Rockford Scanner™: Man shot in the head in Rockford, also two vehicles and a residence also struck


  On Sunday, June 23 at approximately 2:30 AM the Rockford Police Department responded to a shot spotter alert in the area of Green and Waldo.  The Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies were also on scene. 

While officers were responding, a 23-year-old male shooting victim showed up at a local hospital.  Officers learned there was a large party in the area when gunfire rang out. 

The victim was a passenger in a vehicle near the intersection when he was struck in the head by a bullet.  The victim’s injuries are serious but non-life-threatening.  According to the Rockford Police Department. 

Gunfire also struck a residence and two vehicles and the victim. 

Anybody with information is urged to call the Rockford Police Department.  Or you can leave an anonymous tip on our website and we could relay it for you.



Rockford Scanner™: Infant Has Head Injuries After Landing on Concrete With Their Head, Medical Staff Needs Help With Combative Person At The Scene

Sources are reporting a scene near the 1400 block of Andrews st in Rockford.

It happened around 2 pm today in the 1400 block of Andrews.

A 1 year old baby fell out of a stroller and landed on their head on the concrete.  The 1 year old baby was injured. (Head injuries)

Medical was on scene a short time later, and was needing RPD to respond right away, because a party at the scene was combative with the medical staff. RFD was saying they needed RPD there right away.

No other information at the time of writing this.


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Rockford Scanner™: Man Beats A Woman In the Head With A Crowbar on Mothers Day in Rockford

Sources are reporting a man has beat a woman in the head with a crowbar, on Mothers Day in Rockford.

It happened around 10:45 am this morning  near Sunnyside ave and Vermont.

Injuries were reported, We have been told the injuries might be life threatening. RPD has yet to release any information on the incident or the suspect at the time of writing this.

No other information at this time.


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Rockford Scanner™: Suspect Hits Victim In The Head, Victim Stops Breathing

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Serious Aggravated Battery Scene in Rockford 

Around 2:30 pm today several emergency personnel were responding to a serious beating scene.  A victim was hit in the head with an object and has stopped breathing. They were able to perform life saving measures on the victim to get them breathing again.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.

It happened in the 1000 block of S Church st in Rockford

The victim was transported to a local ER with life threatening injuries.