Rockford Scanner™: 2 Different accident scenes this morning, Multiple injuries

Sources are reporting 2 different accident scenes this morning.

#1  State and Longwood.  There is an accident with multiple injuries being reported. At least 3 ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

#2 Alpine and Sandy Hollow.   There is an accident near this intersection. The vehicles involved pulled over into a nearby parking lot. 1 Injury is being reported



Rockford Scanner™: Accident in Rockford, Avoid the Area

Sources are reporting an accident in Rockford. 

It happened a little after 2 PM today near 11th st and Sandy Hollow. 

Initial reports were reporting injuries, but then after emergency personnel arrived on scene they refused medical. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

Photos by Lorenzo De Santiago, Video by RS source



Rockford Scanner™: 2 Scenes in Rockford, Possible Serious Incident

Unknown if these 2 scenes are the same or related.

Sources have told us there is a very serious (possibly a fatal) accident on Sandy Hollow near 11th st.  But police have not confirmed this. We can confirm there are numerous emergency personnel on scene and the area is blocked off. So you want to avoid the area for awhile.

Around the same time there was reports of a man down at 11th and Samuelson, that might of been an overdose victim.



Rockford Scanner™: Mobile Home On Fire in Rockford


Fully involved mobile home fire 1400 Sandy Hollow. First company on scene is pulling a hose line. They are also reporting exposure issues.

UPDATE: 1400 Sandy Hollow Road. Fire is under control. Primary and Secondary searches are complete. Working on overhaul and extinguishing hot spots



Rockford Scanner™: Man Pinned Between 2 Trucks

Sources are reporting an accident involving a pedestrian. 

It happened around 6 pm today near the 4600 block of Sandy Hollow.

Initial reports is reporting a man is pinned between two trucks in the rear lot near this location. 

The victim was able to get free, but is injured. 

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase, Police Perimeter Setup in Rockford


Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

There was a police chase. The suspect got out of the vehicle near Sandy Hollow and Potter. That is just East of 11th st. Numerous police officers are in the area setting up a perimeter and searching for the suspect.



Rockford Scanner™: Victim Severely Beaten During A Home Invasion in Rockford


Sources are reporting a home invasion and a victim was severely beaten during the home invasion. 

It happened near 2424 Whale ave in Rockford.
That is near 20th and Sandy Hollow.

Suspects are 2 females. One is named Tiffany, 5’7 175 lbs, brown hair, black shirt, dark pants. The other is a black female wearing dark clothing.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle on fire in Rockford



Several sources are reporting a vehicle on fire on Rockford Eastside.

It happened in the area of 11th St. and Sandy Hollow.

A vehicle possibly a van was on fire near this location.

Unknown on injuries at this time. The cause of the fire is under investigation

Alicia L


Jennifer Gould Onsgard


Rockford Scanner™: Driver Takes Out A Utility pole With Their Truck


Sources are reporting an accident in Rockford. 

A driver in a truck has crashed and taken out a utility pole near Sandy Hollow.

Reports of the driver has fled the scene, but as you know the local police are encrypted so that is not confirmed. Unknown on injuries.


Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With possible Extrication

Sources are reporting a rollover accident in Rockford.

It happened just before 3 AM this morning the American and Sandy Hollow.

A vehicle has rolled over in the nearby ditch. Possible extrication is needed.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries at this time.

The cause of the accident is under investigation