Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting several accidents

RS Source G.H. Alpine & Larson Scene

Sources are reporting several accidents:

  1. Bridge and 251
  2. Alpine and Larson
  3. Perryville and State
  4. By Walmart on W Riverside
  5. I-39 near MM 122 (See our website)
  6. I-90 in the EB lanes near MM 16




Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Loves Park, Possible Rollover

Sources are reporting a bad accident in Loves Park.

It happened around 7:45 pm tonight near Perryville and Rock Valley Parkway.

Reports of an accident that involves at least 3 vehicles.

One of the vehicles may have rolled over.

Injuries were being reported.

Avoid the area


Rockford Scanner™: Semi Accident Near Cherry Valley

Sources are reporting a traffic incident involving a semi near Cherry Valley.   It happened near Mill rd.  

It appears a semi went off the roadway near this location, causing a traffic backup in the area for awhile. It is unknown why the semi went off the roadway.  No other information is available.

Photos by Admin Will and Julian Song


Rockford Scanner™: Another Accident With Injuries in Rockford, Avoid The Area

Another Accident With Injuries in Rockford.

It happened around 3:45 pm near Perryville and Newburg.

Injuries were being reported.  At least one person was reporting non life threatening injuries.  The accident is causing traffic delays, so avoid the area.



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Multiple Injuries, Avoid The Area

Sources are reporting an accident with multiple injuries. 

It happened around 2:20 pm today near Perryville and Argus. 

Reports of an accident with multiple injuries being reported. At least 2 ambulances are on scene. The accident is causing traffic delays in the area, avoid the area. The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

Jessica Davis


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries On The East Side


Sources are reporting an auto accident. 

It happened this after noon near Perryville and Spring Brook.

Injuries were being reported. Non life threatening injuries sources are reporting, but not yet confirmed.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Bicycle accident in Rockford


Earlier today around 7:30 pm a bicyclist crashed on Perryville.  The bicyclist was injured.  It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at this time.  A source sent us this dash camera video of the scene.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Bad motorcycle Accident in Rockford, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a bad motorcycle accident in Rockford.

It happened around midnight near Perryville and Spring Creek.

Injuries were being reported. Sources that are near the scene said it appears to be serious. Police have yet to confirm this. Avoid the area.



Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Woman Has Been Arrested For Burglarizing Vehicles At A Local Business


RS Source sent us the following in reference to a possible burglary suspect at a local grocery store: 

”  Unsure of who she is. But I was leaving work today, when a few customers gathered by my vehicle caught my attention. They told me “there’s a girl hiding in the weeds down there” my first instinct was a child. So I got more detail and apparently this lady was caught going from car to car in Meijer parking lot stealing. Once I was told they caught her and she is hiding I started recording. I will be sending that footage as well. It has now been confirmed that she has been arrested. Unsure of what was taken out of the vehicles she had taken over $500 worth from Meijer prior to going into the vehicles. They were able to catch and arrest her this afternoon! ”



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries Near Perryville

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries in Loves Park/Machesney Park this afternoon.   It happened near Perryville and 173.

HRFD: ”  Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters responded to a 3-vehicle accident on Perryville Rd. and Hwy 173. One driver was transported to the hospital by Harlem-Roscoe Ambulance.”