Rockford Airport New Cargo & Expansions, Many Great Things To Come!

    Rockford Airport (KRFD)   is booming with business and expanding rapidly these days.  They have ABX daily cargo service that flies in and out of RFD now. Also they have Air Transport International as well.   They are expanding the Rockford Airport … Continue reading →

Update on Few Calls Some Fans Were Asking About Earlier Today

Several Rockford Scanner fans were asking about some calls that happened earlier today. #1 Crusader Clinic, there was a fire alarm. Someone burnt some food and set off the fire alarms. #2 Out by the airport near Falcon Rd, some … Continue reading →

KC-135 At The Rockford Airport

  Several Rockford Scanner fans have contacted us and said there is a large plane that is circling the area. This is a KC-135.  They fly into the Rockford Airport (KRFD)  and practice doing touch and go’s on the Rockford … Continue reading →