Suspect Steals A Semi Truck From Local Truck Stop, Another Semi Driver Assists Police Capturing Suspect




On Wednesday police were dispatched to Loves Truck Stop in reference to a semi truck that was stolen. The truck driver went inside the business, while inside someone stole his semi. Police were able to track down the semi via GPS that was installed in the semi.

Only one officer was available and was following the semi. The officer wasn’t able to stop the vehicle right away. A semi truck driving down the highway realized what was going on and assisted the officer in stopping the stolen semi. That truck driver took his own semi and moved in front of the stolen semi and block the stolen semi in.

They were able to successfully take the suspect into custody.

A Rockford Scanner fan said she saw police with their guns drawn on the suspect and had him on the ground with his hands on his head when she drove by the scene.


Armed Robbery To Business in Loves Park, Suspect Steals Vehicle Also


Around 11:40 pm tonight a broadcast came over the scanner in reference to an armed robbery and a stolen vehicle in Loves Park. It happened at a business on N Second st. Sounded like the business was Shamrock Slots at 4901 N 2nd St. The suspect was only described as a male wearing a mask. And he stole a gold 2000 van. Last seen southbound.

Update via the ISP: White male, 5’5, 150 lbs, black hoody and black pants with cargo pockets, blue bandanna over his face, armed with a black handgun.

Update: Around 3 am officers saw the suspect vehicle near E State st and Summit, near Swedish American Hospital. They lost sight of the suspect.

UPDATE: They located the suspect vehicle on 11/8/2016. the suspect commited another armed robbery to a business and lead police on a high speed chase. They lost the suspect, and then he dumped the vehicle at the Sportscore on Elmwood. Full details


Motorcyclists Doing Wheelies While Fleeing From police in Machesney Park


Around 10:04 pm tonight an officer attempted to stop two motorcycles near N Second heading northbound from Windsor. The motorcyclists fled from the officer. he said they were sports types motorcycles. The officer was not able to catch up to them and terminated the chase.  The motorcyclists are doing wheelies.

Update: Police are following them, but not chasing them. Eastbound on 173 near Alpine

UPDATE: Southbound on Forest Hills near Windsor


Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle in Machesney Park



Around 7:40 pm tonight several emergency personnel were dispatched to Harlem and N Second st in Machesney Park. Scanner traffic said a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle at this intersection. Injuries were being reported. The victim had head injuries. The severity of the injuries were not known. No other information at this time






Subject Arrested During A Raid in Loves Park

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Rockford Scanner fan Hunter Cardot said there was the SWAT team that raided a residence in the 4000 block of Bunker Hill rd in Loves Park this morning. They said the police had their rifles out and arrested one male subject. This happened a little before 6 am this morning. The reason for the raid is not yet known. The person in custody, is not yet identified or the reason of the arrest is not yet known either. This is still developing. We will post updates as they become available



Home Invasion in Machesney park, Suspect Beats Victim During Home Invasion


Part 1 of the scanner audio of the call. 1 of 2   (Part 2 of 2 is below)



After a brief chase near Evans and N Second, police arrested the alleged home invasion suspect.

The sheriff’s department says Poore may also be responsible for two attempted pickups of teen girls, one in the 900 block of Maple Avenue and the other in the 7600 block of Scott Lane

In addition to home invasion charges, Poore has also been charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer, resisting a peace officer, driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing to elude police and other traffic charges stemming from the chase.


This afternoon around 4:30 pm there was a home invasion near 4900 block of Minns in Machesney Park. The victim was beaten by the suspect. The suspect fled in a Red Truck with a Grey or Silver stripe on it. He is described as a white male around 30-50 of age, unshaven, wearing a brown hoodie and brown sweatpants. They have called medical for the victim and also the crime scene unit.

Part 2 of 2 scanner audio of the call