Another Person Stabbed In Rockford



Around 7:19 pm tonight the Rockford Fire Department were dispatched to an address on Broadway. Sounds like the 1000 block of Broadway, but not confirmed yet. At Off The Top Barber Shop
Scanner traffic is minimal only saying there is a stabbing victim near this location. The victim is at a barber shop. The victim has been stabbed in the stomach area. He has lost consciousness

UPDATE: The victim has been stabbed many times in the chest and stomach area.  The vitals on the victim are very weak. They have called everyone available at the ER to be ready. The victim was transported to a local ER. The victim is a male around 40 years old.  The injuries are life threatening.

Sounds like the stabbing happened at a different location, and the victim walked into the barber shop, to seek help.

No suspect information, due to RPD being encrypted……..

Rockford police are encrypted, so no information from them


On Saturday, December 03, 2016 around 1915 hours Rockford Police Officers responded to Off the Top Barber Shop at 1024 Broadway in reference to a stabbing victim.  Upon arrival officers located a 48 year old black male suffering from multiple stab wounds. Rockford Fire arrived and transported the victim to an area hospital for treatment.

During the course of the investigation officers learned the stabbing occurred in an alley to the south of Broadway and 9th St.  At the time of this posting the victim was in serious condition.  No suspect information is available at this time.

Shooting Victim At Local Business, Victim Shot Multiple Times


Around 6:38 pm tonight the RFD were dispatched to 3429 N Main at Fas Mart. Scanner traffic is saying there is a male in his 20’s that has been shot. The victim is inside the store.

It is not known if the shooting happened at the store or at a different location.

The victim has been shot 3 times.

Rockford police are encrypted, so no information is available from them. 

RS FAN: What I have gathered from neighbors who were out when it happened was that there was a dispute at a house (a few neighbors suspect to be a drug house due to suspicious activity we all have seen….but didn’t want to be to snoopy.) There was a Sargent a couple blocks away and chased and captured one car. However a neighbor said she saw multiple people scatter from the area. The victim just ran to fast fuel but was actually shot in the alleyway.

On Friday, December 2, at around 6:30 p.m., Officers of the Rockford Police Department responded to the 3400 block of Louise St for an Aggravated Battery with a Firearm complaint.  Upon arrival Officers locate a 22 year-old Rockford man who had been shot several times.  The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his wounds.  No suspects were identified upon initial investigation.

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Medical Needed At A MMA Fight Event In Rockford.



Around 10 pm tonight the RFD were dispatched to the Giovannis  in Rockford. Scanner traffic is saying there is a medical related call at this location

There is a MMA fight going on there. They have a medical team on standby at the event. But still need the RFD to the scene. At the time of dispatch, it was not yet known what is going on. RFD is en route



Two Death Investigations in Rockford


Around 10:40 am this morning the RPD and RFD were investigating two different death investigation calls.

The first one was dispatched to the 4300 block of Laurie drive.

The second one was dispatched to the 2100 block of 8th st.

Note: These can be anything from medical related, natural causes, or even homicide. They are under investigation, and no information is available.

No other details at the time of writing this.





Possible Shooting Victim In Rockford



Around 6:31 AM this morning. The Rockford fire department were dispatched to the 2000 block of S. 5th St. scanner traffic is saying that there is a shooting victim at a nearby apartment.  Rockford police are encrypted so no suspect information is available at this time.  Unknown on the severity of the injuries at the time the dispatch.  This is still developing.

Update: Several shots were reported in the area. It was originally dispatched as a shooting victim, but they said it may be a “cut arm from the shooting incident”



Armed Robbery Suspects Try To Ram Officer While Fleeing in Rockford



Around 3 pm today a detective was chasing an armed robbery suspect. They are in a black cadillac with dealer plates. The suspects attempted to intentionally ram an officer while fleeing. The officers terminated the chase. Last seen near N Main and Riverside.

No other information

Update: At 3:31 pm they are asking for more officers to the area of Alidia st in Rockford. They said the vehcile pulled into a driveway at a White/Gold house. They want several officers to be en route to setup a perimeter. They want all marked squads to stay off of Alidia st. They are observing a white male with a small child walking to the vehicle. Still developing.   UPDATE: Wrong vehicle…..

Around 3:45 pm today several emergency personnel were dispatched to Bauer and N Rock. Scanner traffic is saying a witness said someone just pushed a black vehicle into the river. The vehicle is floating down the river. The suspect got into a Red vehicle and was last seen eastbound into Machesney park

At 3:52 pm today they said the vehicle is still floating down the river and is currently located in the 7800 block of Shore Drive in Machesney park. They are requesting a boat to the scene, so they can get some type of chain on it, to stop it from floating down the river more and drag it to the shoreline. It is approx. 30 yards out from the shoreline.

Suspect is a black male, approx 30 years old, 6’0, medium build, facial hair, wearing a dark hat, red hoody, and blue jeans.

NOTE: Updates posted, are delayed for officer safety


Emergency agencies begin turning OFF radio encryption in bid to ‘improve transparency



Rockford police and Winnebago County Sheriff need to read the information below.

MANY agencies are turning OFF their encryption. 

