Rockford Scanner™: Suspects With Children in The Vehicle, Flee From Police in Rockford


Sources are reporting a vehicle that fled from police in Rockford. It happened around the Stop n Go on Huffman in Rockford. 

Suspects are in an older black jeep cherokee with rust. Temp plate of 443U062 Comes back to a 2004 grand marquee at an address on Trilling in Rockford. 2 white males with children in the back seat. Last seen southbound on N Winnebago. Police terminated the chase.



Rockford Scanner™: Garage on Fire on The West Side, Several Emergency Personnel On Scene

Sources are reporting a garage fire on the West side.

Around 10 am this morning, the RFD were on scene of a garage fire on Huffman blvd.

The fire was mostly extinguished before the fire department arrived on scene.

There are several units from the RFD including a fire investigator on scene.

No injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: At Least One Person Shot in Rockford, Police Investigating

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Sources are reporting a shooting victim in Rockford.

It happened just before 2 am in the area of the 1700 block of Huffman.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries or suspect information.

No other details are available at this time, check back later for possible updates.

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Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Several Shots Fired

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Sources Reporting Several Shots Fired

Several sources are reporting several gunshots were heard around midnight in Rockford.

We are getting reports that several shots were fired in the area of Price st, Auburn, Huffman, Custer, Ridge, etc…

We were told one person was shot and was self transporting to a local ER.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.




Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Rockford



RS Fan  sent us the following:
“There were 2 teenage Boylan girls that were involved in a head on collision this morning around 7:45am. The driver of the other vehicle had to have been doing every bit of 50 or more in a construction zone. The light at Huffman and Riverside was turning yellow and the girls proceeded to turn when the other lady hit them, spun their car around, jumped the curb and hit the traffic light pole. Injured victims were transported to a nearby hospital”


Rockford Scanner™: Attempted Kidnapping In Rockford, Still Developing

Sources reporting an attempted kidnapping near Jefferson and Oakley in Rockford.  It happened around 5:30 pm

Details are minimal, due to the police encryption. 

Safe to assume the suspect got away and still roaming the streets of Rockford.  RPD has yet to release information. 

After posting this, we got reports from sources of another attempted kidnapping incident that happened in Rockford, on Thursday.  It happened near Welsh elementary.  Unknown if these incidents are related.

*UPDATE: Sources reporting the incident happened near N Church and Burton  and the suspect from this incident is described a man with purple hair in a red vehicle

Rockford Police has yet to release information on this incident as well.

Rockford Scanner™: Several Sources Reporting A Scene With Numerous Officers And Crime Scene Unit


UPDATE: This was a shooting incident. Possible suspect in custody.

Victim was shot at least one time. A Silver Chevy Malibu was reported to be a part of the scene.

Still developing.

Several sources are reporting there are several police officers including the crime scene unit at a scene on Rockford’s West side.  It happened in the area of Huffman Blvd near Halsted Rd.  At the time of writing this, all we can confirm is there is a scene with numerous police officers there. RPD is encrypted and has yet to release information. Check back later for possible updates. 


Paul Engelbrecht:   They have two scenes. One on Halstead and the other around the corner on Huffman.

Kelly Nielson I live next door, was about ten squads and two crime scene Vans. Wouldn’t comment

Rockford Scanner™: School Bus Accident in Rockford, School bus Rear Ends A Vehicle


Around 2:30 PM today emergency personnel were dispatched for an accident with injuries in Rockford.

A school bus rear ended a vehicle in the area of Huffman and Pierce.

Injuries were reported from the occupants in the vehicle.

No injuries were being reported from anyone on the school bus.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Avoid the area.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Standoff Leads To A Foot Chase, Police Tackle Suspect And Arrest Them



Around 11 pm tonight officers had a house surrounded on Latham in Rockford. 

Sources report that a person was allegedly wanted by police. 

Police were trying to negotiate with a subject inside the residence. 

A subject took off on foot from the police, several officers were in hot pursuit of the alleged suspect and they were able to easily tackle and subdue to the alleged wanted suspect.  

It is not yet known what the suspect was wanted for. But there is one person that police did take into custody. 

RS fan Matt was able to catch it on video at CLICK HERE