Want To Become A Firefighter? Now is your Chance



Have you considered becoming a firefighter? Do you want to serve the community you live or work in? The North Park Fire Protection District will be starting a recruit academy in early 2017. If you’re interested, please call the office at 815-636-3051 and provide us your mailing address and name so we can send you information regarding our upcoming open house/orientation on December 3rd detailing what it takes to wear the North Park name on your back as a firefighter on our department.

Keep in mind we don’t hire full time firefighters, but there are opportunities to work part-time weekday shifts once you’re experienced enough. We rely solely on our volunteer staffing to cover evenings and weekends. We require that you pass a drug test, Illinois State Police criminal background check, our version of the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test), a written exam and be willing to dedicate yourself to meeting our attendance requirements for training and responses. In return we’ll train you, give you some fantastic opportunities to better yourself and invite you to be a part of the North Park Fire brother and sisterhood.



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