Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Overdoses In the Area Recently

There have been numerous Over Doses in the area recently.

The most recent is in the 200 block of Northway Park rd in Machesney Park.

Emergency personnel use narcan to revive the subjects. Many of the subjects who are revived then refuse medical treatment and leave the scene without getting any help to do it again.

Sources said users have said “We can Over Dose  and be brought back, so why limit ourselves to what we can do”

Last year an average of 3 people passed away every week in Winnebago County, due to Over Doses.

Fatal Overdoes in Winnebago County

2013: 124

2014: 100

2015: 92

2016: 96

2017: 124

2018: 159

(AP) — Winnebago County in northern Illinois experienced a 28 percent increase in drug overdose deaths in 2018.

Coroner Bill Hintz says 159 people died of overdoses, averaging three such deaths per week last year. In 2017, 124 people died of drug overdoses in the county of about 295,000 people, up from 96 overdose deaths in 2016.

Hintz on Tuesday said fentanyl, heroin and cocaine were the three most common drugs found in people who died from a drug overdose. Coroner’s records show fentanyl, an opioid, was found in 102 bodies, heroin in 64 and cocaine in 50.

Hintz estimates about 30 people have died of overdoses in Winnebago County so far this year. He projects if that pace continues the number of fatal overdoses in 2019 might surpass 200.

If you know someone who needs help, here is a list of places that might be able to assist ~

Source: AP, Winnebago County Coroner, etc…


Rockford Scanner™: DRUG BUST: Man Arrested After Police Kicked In His Door, Suspect Fled & Police Caught Him And Arrested Him

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DRUG BUST: Detectives from the Rockford Police Department’s Narcotics Unit arrested a Rockford man and recovered cocaine and heroin following drug dealing complaints


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Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Working A Scene In Machesney Park, Several Emergency personnel On Scene

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RS Source

UPDATE: Sources said the alleged suspect is 22 year old Steven J. Hawks. He was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting police, robbery and drugs. Currently on no bond until he goes to court, the $150 was for a warrant.

Sources reporting numerous emergency personnel working a scene in Machesney Park.  Several police officers are searching the apartment complexes near Seaton Hall, Zenith Parkway, Delta Drive, etc…. for a suspect.

Sounds like they have a large police perimeter in the area searching for a suspect.

We cant confirm it because the encryption and police haven’t released any information.

We will try to bring you updates as they become available.

RS Source

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Rockford Scanner™: Winnebago County Coroner Releases Over Dose Statistics

Winnebago County Coroner Releases Over Dose Statistics

For 2018 As of July 2018