Vehicle Flees From police, Suspect Gets Away Again

Around 12:53 am this morning officers were chasing another vehicle, possibly one that fled from them earlier. The vehicle was doing approx. 70 MPH across the Morgan st bridge. The vehicle ran the red light at Main and the officer terminated the chase.


Suspect Flees in Stolen Vehicle, Captured. Gun And Stolen Vehicle Recovered




Around 1 am officers attempted to stop a vehicle. The vehicle fled from the officer. The officer chased the vehicle. The vehicle did not have a plate on it. The suspect got out of the vehicle and fled on foot, but officers caught the suspect. This happened near Barton. The vehicle was stolen and they also recovered a gun. The vehicle was registered to an address on Seminary 

Vehicle Fled From police And Crashes, Suspect Has Very Serious Injuries


Scanner Audio Of the Call

DR Kevin Gander Fatal Accident Caught On VideoVideo
Credit: RS FAN

Watch it on Rockford Scanner Youtube channel

Update: The victim is 51-year-old Kevin Gander from Winnebago.

From our friends at Gander was also a well-known physician in the Rockford area.   He worked for OSF Medical Group at the office on Spring Creek.  OSF released a statement saying: “Our OSF colleague and physician, Dr. Kevin Gander was well-liked by his patients.  He will be missed by his OSF family and we offer Kevin’s family our deepest sympathy and prayers.”



Update: At 12:12 am they said “The coroner is advised”
Sounds like there might be more than one victim involved in the accident. One confirmed victim, unconfirmed for more.

Around 10:36 pm tonight an officer was attempting to catch up to a vehicle near Auburn st. The vehicle is a Black Chrysler 200. The officer stopped chasing the vehicle. A short time later it crashed through a fence. Sounds like the injuries are life threatening, the officer said he was calling the dispatcher with the extent of the injuries. Possible fatal, but not confirmed. They are requesting the crime scene unit.  It crashed near Weldon. Still developing.

Updates: Weldon rd and Winnebago rd, they are diverting traffic. They are trying to contact an Illinois State police Sargent, unknown why at this time.


Credit: WREX

Credit: WREX

Another Vehicle Flees From police, police Terminate Chase



Around 3:30 pm today officers had a vehicle flee from them on Harlem rd in Machesney park. The vehicle fled over the bridge and headed southbound on N Main. The vehicle is described as a Gold Chevy 4 door with tinted windows. No plate information. Officers terminated the chase.





Police Chase on Rockford West Side

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Around 3:30 am this morning officers were chasing a vehicle. The officers involved are Winnebago County Sheriff officers. They did say the suspect vehicle description, but we missed it. The suspects were northbound on Springfield. As we are typing this, they turned eastbound onto W State near Central doing around 60 MPH. They are wanting spike strips. Still developing

Update: They have been all over the the west side of town. They are currently still chasing the vehicle doing 30 MPH near Halsted.

At 3:51 am this morning officers were able to take the suspect into custody near Conklin ct and Conklin drive. There is a group of people, they believe are the suspects friends on scene and they want many more officers there on scene to control the crowd.

Update: The subject threw stuff out the window during the chase. officers are going back to try to retrieve the items. Suspect is also wanted on 2 warrants.


Armed Robbery Suspects Try To Ram Officer While Fleeing in Rockford



Around 3 pm today a detective was chasing an armed robbery suspect. They are in a black cadillac with dealer plates. The suspects attempted to intentionally ram an officer while fleeing. The officers terminated the chase. Last seen near N Main and Riverside.

No other information

Update: At 3:31 pm they are asking for more officers to the area of Alidia st in Rockford. They said the vehcile pulled into a driveway at a White/Gold house. They want several officers to be en route to setup a perimeter. They want all marked squads to stay off of Alidia st. They are observing a white male with a small child walking to the vehicle. Still developing.   UPDATE: Wrong vehicle…..

Around 3:45 pm today several emergency personnel were dispatched to Bauer and N Rock. Scanner traffic is saying a witness said someone just pushed a black vehicle into the river. The vehicle is floating down the river. The suspect got into a Red vehicle and was last seen eastbound into Machesney park

At 3:52 pm today they said the vehicle is still floating down the river and is currently located in the 7800 block of Shore Drive in Machesney park. They are requesting a boat to the scene, so they can get some type of chain on it, to stop it from floating down the river more and drag it to the shoreline. It is approx. 30 yards out from the shoreline.

Suspect is a black male, approx 30 years old, 6’0, medium build, facial hair, wearing a dark hat, red hoody, and blue jeans.

NOTE: Updates posted, are delayed for officer safety


Recap Of Yesterdays Violent Day In The Rockford Area

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Yesterday was a pretty violent day in the Rockford area.
Below is a recap of some of the violence:





Suspect Flees From police, Captured

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This afternoon several Rockford Scanner fans contacted us and said police were chasing a suspect that fled from them. It happened near Huffman and Halsted by West view elementary. The police was able to capture the suspect a short time later.


Suspects in Custody After high Speed Police Chase in Rockford

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Just before 12:30 am this morning several officers from the Winnebago County Sheriff were chasing a vehicle that was fleeing from them on the west side. They chased the suspects awhile up to speeds around 90 MPH. The Sargent told the officers to terminate the chase. The officers kept following, but not chasing the suspects. They were able to finally get the suspects into custody. Sounds like near Auburn st. Still developing