Rockford Scanner™: Medical Helicopter Working A Scene Near Genoa

Sources are reporting a scene near Genoa.  The medical helicopter from Rockford has landed in a field Southwest corner of Middleton Street and Forest Lane in Genoa Illinois and picked up the victim. Unconfirmed reports are saying a person may have fell and has a serious head injury and needed a medical helicopter for transport to a local ER.  Photos and video by Jared Cornwell. 


Rockford Scanner™: Teen Hit By A Vehicle In Loves Park


Sources are reporting a teen has been hit by a vehicle in Loves Park.  It happened around 3:40 pm today in the 7900 block of Forest Hills, near the Forest Hills Village. A teen was hit by a vehicle near this location. The teen is saying they are fine, but they still want medical to check them out. 



Rockford Scanner™: Fire Inside A Rockford Apartment, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a fire inside a Rockford apartment. 

It happened around 2:40 pm today at 336 Dawn ave in apartment C. 

Reports of an oven that is on fire inside the apartment. It was a grease fire inside the oven that is now starting to spread outside the oven. 

Several units from the RFD are en route.  

No injuries have been reported. 

UPDATE: RFD arrived on scene quickly and was able to get the situation under control. No injuries.


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run With Injuries in Rockford


Sources are reporting a hit and run accident in Rockford. 

It happened around 2:30 pm today near Church and Reynolds.

Injuries were being reported, possible non life threatening but not yet confirmed.

Police have not released any information on the suspect vehicle.




Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting incident in Rockford, Possible Shooting Victim


Sources are reporting another shooting incident in Rockford. 

This one happened in the 1100 block of Lincoln ave in Rockford around 7:30 am this morning.  We have been told there might be 1 shooting victim, but police have not yet confirmed this. We can confirm via the call logs, that there was a weapons violation call near this location at that time. And in the past the police have labeled shooting victim calls, as weapons violations.  If the police do release information on this, we will update this.

Other shooting incidents in Rockford in the last 24 hours ~


Rockford Scanner™: Shooting, Weapons Violations, In Progress Person, Accidents – Overnight in Rockford


Video by RS source of the weapons violation call on Pierce ave

  • Weapons violation at 21:03 at 5700 Tasselbury Clos
  • Weapons violation at 21:16 at  4623 E State Street
  • Weapons violation at 19:40 at 3815 Pepper
  • Weapons violation at Creekview and Eastlawn
  • Weapons violation at 2312 Pierce ave at 22:23
  • Weapons Violation/Possible shooting victim at Acorn and Lee at 21:26
  • In person progress at 20:01 at 715 Broadway
  • In progress person at 22:03 at 1522 Horsman
  • In progress person at 16:23 at 2823 Silent Wood Trail
  • Accident with injuries at 12:40 am at Broadway & 7th st (Photo below)
  • N Main and Old River Road, unknown on injuries
  • Accident with injuries on I-90 near E State st
  •  Charles and Gardiner,  Over Dose
  • Over dose at 7140 Harrison Ave

Sources: RS sources and RPD call log



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fatal Accident, Motorcycle vs Child Near Roscoe/Machesney Park


Confirmed fatal.  A man has passed away. The child is expected to be OK. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Sources are reporting a possible fatal accident near Roscoe/Machesney Park area. 

It happened around 7 pm near 251 and Prairie ln. 

That is near the 251 and Forest Hills area.

An accident involving a motorcycle and a child. 

One of the victims, they are doing CPR on. 

At least 2 ambulances are on scene. 

Avoid the area for several hours.  

This is a very serious accident. 

RS Source said: ” motorcycle accident was a dad and his 15 yr old daughter in the back. They hit a parked vehicle and they skidded down the street. Father was deceased before ambo left scene”


Rockford Scanner™: Stabbing Victim Near New Milford/Rockford

Update: The victim was not stabbed at this location. But stopped here to seek help. 

Angela Balice:  Someone was stabbed and then came to the store to get help”

Sources are reporting a stabbing in Rockford. 

It happened this morning at 6638 11th st.
Google shows this to be the Rockford Liquidation Warehouse.

Details are minimal right now. The only information that was provided to us was one person was found stabbed at this location around 9 am this morning.

We have been told both life threatening and also non life threatening injuries. So it is unclear on the severity of the injuries at this time.

No suspect information.

If RPD releases information, we will update this.

Update: RPD call log confirmed a stabbing call, but RPD has not yet released any information on the incident


Rockford Scanner™: Scene on the West side

Sources are reporting a scene on the west side. It happened around 3:30 PM today near Loomis and Court.

Unknown exactly what happened right now. Sources said approx 8 police officers were on scene and a vehicle had crashed into a yard of a nearby residence.

I did go work the scene but by the time I had got there only one officer was at the scene and the tow truck was picking up the vehicle.

If RPD releases information we will update this.


Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting 12 Shooting Scenes in The Last 12 Hours


Sources are reporting a few shooting scenes in the Rockford and surrounding areas in the last 12 hours. There are reports of at least 2 shooting victims. Local police have not released any information yet, check back later for possible updates. 

  • 600 block of Albert
  • 4800 block of Flintridge
  • 7400 block of E State st
  • 2600 block of Broadmoor
  • School st and Springfield ave
  • 300 block of S Henrietta
  • State and Elm
  • 12th st and 5th ave
  • Sinnissippi Park just North of Auburn st
  • 2900 block of Searles
  • Elida and Cunningham
  • 1300 block of Dearborn