Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle in Rockford


Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

It happened around 8:15 pm tonight near E State and 2nd.

A male pedestrian was hit by a vehicle near this location.

Injuries were being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

Unknown if the vehicle stayed on scene or fled.

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident in Rockford, Avoid The Area

UPDATE: Sources said  the vehicle allegedly hit another vehicle in the Mcdonalds parking lot, then fled the scene. While fleeing they crashed into a pole and the person was ejected from the vehicle. The person appeared to be a white female approx her mid 30’s was laying in the roadway approx. 15 feet from the vehicle not moving.  And another person inside the vehicle  (a male) was thrown into the backseat of the vehicle and was screaming for help.  Video by a source LayLow Fuentes. Viewer discretion is advised


Sources are reporting a very serious accident in Rockford. It happened around 5 am near S Main and 15th ave. 

Reports of a serious accident near this location.  Injuries were being reported. Possible life threatening injuries.

RPD has told the citizens to avoid the area for awhile.  They have the area blocked off while investigating.

This is still developing, check back later for possible updates. 



Rockford Scanner™: Fully Engulfed House Fire in Rockford, Still Developing


Reports of a fully engulfed house fire in Rockford.

It happened around 2:30 am this morning near 130 Lakin Terrace

Rockford Fire Department arrived on scene and confirmed heavy smoke and fire on the Charlie side.
Unknown if it is occupied.  No reports of injuries.
Power lines are reported to be involved.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Update on Lakin Terrace Fire: all residents are safe, no injuries. Fire is under control.


Still developing.



Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident At The Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout

Sources are reporting a serious accident at the Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout. 

A White vehicle has crashed into a pole near the NE corner of the Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout (Auburn & Main)

A female was injured and was unconscious and trapped under the dash of the vehicle. Extrication was needed to get her out of the vehicle.

An empty car seat was inside the vehicle, so emergency personnel are unsure if a small child was in the vehicle or not. They were searching the area.

RFD was able to get the female victim out of the vehicle and transported her to a local E.R.,  she was alive   but has life threatening injuries according to officials.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Video below by Freeman


Photos below by RS source Kristin Ballard

Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a scene on the West side


Sources are reporting a scene on the West side. 

It happened around 10:30 pm near Auburn and Ridge.

Reports of an accident with people arguing.

And possibly a vehicle that is involved in the accident is reported to be on fire.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

Still developing.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Apartment Fire, Several Officers En Route

Sources are reporting a possible fire at an apartment complex in the 3300 block of Sablewood around 12:30 am.

Reports of a fire inside the apartment. Residents were evacuating.

Rockford FD is on scene, asking for the Rockford Police to be en route., Several officers and a police Sargent are en route. it is not yet known why the RFD requested the police. But several officers are en route to this scene.

RFD investigator is also en route.

Photos by Jennifer Salinas.  She also said it appears one person may have been arrested. And that the police were requested for a fight.


Rockford Scanner™: Fight At A Rockford Bar, One Victim Transported To The ER

Sources are reporting a fight at a Rockford bar. El Navegante Bar

It happened near 15th ave and Orange, on Rockford’s East side just before 2 am this morning.

One confirmed battery victim. A male approx. 51 years old had facial lacerations and was transported to a local ER.

Unknown on suspect information at this time.

RPD has not released any details on this incident.


Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire in Rockford


Sources are reporting a structure fire in Rockford. 

It happened around 1:20 am this morning near the 3200 block of Parkside.

Reports of a detached garage that is on fire.

No reports of injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Extrication in Rockford


Sources are reporting a rollover accident with extrication needed. It happened around 3 am near Avon and Blaisdell. 

A vehicle has rolled over. Injuries were being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

Initial reports are saying at least one person was trapped inside the vehicle and extrication was needed. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation. 



Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting another bad accident


Sources are reporting another bad accident. 

This one is near S Main and Springfield.

There is an auto accident with injuries.

Possible extrication is needed to cut someone out of a vehicle.

Avoid the area for awhile, or expect delays