Rockford Scanner™: Fan Reporting 2 Alligators In A Local Spillway

Fan sent us the following photos and said there was 2 alligators in the spillway near  Lathers and Hart in Beloit around 2:30 pm today.

They said they called the police to report them and they said the police were on the way.

Again, it is not confirmed at the time of posting this.  We are awaiting to hear back from officials.

Note: After we posted this, several said it appears to be a possible prank with a remote control alligator heads or alligator head decoys that scare off other wildlife.  So unknown if this is real or a possible prank.

A few years ago an alligator was located in the Rock River near S. Beloit. Officials said they believed an owner had it as a pet and then it got to large and then disposed of it in the Rock River. Officials were able to catch it.