Rockford Scanner™: Fire with Fireworks in Roscoe

Around 10:55 pm, a call came in of box of fireworks that are either on fire or are in a fire.  It is a 1 foot by 1 foot box in the 670 block of Biscayne Place in Roscoe, IL.  Harlem Roscoe Fire Department is en route.  Still developing.

Rockford Scanner™: Medical Call – Fall Victim, Machesney Park

Around 7:20 pm, there was a medical call for the Harlem Roscoe Fire Department for a possible fall victim in the 1300 block of Gladys Dr in Machesney Park, IL.  Emergency personnel are en route. Still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Area Fire Departments Battling A Structure Fire Near Roscoe




Around 2:10 pm today the Harlem Roscoe FD pulled a MABAS Box 11 to the box level 

There is a structure fire near Roscoe, in the 1000 block of Pinesap Place

Reports of a structure fire near this location. 

Several area fire departments are en route to assist

Staging area is near Old River and Roscoe

Full Story:

The Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department is reporting that a call came in around 2 pm for a home full of smoke on Pinesap.  When first units arrived, the found two residents outside the house needing to be treated for smoke inhalation, after they had gone inside the smoke filled home to rescue their pets before the fire department had arrived.  A MABAS was toned out, but later cancelled after the fire was found next to an aquarium on the first floor of the home.

Photos from the Harlem Roscoe Fire Department:

Rockford Scanner™: Possible Water Rescue in Roscoe

Just after around 1:40 pm, an RS fan reported several rescue vehicles in the area of Bridge St in Roscoe, IL.  There were 2 ambulances, a fire truck, fire chief and a boat on the river.  Neighboring districts are being called in for back up and divers a well. Still developing!  Please check back for more information.


Update:  RS Fan reporting they were gone by 2:45 pm.  We are still unsure on any other information at this time.




Rockford Scanner™: MABAS Box 6 Alarm Fire in Rockford

UPDATE – 7:00 PM:  Fire officials have confirmed that a dog did pass away in the fire.

UPDATE – 1:00PM:

Around 9:37AM call came out for a house fire at 505 Memorial Ave in Rockford, IL. Win-Bur-Sew Fire Department was asking for surrounding agencies to be on stand by for a possible support. By 9:42AM a call came out for a MABAS Box 3 alarm fire and supporting was being called in from all across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Arrived on scene around 10:30 am as stations were still pulling up on scene, upon arrival, two structures were damaged by fire. Between 9:42Am-11:10AM it became a MABAS Box 6 alarm fire.  No one was reported to be home at either of the residences at the time the fire started, but they were notified and were on scene.  No fatalities or injuries are being reported at this time, though there are a few reports there might have been a dog in one of the homes, but that can not be confirmed still at this time.  The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Fire marshals were en route to the scene.  Between 10-15 departments were estimated to have responded to the fire from across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  Crews were still on scene fighting spot fires/hot spots in the attic of one of the buildings.

Original Posts:

Here is the latest from the MABAS Box 6 alarm fire at 505 Memorial Ave in Rockford.

Two homes damages. No fatalities and no one was inside the homes at the time the fires occurred. Unconfirmed reports a dog might have been inside or injured, but they can not confirm that at this time. At least 15 departments are on scene from all across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Crews are still on scene battling flames in one of the buildings. More photos and video to come!



Link to more photos here: