Power outage Affecting Winnebago County


According to Comed there is several customers without power in Winnebago County. As of right now, the areas that are most affected by the power outage is near the Rockton and Shirland area. They have crews investigating. There is no estimated restore time frame.

They did say several transformers have blown.

Rockford Scanner fans are saying Spring Brook and Perryville a transformer blew up there as well.


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Several officers Searching For Missing Girl

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Around 4:45 pm today several officers were dispatched to Alice ln in reference to a missing 5 year old girl. The girl unlatched a door and is now missing. There is a bunch of wooded area near the house. The girl is 5 years old with blonde hair, unknown on clothing. Several officers en route

UPDATE: Not yet confirmed, but they may have located the girl

RS fan Josie Ostler: This is my daughter. Several area police depts came to help find her and our amazing family, friends and neighbors came to our rescue. Mommy was able to locate her asleep in the coat closet. After 2 officers had already looked, only mommy knew the coats on the floor looked suspicious;) And under the coat was a sleeping little girl. Thank you everyone for your prayers! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!