects

UPDATE: RPD released the following info: SHOOTING UPDATE: Initial investigation shows shots fired between two vehicles traveling SB on 6th near E. State. Two people struck in one vehicle – one has life-threatening injuries, unknown on other victim’s condition at this time
NOTE: A local news station is reporting this to be a fatal shooting, but not yet confirmed.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Beat And Rob Another Female in Rockford

Recently suspects have been going up and beating and robbing women in the Rockford area.  Several of these incidents have happened. And RPD has yet to release information on most of them.

Suspects come up behind and hit the female victim, then start beating on her, then rob the victim.

The most recent attack/robbery happened today. A woman was walking her dog near the Mobil gas station, just south of Auburn and Main.

2 male suspects came up and viciously beat her.  Then robbed her. They stole her backpack. She had to go to the hospital to be treated.

We have asked for RPD to release information on this incident, at the time of writing this, RPD has not released any information at all on this incident, or most of them.




Rockford Scanner™: Robbery In Rockford, Suspect Gets Away


Sources are reporting an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened on Phelps ave in Rockford.

We were told it was to a citizen, but  the address at 2819 Phelps ave is a business. So it is unclear if it was to a citizen or to the business.

Suspect is a black male, 25 years old, 6’3, wearing a hoody and fled in a Suburban.

Suspect is currently loose on the streets of Rockford.

Rockford Police have not released any information or confirmed this


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Rob & Brutally Beat A Victim in Rockford


Sources are reporting a robbery in Rockford. 

The victim was on the West side of Rockford when the suspects brutally beat and robbed the victim.

The victim then went over to the Circle K at E State and Jefferson to contact emergency personnel.

We have been told the injuries appeared to be serious but non life threatening.

RPD has yet to confirm this or release any information.



Rockford Scanner™: Victim Just Stabbed in Rockford, Possibly 2 Stabbing Victims


rockford police
Rockford PD press release

Around 12:30 pm today several emergency personnel were on scene of a stabbing in Rockford.

At least one person has been stabbed (Unconfirmed reports are saying possibly 2 victims)  in the 500 block of Cherry on Rockford’s West side. The injuries are believed to be serious via sources, but again not confirmed.

RPD has yet to confirm the scene or release any suspect information or details on the scene.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Searching For A Man Who Stole 2 Beverages

Police searching for a man that stole 2 beverages out of a vehicle in Rockford. Suspect tried to gain entrance to the victims house just prior, then fell asleep in the victims vehicle. 


Rockford Scanner™: Theft at Marshalls in Rockford

Theft at Marshalls in Rockford

The following was sent to us and asked if we could post it:
Older Lady ran out the store with a bunch of purses. She was white, heavy set, & was limping. Was wearing a baseball cap, has reddish brown hair. This is the car she got in and left. Can we possibly get some help identifying the car. (Video by RS Source)


Rockford Scanner™: Burglaries In The Rolling Green area


Sources are reporting a few burglaries on the East side. 

God forbid we say the name “Rolling Green”  Every-time we do, certain people get mad and contact us complaining about RS saying “Rolling Green”

9 different sources who live in the Rolling Green area were reporting they were burglarized recently. And wanted us to post about the burglaries so others can be informed and can keep a look out for the alleged suspects.

In this video was just one of several burglaries. This happened around 4am. 2 suspects 1 possibly heavy set, dark colored suv possibly a yukon, speakers and amp were stolen

Below is a video of the alleged suspects.


Rockford Scanner™: Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford


Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened overnight just after 3 am in the 5200 block of Linden rd.

Suspects are described as:
#1 White male, approx 16 years old, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.
#2 Black male, approx. 15 years old, wearing ared shirt, blue jeans.
Last seen in a Silver vehicle towards Alpine.