Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating A Shooting Incident In Rockford Overnight

RPD is investigating a shooting incident. 

It happened overnight in 700 block of Bruce st.

Suspects are described as the following:

#1 Black male, approx. 28 years old, short hair, goatee, 150 lbs, 6 foot, wearing a white shirt, red pants, armed with a .22 gun.

#2 Black male, approx. 26 years old, shoulder length dreadlocks, 5’8, 145 lbs, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans.




Rockford Scanner™: At Least One Shooting Victim, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a shooting. 

At least one person has been shot. We have been told a woman approx. 39-years-old was shot in the head.

There were children outside, when the shooting happened.
Children witnessed the shooting.

The victim was transported to a local ER. That ER is currently on lockdown.

It happened near Broadway and 24th.

The victims condition we have been told, is life threatening injuries.
But RPD has yet to confirm this.

When the shots rang out, there were at least 2 gunshots heard. Then someone screaming “Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God”

Teachers at the nearby daycare grabbed the children that were outside, and brought them inside to safety.

RPD has yet to release suspect information.
We have been told it is a black male, no shirt, driving a 4 door Nissan. RPD has yet to confirm this as well.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Shoot A Dog During A Raid in Rockford


Sources are reporting the local police shot and killed a dog, during a raid. It happened Thursday in the 1200 block of Ashland. 

At least one dog was shot, unconfirmed reports are saying 2 dogs. Unconfirmed reports said the dog has died. They were reported to be in a confined area, when the police shot the dog. 

The source said as soon as the police opened the door to the vehicle to conduct the raid, they shot the dog(s) immediately after opening the door to the vehicle. And were not yet even on the property, when the shots were fired. 

Unknown why the police conducted the raid.
(Possibly drugs, but not confirmed) 

One person was in handcuffs.

Source who sent us the video, provided some info in the video. Watch it below. 

  Local police have yet to release any information.
(Had to bold this, because some people don’t read. The information that is posted above, is provided by a source. We can only run the info. that IS provided to us. Police have yet to release information, if they do, we will update this) 

Video by RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Shooting On The East Side


Shooting On The East Side

Update: On Monday July 8, 2019 at about 11:50 PM Rockford Police responded to the 100 block of Vale Avenue North in reference to shots fired. Officers located spent shell casings in the roadway and learned a home in the 100 block of Vale Avenue North was struck by gunfire. This is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Rockford Police at (815) 966-2900 or Rockford Area Crimestoppers at (815) 963-STOP (7867)

Sources are reporting approx 30 gunshots were fired around midnight in the 100 block of Vale. That is off of E State st.

There are conflicting reports of injuries.   But RPD won’t confirm anything .

The supervisor at the scene told us to call the media line. We called it and no answers. Usually they tell us to look at the call logs.  We asked the supervisor if there was any injuries, he wont not confirm no r deny anything.  I asked about suspect information, again he wouldn’t say anything.  I asked if there would be a blotter, he said possibly. As of 3 am, there still is no blotter on the incident. We have called the media line, like we were directed to do so. And no answer.

So it appears as of 3 am, RPD is not going to release any information on this incident.

We saw many officers at the scene.  A crime scene unit was processing the scene. Numerous evidence markers covered the ground on the street.  Police had Vale blocked off at E State st.  E State st was still open to traffic. As of 3 am, police were still on scene.

If the RPD releases info. we will update this.


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Shoot At Random Drivers In Rockford & The Parks

Suspects Randomly Shoot At Citizens Driving Down The Road. 

We have gotten several reports recently of people minding their own business driving down the roads in Rockford and in the parks, when all of a sudden suspects shoot at them while they are driving.

The most recent shooting happened around 4 pm today near Forest Hills and Landstrom.  Keith N. was driving down the road when all of a sudden shots rang out and hitting his vehicle. Just missing his head by inches he said.

Below is a list of the recent weapons violation.  At the time of writing this, no call log was posted on this incident.


Rockford Scanner™:One Person Shot in Rockford, Still Developing


SHOOTING INVESTIGATION: RPD is on scene investigating a shooting in the area of Hunter Avenue and Broadmoor Drive.  That is located just North of the Schnucks and also the Stockholm Inn.

There is 1 confirmed shooting victim.

We have been told all the windows were shot out of the victims vehicle.

No suspect information at this time.

More info to follow as it becomes available.


Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Incident on The East Side

Sources are reporting a shooting incident on the East side.

It happened around 10th st and 20th ave.

At least 5 shots were fired.  Unknown on injuries or property damage.

No other information.



Rockford Scanner™: Unknown Scene on Jamestown

UPDATE:  Sources said this was a shooting.  RPD confirmed the shooting. We have been told there is at least one victim, possibly 2 victims. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. Sources said this may have been an accidental discharge, but not yet confirmed.

Sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel working a scene on Jamestown in Rockford. 

It is unclear exactly what has happened.

RPD has yet to release any information.

Avoid the area.

If you have any info, please contact us.

Source said “Jamestown. Saw at least five squads. One ambulance left with lights and sirens. Fire and rescue left shortly after. Cops stayed a while. Neighbors said the road was blocked off.”


Rockford Scanner™: Shots Fired During A Police Chase in Janesville

On 07-04-2019 at 11:47 p.m. Officers from the Janesville Police Department responded to a disturbance at 507 S. Academy Street. The disturbance was based on a parking dispute. When officers arrived on scene the suspect causing the disturbance had left. As soon as the officers left they were called back as the suspect returned.

The officers located the suspect on Academy Street north of Wilson Street. The Officers made a determination to arrest a subject they identified as Antonio D. Sims. As soon as the officer told him he was under arrest Sims fled. During the foot pursuit, Sims pulled a handgun from his waist band and fired three rounds in the air. He fled the area but a gun was recovered near the scene as well shell casings.

At this point Sims is not in custody. This is an ongoing investigation and we will provide updates when we have more information. The officers that chased Sims were not injured, nor did they fire their weapons.

Antonio D. Sims 39 YOA (Addresses in Illinois and Janesville)
Wanted for: Felon in Possession of a Firearm
Recklessly Endangering Safety
Obstructing/Resisting an Officer