Rickie Traeger From Rockford Scanner Doing A Phone Interview With Joseph Erik Mattern with C.A.R.E. (Citizens Against Radio Encryption) on July 20th 2016


Links To The News Articles Mentioned:

Source: AP: Emergency agencies begin turning OFF radio encryption in bid to ‘improve transparency

  • Police and fire departments are bucking a trend to conceal comms
  • Say they want communications to be more open and transparent 
  • Encryption can sometimes hamper rescue efforts with multiple agencies


Some police and fire departments are bucking a trend to conceal dispatch communications from the public, acknowledging that radio encryption has the potential to backfire and put first responders in danger.

Agencies with digital radio systems have turned off the encryption to their main dispatching channels and others have decided not to turn it on.

They say their officers and firefighters may not be heard during emergencies by responders at neighboring departments with radio systems that either don’t have access to their encrypted channels or aren’t advanced enough to have encryption capability.

Officials also say they are addressing concerns from critics who argue encryption decreases police transparency at a time when it is needed, especially in the wake of shootings of unarmed black people by police officers.

‘The overwhelming opinion of encryption is that it works great for preplanned tactical environments like SWAT teams staging a situation,’ said Eddie Reyes, deputy chief of Amtrak police and chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police communications and technology committee.

‘But for day-to-day operations where officers are going across borders in emergency pursuits or foot pursuits, that’s where it tends to break down,’ he said.

‘A good number of agencies are still operating on antiquated systems and would not have the ability to accept encryption.’

When Reyes was working for Arlington, Virginia, police in 2006, he said, an officer who fatally shot a teenager outside a restaurant inadvertently switched over to encryption mode on his portable radio.

There was temporary chaos on the radio when officers en route couldn’t communicate with the officer in the shooting because their radios weren’t in encryption mode, Reyes said.

A slow trend continues toward encryption, which has been around for years.

It hides communications from public airwaves by modifying voice signals with coded algorithms, preventing people from listening via radio scanners, the internet and cellphone apps.

Only people with encryption ‘keys,’ the information needed to access the encrypted channels, can listen.

Open government advocates say the practice withholds crucial information about emergency situations from the public.

Concerns also have been raised by news organizations, which say it cuts off journalists who monitor public safety broadcasts from being alerted to major events

Police officials say they’re worried about the safety of their officers, because criminals have been known to track officers’ movements by listening to police communications.

They also say they want to prevent the public broadcasting of people’s personal information, including medical histories and juveniles’ names.

They further cite violence against officers around the country over the past few months and the response to the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, when people listening to police communications posted misleading and inaccurate information on social media.

Among police departments that have recently encrypted all communications are those in Anchorage, Alaska; Riverside, California; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Newtown, Connecticut.

‘What happened this summer really culminated in making the decision,’ Newtown Police Chief James Viadero said, referring to violence against police. ‘I had a legitimate concern for my officers.’

Other departments are taking the opposite approach.

Police in New Orleans; Spokane, Washington; and other cities have vowed not to encrypt their main dispatch channels. Others that had encrypted their communications have turned it off.

Police in Mansfield, Massachusetts, turned off their encryption more than a year ago after officers expressed concern they couldn’t talk with counterparts in some neighboring towns, Police Chief Ronald Sellon said.

Mansfield is home to the 20,000-seat Xfinity Center outdoor amphitheather, and there were worries about communications with other agencies if there was a mass casualty event at the theater.

Last year, Washington, D.C., officials switched off the encryption for fire communications.

The move came after firefighters had problems using their radios in a subway tunnel during an emergency response.

The tunnel filled with smoke because of an electrical malfunction, killing one person and sickening dozens more.

The Metro transit agency, which had a radio system in the subway that allowed below-ground communications by city firefighters, said the radio problems were the result of the fire department changing its own radio system, including adding encryption, without telling the transit agency.

City officials denied encryption caused the problems.

Police in Naugatuck, Connecticut, like many departments, are keeping their main dispatch channel open to the public while maintaining encrypted channels to use during tactical operations.

Naugatuck Police Chief Christopher Edson cited the need to be able to communicate with other emergency responders, as well as the expense of encryption, which can cost several hundred dollars per radio to implement. Another issue was not wanting to block out the public, he said.

‘We also want to be transparent,’ he said, ‘during this particular climate in the country.’


Recap Of Yesterdays Violent Day In The Rockford Area

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Yesterday was a pretty violent day in the Rockford area.
Below is a recap of some of the violence:





Police Seeking Your Help, Searching For Paintball Shooting Suspects


From the BPD:
We need your help right away Beloit.
Folks driving this SUV possibly a beige/Tan/gold Jimmy or Chevy Blazer have been firing paintballs at people tonight. They have hit a couple of different people, and we need to get in contact with them before any more serious injuries occur. One victim was struck in the face near the College. We are heading to a similar call on the West Side now. If you see the vehicle call in right away to 7572244. If you see them firing, call 911.
Sgt Flanagan


Rockford Man Pulls Out Gun, Says Party Is Over. 14 Year Old Female Passed Out, Fighting, Underage Drinking

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Around midnight officers were dispatched to an address on Springfield in Rockford. Scanner traffic is saying there was a party at a house. The homeowner pulled out a gun and said “The party is over and everyone to leave” there are also reports of a 14 year old female passed out, underage drinking and also some people fighting. Several officers are en route, as well as medical. Still developing.