Rockford Scanner™: Robbery In Rockford, Suspect Gets Away


Sources are reporting an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened on Phelps ave in Rockford.

We were told it was to a citizen, but  the address at 2819 Phelps ave is a business. So it is unclear if it was to a citizen or to the business.

Suspect is a black male, 25 years old, 6’3, wearing a hoody and fled in a Suburban.

Suspect is currently loose on the streets of Rockford.

Rockford Police have not released any information or confirmed this


Rockford Scanner™: Accident in Rockford, Avoid the Area

Sources are reporting an accident in Rockford. 

It happened a little after 2 PM today near 11th st and Sandy Hollow. 

Initial reports were reporting injuries, but then after emergency personnel arrived on scene they refused medical. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

Photos by Lorenzo De Santiago, Video by RS source



Rockford Scanner™: A good Samaritan saves a man from a burning vehicle in Rockford

A good Samaritan saves a man from a burning vehicle in Rockford.

It happened on 1st st in Rockford around 2:30 am this morning.

RS Source Shawn A. said he heard a vehicle that was revving its engine. The vehicle then caught on fire. He saw the brake lights on, so he knew the vehicle was occupied. The male victim inside the car was screaming for help. Shawn broke out the window of the vehicle and was able to successfully rescue the man inside the burning car.  The man was transported a nearby hospital, for evaluation.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Kaseniya Kaseniya said:  “South first st. The guy in the car fell asleep with his foot on the the gas peddle. The doors were locked and there was the smoke inside and out, also car was about to explode so guys had to bust the window fest to get him out and so one of the guys got his arm injured. The “victim” walked away mad about his vehicle without injuries. Few more min and all the cars around would be damaged from the explosion”

Note:   While I was working the scene, the Rockford Police came rushing to the scene with lights and sirens, after the fire was already extinguished.  So it is unknown if something else happened at the scene, that I am unaware of.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Pedestrians Hit Overnight. One Scene Took The Life Of A Teenage Boy

Several pedestrians were struck by vehicles overnight in the area.

#1  FATAL ACCIDENT THAT KILLED A TEEN: A pedestrian was hit  and killed in Loves Park. Details at

#2 FEMALE HIT BY A VAN: On Springfield ave, in the westbound lanes between Prairie and the Lowes Distribution Center.   Sources said a vehicle hit a female in the westbound lanes.  We were originally told the vehicle involved was a 1st responder vehicle. I worked the scene, and I did not see any indication that it was. So that is not confirmed. I did see a dark colored van with a stripe along the side of it, and a few antennas on it, that had front driver side damage to it.  Behind that vehicle was several evidence markers in the roadway and police talking to a male.  Police had the westbound lanes of traffic blocked off, while investigating.  It is not yet known on the severity of the females injuries. I have been told they were serious, but police have yet to confirm this. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

#3 Parmele and 15th, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. Not a lot of information is available about this scene, other than a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle and the vehicle fled the scene.

The cause of the accidents are under investigation.   Police have not yet released any information on any of these scenes. Winnebago County Coroners office has released information on #1, the teen that was killed in Loves Park. We will provides updates as they become available.




Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Was Struck By A Vehicle in Loves Park, Possible Fatal

UPDATE: Confirmed fatal

Several sources were reporting a very serious accident in Loves Park. 

It happened on E Riverside near Renn Hart Hills, around 1 am

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.   

RS Source Joseph D. said a male subject (possibly a teen) was struck by 2 vehicles and killed. 

He said the young teen only had on pajamas, no shoes or shirt. 

He said the 2 vehicles did not stop, so this is an alleged fatal hit & run 

The police had the area blocked off from Hiatt to what appeared to be Pebble Creek.   

The pedestrian was struck by the vehicles in the west bound lanes of traffic in the 1800 block of E Riverside, near Renn Hart Hills.

 Police have yet to confirm this. 


Rockford Scanner™: Fire In Machesney Park

Around 12:30 am this morning several emergency personnel were on scene of a fire in Machesney park. 

It happened on Shappert Drive, just west of N Second st.

It was originally reported as a structure fire call.  When I arrived on scene it appeared to be a vehicle that was on fire.  It may have extended to the structure, but not confirmed. Emergency personnel were able to quickly get the fire under control.  No reports of injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The vehicle had some writing on it, it appeared to say that it was from a landscaping business, but not confirmed.

I saw on one of the vehicles a name that said Landscaping Unlimited. A source sent me the following. It is not confirmed this was the business. It was either at or very close to this business

Update: Carlos Flores Lcu properties I work there”


Rockford Scanner™: 4 Suspects Beat & Rob A Victim in Rockford

Sources are reporting a violent scene in Rockford.

A victim was beaten by 4 black male suspects near Charles and Peter ave in Rockford. The suspects then robbed the victim then fled the scene.

At least was armed with a gun, possibly all 4 of them

Suspects got away and are currently on the loose in the streets of Rockford.

ROD has yet to release any information on this



Rockford Scanner™:Shooting in Rockford, Police Investigating


Several sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel were working a scene a little after 6 pm today near Auburn and Central.  

Sources said several gunshots were fired and at least one person was struck by the gunfire.  It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries.

We have been told it is possible life threatening, but police have not confirmed anything or released any information. No suspect information. 



Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident With Injuries, And Several Other Accidents

Sources are reporting several accidents:

  • A motorcycle accident with injuries near Guilford and Mulford
  • Pedestrian hit by a vehicle near the 8800 block of E Riverside (Sounds like a very serious accident)
  • Jefferson and 1st
  • 173 and 251