Rockford Scanner™: Elderly Victim Hit By A Cart, Fireworks!

Sources are reporting an accident.

An elderly person has been ran over by a cart.  Sounds like a golf cart. The elderly victim is bleeding heavily.  Unknown on the severity of the injuries. Reports of a lot of blood at the scene.

Side note:  The fireworks are set to go off around 9:30.  We have been told you can park at Sinnissippi Park and see them pretty good from there.



Rockford Scanner®: Accident With Extrication Needed Near A Rockford Golf Course

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UPDATE: It is near the curve by the golf course. The roadway is currently closed due to the accident. Avoid the area, or expect delays

Around 11 am this morning, several emergency personnel were responding to an accident with extrication needed.

It happened near Guilford rd near the golf course ( Mauh Nah Tee See

Injuries were also being reported.

Avoid this area or expect delays



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