Rockford Scanner™: High Speed police Chase on The East Side

Sources are reporting a police chase on the East side.

This is still ongoing, so the locations might vary.

Last location we were told the suspects were at, was near Kishwaukee and the Rockford Airport area. Numerous police officers are chasing the vehicle.

It is not yet known why they are chasing the suspects.
Sources have told us the suspects were wanted in a shooting incident, but not confirmed.

Still developing.

Video by RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: High Speed Police Chase in Rockford

Sources are reporting a high speed chase in Rockford.

Multiple police officers are chasing a vehicle at high speeds in the Rockford area.  We got reports of it being near Harrison and 11th st, then a short time later near Morgan st. Last reports we heard were numerous officers set up a roadblock near Seminary near the Gunite area.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible High Speed Chase

RS fans are reporting a possible high speed chase coming from Byron to Rockford along Route 2 just after 8 pm between two motorcycles and police at a high rate of speed. They are described as two black crotch rockets with a single Byron cop chasing them.  Due to encryption, details are very limited at this time.  If you are in the area, please use extreme caution. This is still developing, so keep checking back for more details!