Rockford Scanner™: Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford


Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened overnight just after 3 am in the 5200 block of Linden rd.

Suspects are described as:
#1 White male, approx 16 years old, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.
#2 Black male, approx. 15 years old, wearing ared shirt, blue jeans.
Last seen in a Silver vehicle towards Alpine.




Rockford Scanner™: Accident On The East Side

Source is reporting an accident on the East side.

Source said: ” Around 2:40 AM I woke out of a dead sleep to tired squealing & loud crashing.

I vehicle accident with one driver. She miraculously was walking around once I arrived.

She started to take off at one point, I encouraged her it would be worse if she fled. She told a witness she “couldn’t get another DUI”

Started at corner of Brighton/S Calvin where she hit the pole. Ended a block down the street.”


Rockford Scanner™: Bad Accident On The East Side


Sources are reporting a bad accident on the East side. 

It happened near Mulford and Guilford.

Injuries were being reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Several Fires In The Area Today

Sources are reporting a few fires in the area today

  • 200 BLOCK OF COLE AVE.   A rubbish fire caught part of a garage on fire.
  • In the median in front on Meijers on Perryville, mulch fire.
  • 7100 block of Harrison ave, mulch fire.



Rockford Scanner™: 2 People Over Dosed Near Downtown Rockford


Just before 2 am this morning emergency personnel were responding to a double Over Dose call. 

It happened in the parking lot of 305 S Madison, at the Sports Factory. Near the dam area. Reports of two people have Over Dosed near this location.

Two victims are inside a Black Kia in the parking lot, a male and a female. Under the railroad bridge. The vehicle is still running. 

Several emergency personnel are on scene. 



Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle accident in Loves Park, possible police Chase

Viewer Discretion is advised

Shortly before 10 p.m. a motorcycle has crashed  on Harlem Road in Loves Park.

It appears the motorcyclist may have been traveling westbound on Harlem Road just west of Forest Hills when it crashed.

There is a yellow motorcyclist laying in the middle of the roadway and a victim laying on the ground approximately 20 feet away.

Emergency Personnel transported the victim from the scene to a nearby hospital. It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at this time.

Sources have told us the motorcycle may have been fleeing from police just prior to the accident. And another motorcycle may have gotten away. Police have yet to confirm this.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Structure fire in Rockford, several emergency personnel are en route


Sources are reporting a possible structure fire on Rockford’s Westside.  It happened around midnight in the 4300 block of Wilshire Avenue.  Reports are saying there is an attached garage that’s on fire.  Several emergency personnel are en route to the scene.  This is still developing

UPDATE: Some reports are saying the Citgo Gas station on Auburn is on fire. The detached garage is right behind the Citgo station, so it appeared the gas station was on fire. It is only the garage, possibly 2 garages. An electrical wire is also down and Comed is en route.


Source sent us the following video from the fire scene

Rockford Scanner™: Bad motorcycle accident near Roscoe, avoid the area


Sources are reporting a bad motorcycle accident near Roscoe.

It happened around 5 PM today near the area of Bridge Street and 251.

A vehicle in a motorcycle had collided near this intersection.  The motorcyclist is injured and still on the ground.  Witnesses said it appears the motorcyclist is injured badly.  But not yet confirmed.  You want to avoid this area for a while or expect delays.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Fire near a Rockford business


Sources are reporting a fire at a Rockford business.

It happened earlier today at Golden Corral in Rockford.

The bushes outside near the parking lot caught on fire.  It is not yet known what the cause of the fire is.  No reports of injuries.  No other information at this time.  Rockford fire department is investigating.